Saturday, August 27, 2011

Worn yet not worn. Mistaken fashion.

It has now become inevitable that I write this post, not because of "sadacharam", because I feel pity on people who are doing a terrible mistake in the name of fashion. Dear people especially women who crave for fashion, please read this post. One Malayali blogger has already written a post about this, but let me put in my own views about this misunderstood piece of cloth.

For some months I've been seeing this particular piece of cloth gaining popularity among Indian women. Chudi bottom is a hell of a dress and this thing (I don't know) might have come as a replacement of chudi bottom. As the other blogger pointed out, this piece of cloth is worn widely with slitted churidar tops. Well lets forge that blogger for a while. Let me put in my experiences. Thank God! Today I realized that I have some fashion sense after all! :) Why? I'll prove in the following paragraphs.

First let me tell why I was motivated to write this post after all. I've never worn this thing in my life, never will I, if ever I've to, I'll do it in the proper manner only. So the motivation was my on experiences when (even as a girl) I felt very awkward and said "UH" when I happened to see some people I mean girls wearing this dress. I don't remember when I first saw a picture of leggings; I think in a women's magazine's fashion column. And later on, three years ago, I saw a teenage girl wearing this and I still remember noticing her for her dressing style. She was very stylish. Infact she was dressed up like a high fashion model. I'll tell you why, later.

It seems that lately in India, leggings has gained popularity and if you watch carefully, you can see many people wearing this thing, on the road. And you'll instantly understand the reason behind me writing this blog. I still have not come to my observations. Ok. They are as follows :

1) Here, leggings is in general worn with churidar. And that too, slitted knee length or some what longer churidar,but still with slit. I see long legginnged legs popping put of slits while waiting in traffic, if some girl is on a scooty. If its a thin
underweight girl, its ok. But its still ok only.

2) I witnessed one of the biggest fashion disasters ever some weeks back and yesterday. Well the reasons are as follows:

a) Leggings are not meant to be worn as pants and that too with short tops which you wear with skirts or jeans.

b) Leggings are not meant to be worn with slitted churidars.

History of leggings on wikipedia shows that leggings were used as sort of under wear. Well now you can imagine how awkward you will look if you look if you roam around wearing underwear and no proper over wears, assuming that you are into hight fashion, or atleast you are being fashionable.

I happened to see two fat people wearing the leggings as in case 2) above. Frankly speaking it was completely awful. Not fashionable at all. If I write the reasons you'll wonder whether I'm a girl or not. Please, we don't want to measure your butts or thighs. Nor do we want to see what your skin colour is! :-x We are not at all interested in "seeing things"! :-x If you are so freaky about leggings, please search on the internet for the right ways to wear it.

If you are so lazy or don't have time, I'll write the basic rule of wearing leggings.

1) Leggings is not to be worn as pants. Please do keep in mind. Leggings is not a substitute for your pretty skin fit jeans, that you can wear it with the cute short tops which you wear with the jeans.

2) Leggings is not a substitute for chudi bottom. Atleast when you are not wearing a knee length / longer than knee length top with no slits at all.

3) Leggings should only be worn in the following cases and in the following manner:

a)It should only be worn with mini skirts (for people who don't want to expose their legs while wearing skits and to have a feeling of safety) which are made of thick fabric, like jeans.

b)With unslitted tops of knee length or longer tops WITHOUT slits.

c) With short dresses (if you want to know what a dress is, please google it).

d) Unless you are thin and doesn't have fit legs, please restrain the use of leggings with unslitted churidars (for girls who wear churidaar) if you are still very particular on wearing this particular piece of clothing. Otherwise, frankly speaking (all girls forgive me for these harsh but true words, your feet will remind people of chicken legs; this is the same with any chudi bottom worn with improper tops).

Jeans is a pretty thing. Even if you wear it with a very short top, it won't look awkward, since the fabric is thick. Please compare the thicknesses of fabrics used to make a jeans and leggings. You'll understand. Leggings has the eternal danger of getting torn very easily, so girls who wear ONLY leggings with your favourite tops, please beware of the impending danger.

I appreciate all those who have enough fashion sense and sense of their own body structure not to make their dressing style look awkward. :) I had a chudi bottom churidaar with a long slitted navy blue top and a cream coloured chudi bottom. Once I wore it defying my on sense of discomfort, and retrospecting I found out that I really didn't like that bottom (it was a bottom made of some cotton+polyester stuff), and stopped using it. Now I'm happily, wearing that pretty top with jeans. Again I had another chudi bottom whose pants were so yucky, but the top and duppatta were very nice. Eternal solution. I threw away the bottom (I mean I never used it), paired the top with jeans and the duppatta is still sitting happily inside my wardrobe.

Fashion is not something which you should blindly follow only because everybody else follows it. In that way, putting huge puffs on 3/4 blouse sleeves and wearing leggings in the wrong way are equally disastrous. When you are trying to be fashionable, it should be aesthetically pleasing. And whatever you wear, please make sure that it is something which suits you and you are wearing things in the right way. Something is available in the market doesn't imply that you should follow it blindly. Nothing will happen even if you don't follow any of the so called "contemporary fashion trends" which some stupid fellow might have introduced into the market for their own monetary benefits. So if you are following a fashion, it should be appropriate for you. I recommend "What not to wear" for such people. Plus if you have any doubt about leggings, you can just google, how to wear a leggings properly. You'll get proper guidance from some fashion site.

Just one last note. Just think about the uniforms of air hostesses in private airlines. Have you ever seen them wearing mere leggings?

