Friday, March 16, 2012

Laymen vs Research scholars - 4

     As I always tell, the worst case scenario is for female students. What with all these stupid ropes and chains, everybody thinks that a girl's life is safe only is she is "given into the custody" of somebody. Hello, we are all safer in our own custodies than anywhere else!All the encouragement the family and teachers were giving a girl stops all of a sudden when she declares her ambition to pursue higher and higher education. The higher her ambition, the stronger the opposition. Reason? She won't be safe anywhere other than in the custody of somebody!!!!!!!WTH????

        Or if she has to do research, she can't go beyond a certain radius. Most of the girls "SETTLE" for things, but some girls will find a way. Remember, where there is a will there is a way.

       But then what happens to this strong willed girl? People will call her and try to brain wash her, "you can't do this, you won't succeed in anything you do, (because you are a strong willed girl who knows what is good for you)", and so on. Why? Because the brain washer (BW) had no interest in doing what this girl wanted to do, (then what is the intention behind you brainwashing the other one?), just because the BW was not willing to live a life other than a mundane life. If you don't want adventure, why try to detain somebody who wants to have, just because you claim yourself to be a well wisher (WW)?

        And what is your problem if a research scholar doesn't get married? [There are some research scholars (female) who had to marry to have a body guard to enable them to go to places to do research. What is this bodyguard business?] Unless you try to harm us, we are perfectly safe! There are several instances in which female students are not admitted to research only because of the fact that they would get married in between and are likely to abandon PhD. Though it may sound silly, it is true to some extent. I have seen 3 or 4 such examples in which smart girls joined PhD and were forced to get married and abandoned their courses just because they had to "be in that blissful wedded state", because if they didn't go, their family would do God only knows what to them.

       This is totally unfair.  And on top of that, what is this attitude towards the girl who is trying to forge a path on her own, when you behave to her as if she is living a life of luxury when you are toiling for a living or something? Did we research scholars prevent you from going to a research institute which offers you a PhD in the area of your preference? Did we ask you to sit at home and do nothing but look at others and behave as if they have all started living in ivory towers? NO.Then why do you always expect them to keep a friendship or something when you are not willing to accept that they are trying their bit to live their lives their own way?

       And what is all this "friendly advice" about the need to get married or find a love, as if it is the biggest thing in somebody's life, before you lose your tenderness? And what about "you need counseling" just because a girl is unmarried and doing research? Is being a maiden such a crime?

     And how can people be so silly and stupid to accuse him/her of being under the emotional trauma that a puppy love he/she had at some point of his/her life till now wasn't fulfilled? Hello? We are called research scholars. Like somebody said, "you don't become a research scholar unless you have something in you".

     We are not that stupid to believe that life is a candy floss romance story. Nor are we silly enough to ruin our lives (by "dedicating" it (this is for girls)) by pondering over some stupid gal/guy we met in our lives. Actually, let me point out one thing for research scholars. If you've ever lost a love, it is always for the good. Think, about the people whom you loved and who rejected you for some other person telling that he/she loved somebody else, and caused you misery. But also think, where you are now, and where that person, is?

      You'll always see the obvious. That person wasn't good for you at all in any way, if you had extremely powerful ambitions. Had your love been fulfilled, you would never have had that determination to rise higher than the limits you had set for yourself. It is like a kicker magnet. It literally "kicks" the particles and make them go around the beam pipe till they achieve enough energy, that on collision they produce other exotic particles.

      So definitely a research scholars marital status has nothing to do with any silly MMS person. And what is this fuss of telling "let everybody live in peace"? Are we intruding in any silly,stupid,third rate filmy body's personal life and trying to destroy it? If any husband/wife or any lover thinks that a research scholar is unmarried because he/she is still waiting for their spouses on whom they might have had a crush on, its completely awful. Awful, because you don't have better things to do in life. Awful again because,you don't believe in your love/married life and are of such a low standard that you think that other people who are living life without disturbing anybody are silly freaks who might not have gotten over their silly puppy love,that you employ people either to spy on them or to give them "friendly advices" on how to fly and how to swim and to get counseling since you are deluded about us. Hmmmmmm....... How low can people fall? Now, who is not letting people live in peace? We who mind our own businesses, or you, who roam around giving "friendly ad(vices)" of the advantages of getting married or going for a counseling?

 When will these people understand that love/marriage is not the main goal in life and that they are the biggest distractions that can ruin studies? Of course you didn't study well in school/college, because you were tangled in in the chords of love, thinking about marriage as the ultimate goal in life! If you think that life is a candy floss romance, you are wrong. You better go and watch some standard world movies. Moreover, whether a person gets married or not is their personal affair. Who are YOU to monitor that? Huh? We research scholars aren't coming and monitoring your marital/financial or social statuses. Are we? Then why are you so keen on preaching your stupidity among over the research community?

       So to conclude, I've to tell something to you laymen. Dear laymen, research scholars are not freaks. Neither are we losers, just because we didn't opt for bangla-gaadi or to be in the "blissful married state". Nor are we irresponsible and silly like you. Nor do we believe that world is like a boring romance film. We've got very interesting things to think about and do than you. And we appreciate the fact that the mundane things you do definitely helps to sustain life. But please leave us alone. OK? We are not foot licking carpets that anybody can tread on or make fun of. We definitely have something you haven't got.

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