Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh! Dreams!

Oh! Dreams!

You are of heavenly origin;

Without you,

The world is monotonous.

Oh! Dreams!

You sow hopes,

And reap achievements.

Oh! Dreams!

You are strength;

To the one with nothing else.

Oh! Dreams!

You are inspirations.

For those who are determined.

Oh! Dreams!

You add colours,

To those lives which are painful.

Oh! Dreams!

You comfort,

Those lives which suffer.

Oh! Dreams!

You are so great,

That everyone is asked,

To dream & dream & dream

And dream & dream & dream,

To generate thoughts.

Thoughts which convert to actions;

Actions which will make

One really great!

1 comment:

  1. True lachu am also a dreamy person

    manasu nirai swapnangalulathu kondu mathram jeevikunna alanu njan.........

    eppozhenkilum sathyamai theerum enna pratheekshayil..................