PS : Coming back to the girl whom I saw three years back. She was wearing a short dress with matching 3/4th leggings. That's reasonable high fashion. :)

PPS : The wikipedia article about leggings mentions men's leggings also. Well, since sherwani is a sibling of churidaar, it is not impossible that some freak will introduce leggings for sherwaani also and in course of time, if males repeat the same mistake of substituting pants with leggings and wear short shirts, it will be a far worse fashion disaster! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shift + Delete

I'm depressed. Am I?
Yes I'm depressed. "Why?"
"I don't know why."
This is the answer I give.
But I really do know the answer.
Its because of.....
No I don't want to say it.
I will never.
I'm silently wishing us
To be separated; by fathoms.
Like our hearts are now.
I silently wish I could shift + delete
You from my heart.
Can I ? I should.I will.
Turning the blind eye was for myself.
Not to let you come in.
Go away...go away... Forever...
I don't want ... I don't want...
I don't want the heart to mourn.
It will. But I'll hold it tight.
For its my heart and I don't want
Anybody else to take care of it.

Friday, August 19, 2011

"The final shock"

Its not a coincidence that I came early today morning and started writing this post. Infact I have not been able to sleep properly for some days and my insomnia was at its peak last night. I didn't sleep at all. Whenever such a thing happens , I come to the institute by the first or second bus and eat breakfast! But why is my insomnia related to my post? The answer is as follows:


The answer lies in "The chronicles of Narnia". Why should a children's book be the motivation behind my post? The simple answer is that the final book in the series gave me a shock. As such the series is very nice and even as a grown up, I likedthe books very much. In between I couldn't help drawing analogies between HP and Narnia, but let me leave JKR for the time being, since I'm a great fan of HP and if at all she has drawn inspiration from the chronicles, she has done a very good job on her own by creating HP and its magic world.

But Narnia is entirely different and C S Lewis had really created a beautiful world! During the course of my reading the books, I happened to read the severe criticism the author was subjected to in the name of sexism and racism and other things. [I'm not going into the details of all that. Anybody interested can google it.] Ok. Fine. I thought. I could forgive the author, for all those accusations because of the simple beauty of the world called Narnia. Land of talking beasts, and all sorts of magical creatures and great kings and queens, Narnia is sure to stay long in your imagination. But. The author himself has washed out all these in the last and final book in the series! It got an award and in many ways it exudes ideas, but the last page of the book was simply unacceptable for me.

This is the book in which Narnia ends and where the last battle to occur there is fought before the end and 7 of the main characters return and that too together. It speaks about a Narnia within Narnia and "further in, further up" which reminded me of a fractal. Fractal Narnia! And by the end of the book I was shedding tears of happiness at seeing Reepicheep the mouse again, and Caspian; and so on and all friends were united. But suddenly Lucy sees the destroyed house in England and it is said that it's England within England! Lucy being sad at going back, leaving Narnia behind is told, how they had arrived there (for in the fifth book it is said that they couldn't return to Narnia;). They had boarded a train in England and that train had crashed and in the "shadow world" of Earth, they all (all seven + the parents of Lucy, Edmund and Peter) were dead and the real Narnia was where they were now! This is one thing which I couldn't digest at all!

After writing such beautiful books, how could the author write a very shocking end by killing his own characters? He might have justified it as reuniting everybody worthy of being in Narnia and all that! But why kill them? ANd leave Susan behind as an orphan? Atleast he could have spared their parents! Probably the Scrubbs would have taken care of her later, for he killed Eustace also. And why have all those nice characters be killed in the end? Is Earth such a bad place to live? Afterall ,all of Narnia is modelled after earth only! Then why did his home land and his own planet become so unacceptable to the author?

 There were times when I wanted to curse JKR for killing Sirus, Dumbledore, Snape and especially Fred (I still believe that she could have avoided killing Fred) in Harry Potter novels. But all those killings had a reason behind them. But the murders by C S Lewis defy all reason! The children could have beeb sent back and could have lived full life on Earth and come back! Why kill all of them in a train crash? I seriously suspect he was a saddist! If I really met C S Lewis I would have gone and slapped him right away (C S Lewis pls forgive me) for this sort of an ending to the series. I appreciate JKR in one thing. By killing all those characters, she has taught the reader to accept life and death as such. But on the other hand, C S Lewis has done his job to make children believe in things like you know, life after death. I would prefer an Arthur C Clark sort of end of the world, rather than a C S Lewis sort of end of the world.

There's one more reason why I couldn't digest this ending. My simple Physics oriented mind doesn't allow me to believe in a place where people accumulate after being created; i.e the paradise , which he defines as real Narnia in the end is a place where, good people over the ages come together and . The whole idea of paradise where people come to but never leave defies laws of thermodynamics. {If I've written something wrong, Physics people pls forgive me.} And he says that Aslan told all that the term had ended and the holidays had begun since they were all dead in England! This is completely misleading especially to make Aslan say something like that! One should never write such things in a children's book, which will lead them to believe irrational things. Again , I appreciate JKR for not raising the dead by magic.

In the end it is said that all the chapters which followed were the real ones and each was better than the other and whatever was written in the seven books were nothing! How boring it will be to live on and on and on! Again I 've to tell this, JKR never made Dumbledore or Nicolas Flemel live for ever! If you read it this way, her novels are meant to oppose the idea of living forever. Correct! You can live long, but not forever. Even a proton decays after 10^32 years! Let me come back to C S Lewis. On the whole, in the last page of "The last battle" he has spoiled his own beautiful works. One should never have ended the chronicles in such a low standard way. Its extremely pathetic to sit and love other worlds, if you are not ready to accept your own existance on this planet as a normal human being. C S Lewis, you shouldn't have made Aslan speak as you made him do in the last page of "The last battle".