Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some feelings

Life has definitely taken an unprecedented turn. It is not what it used to be. Though days are running like anything, i feel somewhat stagnant. But definitely I can tell that life has changed a little bit over the past few weeks. Whether it is the effect of the project we had been doing or, something else, I feel better and that I'm on the right track again after a very long time. Lets say a gap of three years. I've many things to learn, do many things, so that I can do justice to the position where I'm now. I understand that learning is the best thing I like doing. I feel the blessed to have my good friends, thanks to their sense of humor,thanks to my own humor sense, we can invent any funny story with our super duper imagination. And thanks to our dear tutor too, who gave me the suitable boost at the proper time. ( He is a very cute, practical person, I can even write a blog on an anecdote depicting his practical nature, I'm not writing only because he fears that I'll write about that one day. :) And today we have taken a resolution, if we ever make an 'official INO football team', he'll be our 'official coach ( like that in Chak de India), since he's currently our official tutor.)

I had started writing a blog on Mumbai life almost two months ago. But I never finished it. What should I write now? Flashing images of lonely streets bathed in sodium vapour lights, grant old buildings behind them, banyan trees like witches, people sleeping on pavements ( those with tents are lucky), taxies, smart school going children, poor dogs roaming in the midst of crowds and traffic, some sleeping peacefully unaware of the events around them, a colony beautiful cute cats, Mumabai is a city of starking contrasts. Its not what you see on TV; you can't experience what I'm experiencing now, on TV. Kuttos and Mu say that they love Mumbai. I know why. When you go home from Mumbai, the strong feeling you experience will be Mumbai calling you back. I still can remember how happy I had felt on seeing Mumbai from from my return flight last time.

Mumbai is a source of never ending wonders.These are sights of Mumbai from my view, though it is not so elaborate compared to the size of the entire city. :)

PS: Will be back with a very funny story we have invented about our class. :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bloody hell!

My head is already steaming with what I've read now. Blogging is good. But it doesn't imply that a blog is a place to advertise yourself a s the only good one and 'prove' that the rest of the world as useless and corrupted. If anybody has some 'superiority complex' as to the quality of his personality and intellect compared to that of others, he better go and live alone in some other planet. No need to blabber and compare himself to people whom others respect for genuine reasons.

If you need answers better ask yourself and not anybody else. Nobody needs your question to get their answers. And writing something with extremely complicated terms which confuses others and expecting that you can one day demolish something, which has been accepted with strong proofs, just like that, I'm sorry to tell its a wild goose chase. If you've to achieve something, you've to be good at heart, or at least have some kind of positivity in your mind. People who have become achievers haven't become so in one second. They've perceived their path and acted properly according to what their times demanded them.
And keeping a repulsive attitude towards the world won't help anybody. If you are a human, learn to live like a human.

I've not yet read the full thing, but I'm sure I'll definitely go mad if he comes in front of me at all.

PS: The author whose article has made my head swirm, writes useless essays, and thinks that, he' can eventually attract a myriad of fans and be the ultimate saviour. I'm very sorry to tell the truth, that nobody has commented many of his posts ever! Still he writes thinking that he's a genius!

PPS:My 'Dreams Aspirations and Realities' is much much better.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


After three months of driness I finally have something to write! I'll write the significant things only! This is about my first journey on flight.

To attend my MPhil viva on 29th October, I had booked a flight to Cochin, from Mumbai, and due to shortage of leave, I had to cancel my train ticket and booked for a return flight ticket.

Since it was the first time, I was very afraid and kept dreaming almost everyday before the journey, about boarding a flight and wiered things happening in it. Everybody around me kept on consoling me, that there's nothing to be frightened of, but still I was afraid, my biggest fear being air sickness. Suman said "The atmost thing that can happen is that the plane will crash!" Mom used to tease me not to go and get into some other flight! Ho!
At last that big day came. On 23rd October, my uncle dropped me at CSIA, Mumbai. As per the instructions he had given me, I proceeded. There at the entrance a man, hearing me and uncle talking in Malayalam asked me whether I knew the procedures. I told him no, and followed him to the counter. He too was a passenger on SG 101, from Mumbai to Cochin.

In between i have to halt to mrntion that, my first flight had the pecularity of me travelling with only a single school bag with the least amount of luggage I have ever carried in my life (for I had unpacked many things at my aunt's home the previous day)!

So I get my boarding pass, my seat number was 2F. The air hostess had asked which seat did I want. I chose the window seat. My gate number was 6 and taking a cabin baggage tag, I looked for that man, and somehow found him. Then we proceeded for the security check and I to the ladies section. The police woman (she's a very young woman almost of my ge) told angrily at me to put my bag into the xray checking machine. (I was confused because it ws my first time and then put it there) she checked me and I got my bag security checked and with a tag of goindigo! :)

I went directly to the gate and sat on a seat right in front of it. I paid attention to every announcement there and sat very cautiously. I could see the screen at the gate and kept glancing at it every now and then. Finally I saw my 'instructor' arrive and sit on the other side.
I saw CCD on my RHS. : ) ( I found out that every airport has a CCD there. :) or atleast, CSIA and Nedumbassery have! ) A flight to Ahemmadabad was being boarded. Announcement for missing passengers was going on. I phoned home and almost everyone whom I thought I should call (though that amounts to less than five calls).

Truly speaking, my feeling was the same as I feel before an exam for which I haven't learned anything. i.e. It should start soon and end as soon as it can!
Finally, my time came and I proceeded to the gate, showed the boarding pass, my tag, and got into the airbus. Almost all passengers were Malayalis, and there was a family travelling with children, the grandpa took photos of flights taking off, and every child on the bus was excited! And the child who is 23 years old was also excited. I regret my lack of a good camera!

Finally the bus stopped at the entrance to the flight and I got in after showing the boarding pass. The beautiful air hostesses wished everybody goodmorning, and I found my seat Window seat of the second row on the right. An elderly lady, and a girl were my neighbours. I placed my bag in the cabin above and sat on my seat. Then I got cotton and a bottle of water from the AH. placed the cotton in my ear and sat there. I found the seat belt and tried it out! I was actually surprised to find that it was an abdomen belt. I fastened it and by some intution I unfastened it ( I was very happy to do so :) ). The door was closed and the main AH announced and there was demonstration of the safety measures to be followed. The flight kept on moving and waited for its turn in the line of other planes.

I kept looking out of the window and saw the runway and many planes parked far away. At that time, I saw a white bird, probably a crane, almost as a spot. My attention went to it, and I was thinking; "I'm for the first time in the airport, so I should watch planes, but why is this bird capturing my attention?" :)
I touched the solid wall near the window; to know how duralumin felt like; for I had learned in high school that planes are made using duralumin.

Then came our turn. The plane sped off fast on the runway and all of a sudden I was up! Against gravity! Within moments I was high above the sea. The pilot announced the route as west above the Arabian sea and then to south to Cochin. I saw the vast sea which I admire now a days, from above and boats as dots and finger length ships. :) (Those ships must be very large ones!) Then saw the blue of the sea mixing with the sky and at some point, I couldn't distinguish between the sky and the sea. :) Horizon had disappeared. Up at some 30000feet above the sea level, I was above the clouds, the place where I had always dreamed of going right from my childhood. There were clouds and clouds only, just like frozen sea waves. White and soft.

