Monday, March 5, 2012

The second citizen or nobody - Part 2

3) How women become enemies of women.
       The classic example of women becoming enemies of women is dowry, where a monster-in-law (in other words mother in law (like that in the Hollywood comedy Monster-in-law)) will be present. Dowry is a form of  groomed extortion, the only difference is that the girl is not kidnapped, but married and dragged with a "mangalsutra" in her neck, with the consent of her parents who have to save their face and social status (so that they can brag about how they conducted their daughter's wedding in a grand manner (inside story of huge bank loans often don't see daylight unless the family commits mass suicide (?) after being unable to pay the debts) (for they are not brave like the out casted man who refused to paint the house yellow). I'll deal with the "headaches" these parents face for having an unmarried girl in their house and how they torture her mentally for being a free person.

      So out of pressure from the controllers in the society who has nothing creative to do, rather than gossiping about unmarried girls,they settle for anything (including a jobless crap who can't support this girl in any way) leaving the poor girl to hell. As I wrote in one of my previous posts, an amount of money which is not affordable is spent for something which doesn't even last a day (I mean the wedding ceremony, not the marriage,but it is true that, in most of the cases, this is also true, the marriage doesn't last at all in the name of dowry and domestic violence). The idea of "pativrata" wife and all is fine, but you can't ask a girl/women to tolerate domestic violence and mental torture her so called (crappy) husband and his family brings her. I don't know why the monsters in laws often forget that they are also women and there is something called human rights.

     Well if at all there is human rights, these poor girls don't know about it. Right? They were not given enough education to know about human rights. Instead of giving formal education, to help them have a better life, they are given unscientific sex education and lessons of submission. They are taught not to protest even if somebody touches them without their permission. And that she must submit herself to her "(crappy AH)husband's" wishes even if it is against her own wish. In other words she should not have a wish of her own. She can't be the master of her body. She can't deny when she doesn't want sex and she can't demand when she wants it. If she denies it is a sin. If she demands she is a slut. If the reverse was applied to the other gender, most of them would have become eligible to be labeled as sluts.

       And instead of supporting a girl who suffers from domestic violence her parents (often her mother, because her father never bothers to save her life to "preserve" his name and "STATUS" in the society) ask her to bear more and more of the torture from cruel people. Dear parents, would you have tolerated all these violences if you could escape out of it? The honest answer is NO. These parents have nothing else to think other than their status. They don't bother if their daughter arrives back home tomorrow as a dead body. They can be "PROUD" because they have successfully managed to murder their daughter (which they couldn't do 20 years ago). 

     Talking about murdering girl children, let me ask one question to the self appointed controllers of the female gender. If you murder girls, who will you use to satisfy your fantasies then? You have got such boiling fantasies inside your otherwise defunct brain, that you attack any female in your vicinity irrespective of their ages. Do you think that just because you were born with an XY configuration you can torture others?

 Give me an answer to this society, you don't need girls because they are a burden. You are willing to kill them as fetus because they don't bring monetary gain as dowry (only they bring monetary loss). But you need females to produce off springs. So you'll attack any female since there is a lack of women population due to your own fault of killing them as children. You have become so desperate that you attack anybody who looks like a woman. You look upon a woman as a mere "torous" (yes according to you she doesn't have anything else) combined with a "gaussian". According to you she is just a jack to plug in your fantasies. Shame on you. SHAME ON YOU SOCIETY. WHERE HAVE YOU ADVANCED? OR HAVE YOU ADVANCED FROM THE AGE WHEN YOU COULDN'T ACCESS YOUR FANTASIES EASILY TO A TIME WHEN YOU CAN "UPLOAD AND DOWNLOAD" YOUR FANTASIES? Not only that. You'll abuse any child, boy or girl to ruin their self respect, just because you lost it same way long ago. Right? Or if you haven't lost anything, it is always fun to watch others getting tortured. Right?

            And if a girl complains about a stranger or a family member who behaves abnormally to her, it is not the abuser's fault according to you, but it is the girl's fault. It is unfortunate that in many of the homes girls are taught "to be disciplined". DO you know what discipline really means? Discipline doesn't mean to be quite and submissive. Unfortunately most the olden day (of course they are old) grandmothers and conservative mothers teach their daughters lessons on how to satisfy their beaus, and not on how to defend themselves from evil people (both men and women). Thus women are taught right from their child hood to be submissive. Why should a woman be submissive? She is a far more intelligent animal than a man. In all other genus in the animal kingdom, the male has to try hard to get the female partner. In humans only, the women have to satisfy certain conditions to satisfy men and impress them and so on. Where has human civilization evolved to? Or can you call this civilization?

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