Monday, March 5, 2012

The second citizen or nobody - Part 3

4) "The unsold CARGO." : Does it ring any bell? For those who didn't understand, this is what a girl is insulted by, if she remains a maiden even after the "TENDER" years of below 25 or 20!!! (Who cares for rules about wedding age?) Another analog is life "filling the house". As if she is some kind of useless tree which should be cut for timber if she exceeds the limits of the house!!! This is really insulting. And the abusers use the word cargo to refer to females. Cargo rings bells as some object or a shipment to me. But then by calling a woman cargo what do you morons imply? That she is some kind of object and not a human? Humans can't be cargo. So you are not even considering her as a human!

   Tell me this thing? Why is is so irritating to for you to see an unmarried woman? Is it because it restricts all the possible fantasies you can imagine about her and her "husband"? Or is it because you are itching for something else? Or are you deriving the pleasure out of insulting a woman for being independent just because you are damn jealous of her?

    The usual lame excuse everybody gives for forcing a girl to get married by 25 is that she will lose her "TENDERNESS" after that age!!! How disgusting! Is a girl a vegetable that she has to be "EATEN" before she loses her "TENDERNESS"? But what about this? Most of the time these "TENDER" girls are served to "STALE" people. Why is it not an offense to anybody? If girls have to be tender, boys too have to be tender. Right? And if a girl demands that, she is a loser, on account of loosing tenderness, she has lost her eligibility to demand tender men! If any stranger tells you this it can be neglected. But when your own parents become abusers who insult you with words with no regards for what you are, or what you aim to be in life is extremely unethical. Parents may be biological parents. But that doesn't mean that they can demoralize their daughters and insult them and torture them mentally just to save their face in the society.

      If you are so ashamed of having a daughter, why didn't you kill her when she didn't know about resistance and human rights? Any daughter with an ambition in her life would rather have death than be forced into unacceptable things, by her own parents. If you are so ashamed of her being an independent person, why did you educate her to a higher degree? You should have made her a10th pass.

[The situation presently discussed happened in the upper middle class families where people have lots of egos, and where they can't admit that they are behind anybody [yeah unfortunately, these educated upper middle class families where most of the members are bureaucrats never learn anything form their education and their lives, education itself is a fancy way for them to make money and "SETTLE" in life where they fail to achieve anything].]

     So if they have a brilliant girl who excels in everything which she does you think that she is out of your control as soon as she decides what she needs from her life. In many cases the family is so conservative and hypocritical that they refuse her to pursue any art if she has a passion for dance, music or painting; she is is allowed only to study and "SETTLE AND SECURE" (WHERE IS SECURITY IN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE?) her life. What more? She should study, but not after the limits they have drawn! It is like you can eat, but you can't feast because you are a woman.

    If she wants to be a mechanical engineer or a journalist, she can't be one because it will restrict her prospect of tenderness and a good broom; sorry groom. I f she wants to be an actress or a dancer, she can't be, because she will be called a slut by the society. [But parents who force children to act for their own monetary gain are also not rare.] The only thing she can be is a school teacher or a teacher. She can't even be an IPS officer!!! School teacher is safe and secure, college teacher is also safe and secure and perfectly fits the definition the stinking society has developed for the calm and quite woman. Being a teacher is a very good thing. But I don't think that teaching a bunch of rouges (a good teacher can make them good) who come to school with weapons and blue tooth enabled mobile phones through which they take pictures of this poor teacher's body parts if her sari seems to be out of place (since sari is that parisudh dress which preserves the dignity (blah blah blah) of womanhood (enabling the onlookers a very good look at any accidentally exposed parts) and circulate it without shame, is a safe job anymore. It is safer to piolet a plane than to teach in a school these days. 

         So, if she has aims in her life other than you parents have tailor made for her, you better abandon your plans dear parents. Because you can't make a person wear a dress which doesn't fit her and act full time in a play. Here the play is the life itself. If a person chooses her own dress which makes her look even more beautiful, even though it is a bit extraordinary, you should not force her to wear the normal dress you've made for her. That will be pure injustice on your part.

          Nobody has the right to decide anybody's future and career. If somebody had to settle for something they didn't like and couldn't achieve what they wanted, they should not be jealous of their daughters who have specific goals in life. Being parents of a girl and lamenting that you didn't have a boy is like insulting your daughter. All such parents would have let their sons do what ever they wanted (and unfortunately in our country, nobody places taboos on boys even if they commit sever crimes). If you can't accept the ambitions of your daughter, you have not understood her at all. And torturing a girl (be she a student or a girl in any other profession) in the name of getting married before her "tenderness" is gone, just to save your own selfish social status, just because some other dumb people are manhandling their own daughters, is a punishable crime. There definitely is something called human rights. And women are humans.

         All the atrocities both (sexual and mental) arise from the master-slave mentality. It is the characteristic of a master-slave situation to exploit the slave in as many ways as possible. Here women are exploited for sex, for labor, for money, for dignity, and for everything else. If a woman  tries to break out of that slavery, the damn controllers (who have nothing inside their brains) won't accept it. Because if they break free, they lose their slaves who can bring them their luxuries. Equality can never be brought, because it will cause all of these otherwise losers to fall down from their ivory towers. Are well educated high-middle class women seeing through the plans of the "masters"? DO you understand that you are your own masters? Otherwise there is no point in celebrating the women's day on a particular day called March 8th. Can you make everyday your day women? Can you?

PS: There is a story in Mahabharata about a valiant queen Prameela who captured the yaga horse and whom Arjuna couldn't defeat during Ashwamedha. He arrived at a pact with her based on an "ANNOUNCEMENT from heaven" to marry her and make her give him the horse back. I hope everybody can read through the lines.


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