The AH announced that the seat belts could be opened. I went to toilet. I had to stand in a que and waiting there and looking over my shoulder I saw many people. I felt a stage fright sort of thing. Coming back, I heard that coffee would be available at Rs 20, sandwich at Rs 50 etc. Since my bag was kept up, I closed my eyes and started sleeping. I slept for sometime, and when I woke up, I heard that we were travelling over Goa. So I looked out excitedly out of the window, to see, sea and land which appeared just as viewed in a Google map.The altitude was approx. 11000 feet. I was under the impression was that it was Goa and kept watching only to realise that Bangalore and Calicut have passed. The AH was announcing that we would land in a short while. I think I saw Sahya Parvatha, and then I saw a land, from 4000 feet, with a vast amount of greenary, especially, coconut trees. :) The plane was slowly descending.It tilted sideways to change drn. I felt giddy and closed my eye for a while. When I opened them, I saw coconut tree tops, Crosses of two old Churches and atlast as a confirmation to the fact that it really was Keralam, a yellow private bus. :)

The plane landed and the doors were opened. The passengers stood in que to get down. I took my bag from above and got down from the plane. Walking freely towards the exit, I looked for Amma and Acha. I was just about to take my mobile out, and switch it on and call them, that I saw them waiting at the entrance. I walked out and joined them for the other adventures of the day. :)

PS : It took me almost twice the travelling time from Mumbai to Cochin, to reach Muthoor from Cochin. :) I said to Mom; "I wish there was an airport in Pathanamthitta district. It would save time."

PSS: Anyway my first flight was a memorable one. Though I was very afraid of flight at first, the main factor which prompted me to face it courageously was the curiosity to know how it would feel when one went against gravity. (Unlike in a lift.)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Deterministic in chaos!

Suman, forgive me for the tiltle for it slightly offends ur determinist's paradox. :) Or does it agree with it? I'm not sure.

So, here goes the story. I'm in Mumbai these days, in TIFR, and staying at Wadala.I'm cutting many things short, to write this faster. So there are two bus survices which come to Wadala to pick up TIFR students staying there. My mom had made me promise her that I'll always catch the bus, and never ever try going to TIFR by train. :) But today; mom I'm sorry, I had to break it. Hmmm..
I had rushed out of my flat to ther lift today morning to catch the bus. And at the bus stop, I realised that I had forgotten my mobile pouch ( though I had my mob in the bag). This pouch contains many things and I always carry it with me. And I need an id proof to get into TIFR, so my call letter was also in it! I decided to go back and my roommates tried to stop me. But I was determined! (Like Suman's determinist who will change the future. :) )

I said to them; "If I'm late, I'll stay back in the flat". I ran back, and after pressing several times on the lift, it came down, I got in, and a man also got in. I ( I didn't know where he had to get down, so I simply), pressed 12 which is my floor number and as soon as I got down there, I understood that the man had to get down at 9. I opened the door, rushed in and found the pouch on my bed and, hurried up, and closed the door. Then! The lift was going down! of course to 9. I pressed the button many times and waited. But it was going down and down! So I decided to take the stairs which wind anticlockwise, and I almost felt giddy. At 4, my instinct told me that the lift might be there now, so I went there and it was there! Full of 7(?) men. Whom I saw was a boy I knew is in TIFR. I felt a bit relieved! Atleast I'd have a company!

When we finally got down, I ran after him and asked him how he was going? At the junction we found out that the bus had come, so we walked to the local railway station. I asked his name. Umesh. I thought that's what I heard. He being tall was walking fast and I had some difficulty catching up with him. I had run, took the stairs and all and was feeling out of breath. I wanted to drink some water, but didn't stop. I asked him to walk slowly and finally, we reached the station.

Ha! there was a long queue! He suggested me to go to a ladies que, but no such thing was there. : )I first stood in a que which was shorter, and then found an empty counter next to it, and enquired there, but it is some season ticket counter. My friend told me not to leave the que, and asked me to buy two tickets to VT. I bought two, thank God! that que was cleared fast, and we stepped on to the 1st platform. A man directed us to the 4th platform and we crossed the crowded overbridge, and got there. A train came and we asked a person whether it went o VT. He nodded yes and finally, we tried to get in.
What a crowd it was, I was being pushed into the train, no effort from my part as such wasn't necessary! :) The compartment was full of men! (My friend had suggested me to go to the ladies comp. but, I being new to the Mumbai metro, decided to stick to him. :) ) I looked over my shoulder to see whether he had got in! Yes he too was in. :) And I squeezed in through the crowd to the nearest seats. I was happy I got some space to stand freely btw the seats. Then! ( I was actually surprised) A man got up and told me to sit. :) Without wishing for a seat, I got one! :) ( It seems, no I'm sure, I was the only female in that compartment. :)) Suddenly it occured to me that my friend was standing with his back on his back. I offered him to hold it, but he refused. I gave my offer again, and he gave his bag to hold. It was really heavy (earlier while walking to the station, his writing pad had fallen down,which I took and gave him; he had offered to hold my jacket cover, while I was in the que, and again he had asked me to hold his water bottle for a while on the platform, before opening his bag to put it in). The crowd was dwindling slowly. I asked the man sitting nearby when VT would come. Finally VT came, and I got up, my friend told me to wait till the train stopped. We got down, crossed the small track nearby and all of a sudden I was out of VT station!

We searched for the Navy Nagar bus stop, and enquired two girls, they directed us, and we went and waited at the stop. A navy Nagar bus came after a Colaba bus, and as soon as we saw the bus, we rushed into the bus. :) The conductor said something; I thought he was asking me to get in through the front door. I got in through the front door, my friend was going to get in, (the driver was also saying something, and there was a traffic policeman inside) and I was asked to get out and stand in the queue. I had seen people sitting on poles at the bus stop, and wondered it was. Then I understood that it was a que! We stood in the que (luckily it there was no crowd), got in, and I found a seat, and sat, took the ticket and tried to open the window, the mechanism being new to me, I wanted to figure it out, which I did, but had no strength to push it further up. A man in front of me helped to 'hang' (its like that:) ) the latch.

But the bus was moving a bit slow (the most surprising thing is that I didn't feel tensed at all) and I had a class at 9.30. It was already past 9.30, and I was hoping to get to class before 10. (My friend is in 1st year high energy and he had phoned his friend and confirmed that he had no classes.) Finally, the terminus came, and we got down, started walking furiously, my friend told me the reason why he was late; he had woken up at 7.15, slept again thinking its only 7.15, and woke up only at 8.15 again. :) I told him my story, and rushed, showed the call letter at the entrance, and we finally said bye and I ran to AG66, where my class was going on.

I sat in the last row, many people (except my classmates who were in the front row) turned and looked at me. And at the end of the class, we got our corrected assignments. My classmates were really surprised to see me. Moon Moon was standing to my left, she just looked at me (trivially) and turned again to look at me. :) Neha was happy to see me and said;"Ah! you have come", and asked me how I had come. Mathi who obviously thought I was in hostel collected one of the 2 assignments (for I had already collected one myself) from Ma'am, and was almost shocked to find that I was there. Meghna who hadn't noticed me , also looked surprised.

We came out, and went for a tea, and came to the lab, were I secured a computer and started writing this blog. :)


PS: That's my today's story. Today is the new year according to Malayalam calander. There's a general belief (though I don't believe it) that ur year will be like the first day of the year. :) But,nobody will want to miss the bus everyday, though it has provided a different experience. :)

The thing which I don't understand is, it all seemed to me like a dream. Everything was occuring as if connected (well connections make events, I think), or was it because I was determined? And the most important thing is, how I associated myself to a companion (lets call it symbiosis). I think it is the inherent nature of every living thing to associate with something, which will be helpful for it. :)

PSS: He actually told me (after hearing my reason for being late) that I could have asked my friends to stop the bus till I returned, even he could have caught the bus then!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


A flower had bloomed.
Bright and elegant it stood.
Playing in the hands of the wind.
It gave off its scent, it was very happy.
The time went by, and;
Like the poet had said, it died.
Fell it down from the plant, no scent no colour.
It was my love........

Monday, July 6, 2009


Today I attended the wedding of my old friend. She used to be my room mate in BSc first year. Its a happy thing that she got married. :) Now the wedding was really good. But I couldn't find any of our old friends at the wedding. I went with my dad. And thank God! The auditorium is bulilt like a theatre, so I could see the wedding clearly.
Now lets come to the story. The auditorium is nearby a very famous Devi temple. My dad went to the temple after dropping me at the wedding place.I went to meet the bride and gave the gift I had taken for her. Then I went and found a seat for me.Dad returned soon before the wedding started (or I think so, for I had found a seat on the end of a row, towards the middle and sat there, with other women who came later). The wedding ceremony took as per protocol. No sooner had the couple alighted from the 'mandap', than almost all the viewers started leaving the hall. I was wonderstruck and waited for sometime. Guess where they all were going? Of course for the wedding feast!
After sometim, I too left the hall and phoned dad. Luckily he found me and we stood waiting. The first set of people were all in, eating. So we wwaited and then, dad told me to go and wait in a place where there were more women.So I went to the main door of the mess hall, to be at the front of a line which was slowly being formed behind me. :)
The entrance at which I was standing was a large one with a shutter for its door. All the people in the first set came out together after finishing their feast, and I being at the front got inside, along with two small girls and their mother. I found a seat and sat there, but changed it soon, 'coz the floor was a bit slippery. I could see dad from my seat, through the window, and signalled him to come in. But he didn't come in. I was wondering what the matter was, when I noticed that the shutter had been closed!
Six people including me, those girls and hteir mim n two other boys had tunnelled into the mess hall! The mess hall was closed to clean up the remains and lay new leaves and all. Hmm now, the only way was to wait and watch. So I sat there, though I was feeling a little bit guilty for the smartness with which I had tunnelled inside, with so many people waitng outside the hall! I watchedd the way the leaves were laid and the curries were served. It was like the coming of two signals. :) One person will come and serve one curry and the other will come after him, they will scan one row and then the next row. A serial process. :) At last, after almost 20 minutes, the shutter was opened. Then I felt relieved for having tunnelled. :) There was a sudden rush and all was sudden! :) Usually finding a seat for a wedding feast is a very 'exciting' (both practically abd literally) process. But today I was lucky infact! :) The rest is history.The 'palada paayasam' was extremely good. :) ummm... :)
Before leaving,I went and met the newly wed and took a photo with them. Bidding good bye, I went to dad and we together went to the bus stop in front of the temple and got a direct KSRTC bus. And we started back for the activities of the rest of the day.

PS: The bus route is actually lovely. It's so 'coz, my dear school were I had the second phase of my dreams and aspirations is on the way. I could see my favourite 10A class and my last bench seat from the bus, (its in the main bulding which faces the road). Nine years back I was there, my friends were there;but now, only those memories remain.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Its after a long time that I'm enjoying rain. The pond on the way to uty hostel is overflowing. It is such a great pleasure to watch it, for it was dried upto its bottom in summer. Now it overflows through a small channel on the road, to the nearby 'forest'. And many streams have formed on that 'lonely road'. Its really a pleasure to listen to the sound of flowing water. Rain is in its full strength. But its very cold. Bitterly cold. And how will it be if you don't have an umbrella with you?

I had forgotten to get my umbrella from my father and was left umbrellaless. I was dependent on my junior, she gave me her umbrella for two days. Thanks to their viva voce, she was in hostel for the last 2 days. But their course ended today and I had to come home. So I returned her umbrella and hoped to get home before much rain.
I started from dept at about 3.30pm, it was really cloudy, but I hoped to reach the bus stop before it rained. I had just covered only abt 1/8th the distance to the bus stop, that it began to rain. With my luggage, I couldn't run. So I got caught in the rain.I sought help of two unknown girls. I tried to phone and get an auto, but he didn't reply.So, the only way was to return. I walked back and sought shelter under the milma booth on the way. The cotton churidar and that too with a horrible chudi bottom was fully drenched; I was wet from head to foot! Refreshing myself with a half coffee, I waited. Luckily I got a return trip auto. I asked the auto driver whether an umbrella would be available at any shop near the bus stop. He wasn't sure. So I asked him to take me to my usual book shop. I went to the shop, bought my usual weeklies and enquired abt an umbrella selling shop. She named the textile shop nearby and I went there and bought a 2 fold umbrella, for it was cheaper. :) And that too after getting that much wet! :)

I got in a bus and went to the KSRTC station, mounted an ordinary bus, and got window seat on the left, at the rear of the bus. It was leaking from above! Hmmm.I was already wet for about 45min, so I decided to endure it for another 45min. I was expecting to feel extremely cold, but I still don't understand why i didn't feel too cold. Was it because,of my being already drenched or due to the shut windows. Anyway I alighted at my stop, walked and reached home.My luggage bag which contained clothes had become heavy after getting wet in the rain! :)
On my way I really wished to call dad and ask him to be ready with some hot water, so that I could take a bath as soon as I reached home. But I couldn't. Thanks to dad, he had it ready, and I took a bath as soon as I could, after reaching home.The cold tap water didn't seem very cold after my rain experience. :) But still I usedthe hot water also for a warm up.
He gave me many things to eat and a good tea. Then mom came back from office. It was abt 7pm. I sat down to watch TV and requested mom to make some chapati for me. Before that I got out my old socks with her help and wore my sweater and socks. :)
Now I do look like a forgiener, though its not the snow but the rain which is making me cold. I don't know whether I'll catch cold, but the drenching and tolerating it for almost 2 hours was very unlikely of me. I'm surprised about myself. :) Anyway it was not so bad, though it was a bit difficult. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009



I'm very very unhappy. Why on blog am I writing this blog? Dear readers please read the blog and please post comments on it. Atleast read! I've started this blog to share my thoughts with you. If you don't read, how is it going to serve the purpose?

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Anybody who watches Sony TV knows the theme of this 9 pm serial. Though I watch it only at times, I could gather some ideas about the serial. It is basically about a young man called Bhaskar who turned on fine morning into a young woman; Bharti. It is his punishment for cheating so many girls and his misbehaviour towards them. An unknown KK always turns up in front of Bhaskar in different places, sometimes as a milkman, sometimes as petrol pump worker or something else. Only the characters in the serial don't know who it. Its is Krishna. KK might be the acronym for Krishna Kanhayya. :) For more details, please watch the serial.
Though it is pure fiction and is a comedy based serial, it deals with a very important problem. The marginalization of women. KK once says to a pleading Bhaaskar, "Jis dard ko lekar tum marna chaahte ho, har aurat usi dard ko leke jeeti hai".

The marginalization of women starts right from the family where, men are the heads of family. Even the well educated girl child of a good family has to face this problem. Sometimes as instructions put forward by their grandmothers or mothers as to be extra decent and men fearing! Girls are brought up like that. They must obey every stupid thing others say. Only then can all use them as their servants! (Yes! Servants who wear gold ornaments and silk clothes and who can't even step out their doors to see the sky!) As I write this, an urge to smash everything is rising in me. The urge to destroy everything and everyone who is creating this barrier. I can't sing aloud, meet my friends, talk to them, walk alone, or wear a jeans ( whereas I must wear a saree; that dress which is held by the strength of a few pins and which when worn not properly can display every critical part of the female body, always subjected to staring), or talk boldly!

Wow! I'm supposed to wear sindoor for the long life of my husband, how many husbands wear sindoor for their wives? A medium intelligence boy is hailed by all. He cannot wash his under garments by himself, but his mother, or some other female should do it! Nobody will do it for a girl even if she is ill. And she is not supposed to pray, wear the vibhooti or go near the poojaghar when she's having periods! But she must go to kitchen and cook for all, or do all the household work even if she's having severe abdominal pain! Again wow!
Even if she drives carefully, she has to hear bad words from the so called 'perfectly smart' ruthless male drivers, who will overtake any vehicle to show off themselves. Ha! Wonderful.

A female writer is unbearable while she's alive. She's a slut if she writes about sex or love or abuse. A male writer can describe any horrid thing in his stories and be a pure! He might be the masculine version of a slut; but since he's a male, he is respected! A female writer has to die to be accepted. When she dies, she's celebrated! Wow!

How many stories have you read with a female super hero in it? Harry Potter is a boy, though the person who wrote his story is a female. Would the series have been so successful had she made Hermione the main character? Women can have only one role to be complete! A mother's role! What about a mother who loves only her own children and not all children alike? Is she complete? Wow! Can't she be complete when she loves somebody like a friend or a lover? Can't she be complete when she finds satisfaction in her job? Can't she be complete in herself? What about a woman who restricts herself or lets others restrict herself and cut off her wings, and in turn becomes the same to create misery to some other female?Wow!

The greatest enemy of a woman is another woman who has kneeled before the society to lose her character. She is useless and poisonous trying to spread the poison to everyone who are near her. Its not a good thing to obey others unnecessarily, be it a stranger or ur dear ones, male or female. Why can't the girls fight this? A clear mind is needed for it. Parents of female children please remember, they are not commodities born to be married off. Please don't let your daughters subject to a 'legal rape' ( for marriage is no vegitative, and if the girls are married off against their will and have to undergo a sexual relationship, it definitely is a rape).

Its not fair to let a girl study and acquire knowledge upto a level, and not to let her study further. You are actually torturing a girl in the name of marriage, merely on the basis of some stupid astrologer's prediction. Its illegal.
There are many more things to write. One last word for the sweet couple who think they are deeply in love with each other. If the boys think that your girl friends are merely ur own, u r wrong and are very likely to be ditched. If the girls think that ur merely made to love ur stupid boy friends and for nothing else, ur life is gone. So be self reliant before you "fall" in love! And boys respect ur girls with whole heart.

Disclaimer: The following is only meant for those men and women who think bad about women. It is strictly not for any good person, male or female. :)

PS:A word to all those men who think they are very high above women, that you can use them any way you want to. They are not anybody's satisfying machine. Nor are they excellently curved baeutiful statues to be stared or abused. They are more complex than you. And their life is far far more difficult than any of your's. U'll know it only if you become a Bharhi from a Bhaskar!

Monday, June 22, 2009


My only fault is that I'm born with a womb.
I should give birth to physical children;
But not my intellectual ones.
I should satisfy all but me.
I should bear everything, without questioning,
If I respond, I'll be deemed bad.
I need permissions to move, dress, think and express.
I'm being imprisoned;
In the name of being protected.
I shouldn't complain against injustice;
'coz if I do I'm bad.
To be certified as "good"
I should be calm, quiet, and understanding
I should pray regularly, cook well and shouldn't revolt.
But what with my dreams and aspirations,
Which you crush so cruelly and leave me dry,
To pretend to be happy and good?
A volcano about to explode is in my mind.
When it explodes, no one will remain.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh! Dreams!

Oh! Dreams!

You are of heavenly origin;

Without you,

The world is monotonous.

Oh! Dreams!

You sow hopes,

And reap achievements.

Oh! Dreams!

You are strength;

To the one with nothing else.

Oh! Dreams!

You are inspirations.

For those who are determined.

Oh! Dreams!

You add colours,

To those lives which are painful.

Oh! Dreams!

You comfort,

Those lives which suffer.

Oh! Dreams!

You are so great,

That everyone is asked,

To dream & dream & dream

And dream & dream & dream,

To generate thoughts.

Thoughts which convert to actions;

Actions which will make

One really great!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


When I send you a lot of sms and mails,
And you don't reply me;
You feel you are being rude.

When you make me laugh;
With your innocent jokes and behaviour,
You are definitely not being rude.

But when you pierce my heart;with your
Harsh words and ways and make me cry,
Yes you are definitely being rude!

But still I trust you and stand by you
And love you; because I know that
There is a good heart behind that rude profile!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Several years back,
I'd been asking myself the question,
"What is LOVE?'
Since I didn't get the answer,
I set out into the world,
To find it myself.
I wandered through ugly streets and high roads,
Inside high tech buildings,
With cooled interiors and fluffy cushions;
Passed different houses,
So called places of misery and richness,
In search of the answer to my question,
"What is LOVE?"
I met a rich family on my way,
And asked them what they meant by LOVE,
Half hoping to hear them say,
"Family is LOVE."
I heard them say:
"Luxury Owing to Very Extravegance!"
Wonderstruck I went on, to find an artist
Who hung his pictures in great frames.
"Life Of Very Excellence";he said.
Surprised I went on,
To meet a beautiful talented dancer,
Who had, by her fast movements conquered
The viewers' heart;
To hear her say: "Life Of Very Eligence!"
"Why are they wierd?"
I thought and thought.
"What about the old definitions?"
"Love is sacrifice;love is divine etc etc."

I decided to ask a philosopher.
I heard; "Living Over Voluptous Enlightening".

That was enough!
But I hadn't got my answer.
So I went to a Professor,
Only to hear: "Life Of Very fine Education".
A sportsman told;
"Life Of Various Exciting events".
A peasant said;
"Life Of Various Endurances".
And a lazy man said;
"Loiter Out Very Enthusiastically".
What???Lazy man and enthusiasm!
Oh!!! I felt mad and ran,
Till I reached the seashore.

I sat tired on the shore and watched,
The dancing wriggling waves,
Breaking themselves on the shore.

A rhythm in vain,
To hold on to the shore,
With some unknown force
Dragging them away,
Still they came back frantically.

Though waves and the shore
Can never unite; it will continue.
Will it ever stop?
I don't know..
The pain, the longing for the shore;
And the hard truth that the shore,
Can never be the waves'.

Land ownes the shore.
And the waves?
None owns them, but themselves;
Not even the sea and the wind.

But still they 'feel',

That they belong to the shore.

LOVE; it brings them back...
LOVE; it will for ever.....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Two little poems

To be serene I want peace.
For peace I want concentration.
Aha! If I had concentration,
What would have I become!

Where is destiny?
I had been searching for it,
For a long time;
But I never found it.
At last now I realise
Destiny is what I make
It is in my own hands.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Study Tour to the Sabarimala Forests on 26-2-2000

Before I start writing this, I've to tell you something. First about Sabarimala to the people who don't know about the place. Sabarimala is one of the famous piligrimage spots in India. The place is famous for the Sri Dharma Shastha temple there. The place derives its name from Sabari, a pious saint who lived there. If you have read Ramayana, you definitely know her. When Sri Rama and Lakshman were on the quest to find Sita devi, they travelled continuously and reached this place and the legend is that Sabari, welcomed them in her hut and gave them food and drink. Now, I won't g ointo the story of the temple, interested people can check wikipdia for info. I wrote the following report in 2000, as the tour was conducted as part of a programme called "Promotion of Excellence among Gifted Children". We had to submit a record of the classes we used to attend or any special event like a study tour, and here is the report as I had written it 9 years ago (only with certain grammatical corrections).


We conducted a very interesting study tour to the Sabarimala forests on 26-02-2000. It was in fact very interesting for it was our first tour to a forest. We had seen forests on T.V, but seeing the real forest was a very good experience.

We started our journey from Thiruvalla. We started at 7.20am with the students from Thiruvalla. We picked up other students from Thottabhagam and other places.We reached Pathanamthitta at 8.05am.There, the students from, Pathanamthitta joined us.There we halted for about 15 minutes. Then we started again. Our journey was throught the Sabarimala route.

We reached Perinad at 9.00am.There we stopped at Perinad Bethani Convent for breakfast. We took rest, there for about 50 minutes. After the rest we started again.

We entered the forest by about 10.15am. We saw very interesting sites there. We als o saw hills and valleys with decidious trees.

After travelling a long way through the forest, seeing beautiful scenery we reached the Goodrical Range office at 11.30am. On the way to the range office, we saw Sabarigiri Hydro Electric Project.At the range office, we were introduced to the range officer, and other forest officres and the renge officers introduced themselves to us.The Assistant Range Office there, was Sri Muralidharan Nair.We were also introduced to Sri Jayakumar Sharma.

From there, with these officers, we went to Nilackal St.Thomas Church.We went on foot.The Church is 2.6km away from the range office.

On the way to the church, we saw a small stream.We waded into it.We travelled as groups. It was very interesting to travel through the forest, though it was a little difficult for us to walk through a somewhat steep slope.There were big trees on both the sides of the road.We walked enjoying the natural beauty.


[Here I'll take a small break. The yummy butter we got for breakfast that day, and the leeches which sucked our blood unknowingly all the way up deserve some attention. In my 'official' record book I couldn't write abt these, but now I'll. Thank goodness I was wearing canvas shoes, no leech bit my legs. Everyone else was a victim of these leeches. Nobody knows when they get in between your fingers, but only when they suck blood and become ball sized will one feel a chilling feeling where its clinging to; salt is the best remedy. We were given a full packet of sprinkle salt from the church.Also, in that forest stream we saw a bull. We were very happy that we had seen a forest animal, but a few minutes later we saw a man who was washing anotherone, who surely was their owner!]


Thus we reached the church. There we got water.We prayed in the church.After that, all children were assembled by Sri Muralidharan Nair. We introduced ourselves to him, individually.Then he asked us, wgether we had heard about Ramayana nad Meghaduta.These two are classical works by Vathmiki and Kalidasa respectively.In these two works, there are parts closley related to nature.He told us, that in Ramayana, it is described that, the nature stood still when Sita was abandoned in the forest by Sri Rama's orders. Then Ganga forgot to flow, the trees stood still, the birds forgot to sing and the nature stood still. By abandoning Sita in the forest, Rama (man) was doing cruelty to her (nature). Today, man doesthe same with the nature. He's destroying nature and is causing undulations in the ecological balance.

In Meghadut, we can see that the Yaksha brings the clouds down by throwing flowers of "kudakappala". This shows the scientific fact that these flowers can causse rain whereever they are. He told us that forests are important parts of the nature.

After that he showed us some leaves and explained their peculiarity. He showed us "maanchiyam' leaves first and explained us that its 'peteol', the part below the leaf, is modified as the leaf; its not the leaf primordium which grows as the leaf.Then he showed Mikenea.He said that its a new variety of plant which grows in the forest, destroying other plants and trees. This plant grows on the canopy of the trees and covers the leaves there by reducing the rate of photosynthesis, killing them.

Then we started back.On the way back, Sri Muralidharan Nair, explained us about some forest trees. He also explained us about natural forests and artificial forests made by afoorestation by humans.

The main difference between the two are as follows:

Natural forest:

(1) Thick and dense.

(2) Trees are not in a row/ irregular.

(3) A very large variety of trees can be found here.

Artificial forest:

(1) Not very thick and dense.

(2) Trees are planted in a row/regular.

(3) Trees of only one or two spieces are found here.

After that he showed us some forest trees like Kadambam, Venteak, Elavu etc.We also saw wild arrow roots and reeds.

Sri Jayakumar Sharma told us a very important and unimaginable fact. The actual price of every singlr tree is about 18.2lakhs. This value is based on the amount of oxygen a tree releases. The amount of oxygen released by a tree is much more than that produced in a factory.From this single fact, the importance of forests can be understood!

By 1.15pm, we reached the place were our bus was. There was a teak nursery and Sri Nair, explained to us, the process of planting teak. The process is described below:

How do you plant teak?

The teak is planted only in summer. The tap root of a one year old teak plant is taken and it is planted in such a way that 1cmof the root is above the ground. The tap root is used since stores most of the starch needed for plant growth.

Then we all posed for a photo. After that Sri Nair gave us some information about the Indian forests in common. 33% of the land area of a country or a state must be forest. In India only 21% land is forest. In Kerala only 24% land is forest area.( This was in 2000, but what now?)

There are mainy six types of forests in India.They are:

(1) Evergreen forests

(2) Decidious forests

(3) Semi evergreen forests

(4) Tropical montane forests

(5) Coniferous forests

(6) Thorny forests

In Kerala, there are "Sarppakkavukal" also. The decidious forests are further divided into dry decidious and wet/moist decidious.

The percentages of land area in India occupied by each of these types (in 2000):

(1) Evergreen forest---> 15.5%

(2) Decidious forest (dry +wet)---> 41.5%

(3) Semi evergreen forest--->25.5%

(4) Tropical evergreen forest--->12.5%

(5) Coniferous forest--->2.5%

(6) Thornforest--->1.5%

3 methods of forest conservation:

# With the help of law officials and courts.

# Afforestation.

# Forest education.---> 3 steps (a) Publicity, (b) Interaction, (c) Result

Forest destruction can be caused by both abiotic and human interference, enchroachments, grazing, forest fire.

Forests should be preserved since they ae the basis of all sort of lives.

After that, we went back to the bus. The bus then left for the range office, where we had lunch. The time was about 2.00pm. After resting sometime at the range office, we started for Pamba.

We reached Pamba Rest House at 3.30pm. There we visited the medicinal plants' garden. This garden had been established with a motive of making people acquinted with the rare medicinal plants and preserving them. We saw "Dashapushpam" and "Naalpamaram".

From the garden we collected the seedlings of some plants.After resting and spending about 30 min there, we left for Pamba. We saw the famous Pamba river and we all washed our feet in the river. The water was shallow. We went to the Pamba Ganapathi Temple there. By then, the time was 4.00pm. After spending sometime in the temple, came back to our bus. Then we started back. We dropped the staff of the range office at their office. We thanked them for coming with us and guiding us all through out the day. We set back for home at about 5.30pm.

The valley appeared beautiful in the rays of the sun. On the way back we stopped at a hotel for tea. Then we started again.We reached Pathanamthitta by 7.30pm. There we dropped the students from Pathanamthitta. We reached Thiruvalla by 8.30pm. There we got down. Bidding good bye to our friends, we left for home.
This journey was indeed an interesting and educative one. We could see the places which we had seen on TV. I will travel once more to these forests if I get an opportunity again.

That's all for the official report. Now, I can't finish this without saying that, a leech indeed bit me, see "a" leech, and above my elbow! I was wearing a new navy blue churidaar and its sleeve got wet with blood. Atleast I didin't have to be sad for not encountering a leech. :) But I only knew that it had bit me only when I felt that chill. Poor leech I threw it out of the window. Pamba Ganapathi temple is a famous pilgrim centre. Those who come to Sabarimala, come there also. We had gone after the Sabarimala season and the condition of he temple waas pathetic! Garlands, flower wastes and lots of flies! What are the authorities doing? Can't they clean it? It will be the same every year. Its a wonderful forest, but each year, GOVT and Dewaswam Board are bringing inmore and more "facilities". The result, the pilgrimage which was considered as sacred and in which people sacrifice comforts, are becoming, "pilgrimage tourism". Leave God ;take nature, they call it "Poonkavanam", where the temple is. "Poonkavanam" = "garden". Soon the "developments" will make it, a desert for development=deforestation. That forest, I don't know how much of it remains there now a days, there might be some still, but soon its going to vanish... Its a painful fact, to which we want to be oblivious, but can't be. We should save the forest, because nothing can match the forest.

PS: Forest:

Forest mesmerises, forest enchants,

Like an old witch; attracts souls.

Forest speaks through silence,

Forest sings, in wild tunes,and tounges;

Of birds, trees and streams.

Forest dances in wind, water and fire;

Forest, spreads its smells and tastes;

Shows brilliant colours;

In flowers, lights, shades and more.

Forest, the world beyond words, forever, forever.....

Friday, May 29, 2009

Digital Lives

One life; many others within,
Home life, student life, love life;
Social life, married life, personal life.
A new life added to them all;
Digital life, maketh a modern human!
From the "primitive" non user of computer,
The transition to the "digital being" is always pretty fast.
Starting from the simple "Windows", one may shift to the simple
"Ubuntu" or, may "go up" in the heirarchy of the operating systems!
Essential are the web browsers! Everyone learns browsing fast.
First to gather knowledge and then.....
Begins aimlessly to wander in the "digital wilderness" of
Gmail, orkut, shtyle,facebook,music download sites;
Gaming sites, youtube, and all other possible sites.
To "talk" to the classmate sitting beside, one uses "gmail chat";
Without knowing the happenings around one.
Living almost 9hrs of digital life in front of the computer,
One returns home, dizzy and lost in the "digital day".
Nobody smells sweet fresh air; never sees the smiling flower;
Never minds whether the sun is up or down;
Nothing pierces the brain.
All are lost in their a own digital lives, online in the digital world;
But offline in the real world!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Old age homes and two trips to Navajeevan

Yesterday I happened to read an article on old age homes in a women's magazine. That article reminded me of my visits to an old age home and Navajeevan, when I was in BSc. Sr.Teresilin, who taught us English poetry in first BSc, was in charge of the "women cell" and "human rights cell". We all joined it (we may say most of the students joined it was for internal marks at first, and our college was the first one in our uty, (i think even in Kerala) to have open NSS, and membership in any of the activity clubs counted as open NSS activity). Obviously as members we were required to make field trips, my first one was to "Navajeevan".
Now let me tell you about Navajeevan. Sr.Teresilin, was the one to give us a touching account about this place at first. In plane words, it is a rehabilitation centre for mentally ill people; run by a humble man called P U Thomas, who is a peon in GOVT medical college Kottayam. I was dreading the first trip, after hearing that its a place for people of this kind. ( Now I regret having thought like that.) We had to collect cloths for the inmates and after all preparations we went there one afternoon. There were entertainment programs by the students and one of the inmates actually sang a song! It was really good. Then Thomas chettan took us all to the chapel and prayed there and told us many stories about the different people who come to medical college. It was the first experience of that kind; to stay very long in my mind.
That year, by the end of third term , Sister took us to an old age home nearby. The marks it left was no better than the previous one. We talked with the "appuppanmar" and "ammummamar" there. One granny was blind and asked us if she will see again. We consoled her; what else could we do? One was still hoping for her son to come and take her home. One granny had turned so morose that she was reluctant to talk. Grandpaas seemed to be braver than the grannies, but the truth is, they all were as sad as the old women there. I remember my grandmother here. She was with us till her death. She died at eighty and was healthy and of very strong will power. It was with her that I would spent the whole day when I was at home and my parents were awya in their office. There were times when I would feel angry to her and disagree with her, but only after her death did I realise that I love her very much. She would call me "kochupenne" for I was the youngest of her granddaughters. God bless my parents, for they looked after her with all the care they could give (though sometimes she would complain abt the 'lovelessnes' of her son! :) ). She was a queen compared to the old people I saw there. Lucky are the people who die before they see bad times. They had toiled hard in the past to bring up their children, but when the roads are trodden they are forgotten and left alone in the wilderness. Its estimated that there are over 20000 people in old age homes in Kerala and each district has an averg of 35 old age homes (Courtsey: Grihalakshmi, May 2009 edition). And the people living there are not happy at all.
My second visit to Navajeevan was in my BSc second year, this time, my best friend and my dear friends of Jyothi hostel were with me. This time I didn't feel any apprehension. More buildings were being built there. This time we actually interacted with the inmates and we saw the kitchen, mess and the wards. Violent people were in cells and almost cured people in rooms and they were free to move anywhere in the campus. (When I say rooms, they are not delux rooms, but simple rooms with cots , table and chairs and a cross in all of them.) One woman saw the red threaded necklace (it was in a set, a necklace, with matching earrings, not gold of course) I was wearing and asked me whether I would give it to her. I gave her the thing but I was fond of the locket which is a detachable one and gave the red string to her. When I told my mom abt this, she told me that I should have given the locket also. Yes I should have. I feel bad abt it now. That locket is still with me and I don't use it. :( God forgive me. :( Then we went to see the cells. Like caged beings, there were men and women, in separate cells. In one of the cells was Jayanthi. When we shook hands with her through the railed door, she kept holding it and looking at us in hope. I don't have words for the feeling I had then. As usual, we went to the chapel there and prayed along with Thomas chettan. Back in Jyothi, my best friend told me that she had apprehensions (just like I had the previous time), but then her mind was clear and pure.

I can't finish this without telling about P U Thomas. As I had mentioned earlier, he was a peon in medical college, but he helps needy people. He brings the poor hungry people coming to the hospital, lunch packets. Helping every needy one can't be gauranteed, but still..... GOVT extended his service for one more year and this was in newspapers. I don't know what happened to him from then on, for this was news in 2006. Though, these days I'm living in a place near to MC, I can't go there. I wish to visit, Navjeevan once more, but..... He gets help from people who are willing to help, that's how the institution runs.

PS: Somebody asked me one day, where my God comes. I can't help everybody with everything, but still atleast a small part of a large help can be offered by me. And, I can pray for all these beings, and that prayer will make be capable of doing many things. :) This may not be the correct answer, but still..... :)

PPS: When you become great or famous, don't forget your parents, for they would have suffered many many hardships, they have never disclosed to you, for your well being. Remember the "Jataka tale" of the father, his son n his son. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

"Aavu" and "Puppaya"

Clicked? No of course! :) And the a person seeing this is not likely to understand anything at first. :) These are two words I'm rather fond of, the first one being the inevitable part of my life. Both are related to my childhood and I don't know how they came into use, though of course I'm sure that I am the person who had coined them out. :) A person outside my family will definitely think of these are gibberish, unless told about their significance. So, here's is the story of aavu and puppaya.


Definition: A peach/brown coloured powder, used as chatni to eat dosa/idalli. It is known as "dosappodi" among the public (of South India of course). :) Ingredients are chilli, black gram, daal, salt and "kaayappodi" (I'll refer and write the English name later). It can be used a reserve curry when you don't have any other curry to eat dosa (especially when ur mom is not at home or she is ill). At home, it will be served into ur plate using a spoon , and usually will be a like a small hill! U r supposed to make a hole in the middile of the heap into which u can pour oil! It is a great pleasure to watch this careful process and finally when it comes to mixing, u feel a bit sad! But there are many things which can be done after mixing, of course, the main thing is to use it for eating the dosa. :)If the 'paste' is too thick u may or maynot add further oil. If u don't, u can make "puppaya balls" :P. If the oil is too much for the powder, it will form a thin film on the plate, and u can actually draw or write something! I usually did so when I was a child, though my granny used to scold me for 'writing' in the left overs! The major breakthrough in the usage of the name came when my father started (or rather I heard him) using it almost 3 years ago; for the word had been in existence for the past 18/17 years. I was actually surprised to hear it. But the name "puppaya" has become a well used one in our home. In fact it has become a 'curry name' like sambar, achar etc. :) So, if you like this name, you may actually use it. :)
That's all for puppaya. Now abt my all time favourite "aavu".


Definition: A pillow which I hug when I sleep; in otherwords it is something without which I can't sleep in a bed (for we all sleep in buses, on tables and so on). :)
I don't remember how I got the habit of using aavu. But I do remember my parents keeping a pillow near me, to prevent me from falling from the bed. :) Soft pillows, with sweet covers make the best aavus. I have had many aavus, through the years and I think I've become an aavu expert. :)
So a good aavu is:
(1) one which is not too large
(2) soft and
(3) having a pillow cover which is of a nice colour, my fav being light blue) and not too serious; eg) one with a tale pictured on it, or flower print (but if it is made by ur mother, from a cross stich cloth and she has stiched a rabbit and a duck on it for you,it will be more lovely ;) ) .
Now, to use your aavu, just mount on ur bed, lie down, hug it and cover yourself with the blanket and sleep peacefully. Ho! I can experience the feeling it gives you even now. :) It is such a nice one.
Aavu is a good companion. It is your friend. You pamper it like your own sibling,pet etc (as you grow up it becomes your child :) ), you cry over it when you are sad, and hug it tightly when you are happy, or a frightening lightning flash occurs or when you think you are in love ;). It is your companion when you are ill ; it knows your heart, and gives you a sense of security. And the feeling that you are not alone. :)

PS: I took my aavu with me (it can be kept in n airbag; both small sized and flexible :) )
when we went for the tour in MSc. Yes! That proved an advantage of aavu. It acted as a reserve pillow in the room where five of us stayed. We lay horizontally on the two cots there, and with the 2 pillows in that room+my aavu, we all slept well. :)
While in the bus, one of my classmates asked me; "Have you given aavu anything to eat?" :)

My dear aavu, I love you. :)
You are so cute and sweet. :)
I love you. :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This is story of an IS and IS, about how they became IS n IS, and nobody knows what the present is, and future will be. :) Somebody told me that I should write this story and the philosophical interpretation of IS (though I doubt there is one)!

Now my story starts on a day in the month of the May and continues....

There were two people who had never known of either's existence before they met. One day they met, and that too in a strange way, when the female IS, was worried abt her room mate who had promised to turn up on a particular date. She, being new in the place felt all alone and sad, for her friend hadn't appeared on the promised date. She went all alone to the mess, listening to the radio over her headset, and started eating her dinner.
Well, she met the officemate of her friend and asked whether she had come back. (That's part of another story...) The OM didn't seem to hear and she repeated the ques in Hindi, which definitely caught his attention (we may say he was wonderstruck)! With this OM was our male IS (of whom our female IS had not taken notice of; or atleast misunderstood as somebody else). Well... this OM commented abt the Hindi and our hero asked her "how many languages do you know?"; she replied 4 and he called her dangerous! :)

One day (rather night) she met him in our OM's and roommate's office, when her friend had atlast returned and all were sitting peacefully after a long day's (!!!!!) tiring work! All of a sudden, the original office people decided to "pair" the two outsiders. Our male IS, was talking abt some lonesome, rich, insecure girl (though the original words used by him is censored here), and OM found a lonesome, insecure girl in our heroine and decided to "marry" them off! Well the "wedding date" was fixed, based on some wierd calculations involving birthdays and ages and so on ;but for the time being, they were declared a pair. Then our 'friend' took photos (for our hero wanted only to work with female photographers) and OM suggested a family photograph; but the newly wed were very decent that they sat in their respective chairs and gave a photograph.

OM suggested taking our heroine to the terrace , but our hero was again extra decent. :) But what to call? That was a problem. So our 'smart, intelligent,beautiful' young lady (the heroine) found out a solution.

"What would you call your fiancee?",she thought.
"Would be".
'Would be'----> future.
SO; present of 'Would be' = IS.
This is how the usage 'IS' was coined.

"IS is my IS!"; exclaimed OM and approved it.

And they continued and continue to be IS and IS (only "officially") till today. What will happen from this point of time is unknown; but lets hope they always continue to be "IS" & "IS" at heart in every respect.


That's all for the story, but I actually don't know how to express the philosophical meaning of IS. The person who gave the suggestion to write this story may interpret and express it. :)

PS: "IS" misses "IS"
For "IS's" smile lits up "IS's" heart,
And "IS" is so cute that "IS" can't help admiring IS!
"IS" is "IS's" good friend.
"IS" is "IS's" "IS"!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Some thoughts over the landphone....

Its been a long time,
Since I had talked over it,
To my dear friends,
Who were a "local call" away.

Coming from school,
I would dial a number,
The number of my classmate,
Who sat next to me,
With whom I would spend,
Six hours at school!
Enough was the time to have,
Exchanged news,
But still, the lanphone;
It would mesmerise me.

Many a talks exchanged
Over the phone,
I don't even remember them all.
It was the same when I was
In high school & higher secondary.
But the friends were different.

Call I would, my dearest "Kushan",
"Champika's" praano,
In our class room Ramayana,
Formed in 9th!
I would phone her, or,
She would call me and ask in mock voice,
Whether it was the right number.

Gossips, news and every bit of information,
Though trifles would be exchanged.
And the curly chord of that phone,
Would be stretched,compressed,
Curled and unwound;
Brothers or sisters of friends,
Would mark their presence,
By simply pressing,
The tone mode button, or,
The number buttons (if already in tone mode).
Always the position and other doings,
Of the "other one" would be told.
And a picture of what it would be like,
Would spring into the mind...

Another call would cut across,
Our talks sometimes.
"What these girls have got to talk!"
The granny on the 'cuttin' line would wonder..
And the menu for the lunch could be heard...
How many of our talks would have been listened!

Long time it has been,
Since I've used it the way in the past.
Now the landline serves as a "netone" for me.
For "cellone" has taken all the glory,
With no contacts for old friends,
And "sms" and "miss calls" for,
"Contactable" ones.

But still landphone is a boon,
For the sweet memories it bear...
It connects people with a simple key board
And reciever+mouthpiece set...
Doesn't "cast off" call as,
"Attendable" and "non attendable".
(For the basic form doesn't display numbers.)
And no room for "very big secrets",
To be guarded off from others
Around you.
(For mobile give the facility of moving
Away from others when u need secrecy! :))
(Oh come on! Landphone has to be picked up,
To know the identity of the caller.
But mobile dicsplays it!)
Its something common to all in the family... :)

My dear landphone,
All I've to tell u is that,
I miss you and my friends,
With whom I used to talk over u... :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

On the lonely road...

She was walking through that deserted road. It was nearly dusk. No movement, no sound could be heard. She walked peacefully, listening to the peaceful silence which pervaded the place. On both sides of the road were 'forests', with a beautiful 'poovaka', bamboos and a dry pond. Lost in the beauty and silence, she continued to walk but only slowly.
She wished he too was with her. Its been a long time since she had met him. What had happened between them? She remembered the half said bye they had bid. The times they had spent together, began to unfold like a movie in her mind... Their first meeting;first talk, trying to understand each other's tastes; first quarrel, reconciliation... "He loves me", she thought. "But I can't be sure about that. What if he loves somebody else and not me?". She tried to figure out the possibilities; she couldn't arrive at a conclusion!:)" What a stupid idea! Why the hell do I think about love all these days?";she felt angry.She tried to turn her attention towards the dry pond.
"This atmosphere is so lovely and beautiful that I can't resist it."; she continued walking,now up hill, now panting a bit. The bamboos and the pond were long passed. She was now climbing the steep climb in front of the men's hostel. A goat bleated out from somewhere in the 'forest'. She wanted to imitate the bleating, but held it back. At last panting heavily she reached the top of the "hill" to turn left and go to the girls' hostel.
Walking swiftly, she entered the hostel compound, pressed the 'toy bird calling bell' hanging at the entrance and got in. Climbing the stairs she reached her door, opened it, threw her things on to the bed and ran off for the programmes of the evening.

Somewhere back on the lonely road, her thoughts wandered off with the silent wind which had lifted off the 'poovaka' flowers from their home tree...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009













She sits in the cabin outside the library.

She puts seals on the newly arrived journals.

She helps newcomers with their queires.

She collects the books returned to library.

She enters the libray to put used books in order.

She reshelves those books carefully on racks.

She hurries through the library when it is time to close.

And I who go there to study simply watches her;

Only to admire her and to think of her.

Oh Raina! You are so sweet and cute;

And gentle like a breeze,

That I always keep admiring you....

May God bless you.........

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Instrument Box

That rectangular orange box;
With additions of yellow n black design on top,
I've long forgotten it,
And have almost ceased to use.
The lovely compass and divider,
Two set squares arranged one on top of other,
Large one at bottom and small on top,
And one wonderful instrument called protractor;
Better known as potractor :)
And a scale I had lost long ago.
An empty place where the cutter was,
And a rarely used white rubber!
A blue pen with empty refill,
And a lancet ment for biology lab.
ANd two coins of 25 paise.
Oh Instrument box
After all those years of silent admiration,
Now I can't help saying,
How lovely you are!
Two boxes I always took to school,
My 'pink' box and you.
Then where did I leave you behind?
On my way from simple geometries to complex calculus?
What remains of the years, is you.
And some memories.

I don't know why......

The 'Tulasi' flowers he made immortal;
I keep them on my desktop,
In my pendrive and in my mobile.
Just 'coz of their beauty?
I don't know why.....
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The 'boy' who sat to my left;
In the 'almost deserted' ,
Afternoon service bus,
Betraying 'Hund's rule';
I remember him,
While sitting on a seat for two,
I don't know why.......
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The 'boy' who takes an afternoon nap,
Leaning with his back on that swivel chair,
With hands folded perfectly and;
With his foot over the study table,
Those 'shabby sports shoe'd feet crossed;
I watch him sleeping peacefully;
In his yellow checkered shirt,
And gray jeans,
With child like innocence on his face.
Then an urge to run my fingers,
Through his wavy hair;
To plant a soft kiss on his forehead,
And to pamepr him seizes me.
I wish he were my son;
I don't know why....
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
And when I think about him,
In lonely moonlit nights,
I feel hot tears trickling,
Down on my face.
I don't know why.....

Monday, April 27, 2009


Most of my dreams are associated with my childhood. I used to and still dream a lot; both with eyes closed and open. Dream is the most important factor that sustains my life. In my childhood my greatest dream was to go to a beautiful village, with a sweet temple, paddy field and most importantly a beautiful pond! :) I always dreamt of running through the paddy fields and playing with all sorts of sweet domestic animals. Reason: I live in a house on the MC road side, with a village sort of place on the other side of my house; and I'm a single child. I wasn't allowed to go n play with any other child in my locality, since my parents would go to work and return only in the evening. My granny would take care of me. But I think my staying alone has helped me to develop a strong imaginative power! :) But these days I understand that the village in my dreams was my dear place Muthoor itself. I realised that only when I started travelling through Kerala. There are many other dreams. Some crazy and some dear ones, some even painful now. I'll write abt them someother time. :) 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Angane njanum 'Blogini" ayi!

It means at last I too have become a blogger. Actually I have another blog, created one year ago, I had no other reader except me. I had posted a few articles there, but nobody read it, so I got disinterested and stopped it. Well I can sing before '0' audience, dance infront of imaginary audience, but I can't write if nobody reads it. Afterall, we all write to share ideas. :) These days I see some of my orkut friends starting blogs, so it is the inspiration behind starting this again. I hope u people atleast read my articles! :)
Bye for now, take care. :)