Monday, June 22, 2009


My only fault is that I'm born with a womb.
I should give birth to physical children;
But not my intellectual ones.
I should satisfy all but me.
I should bear everything, without questioning,
If I respond, I'll be deemed bad.
I need permissions to move, dress, think and express.
I'm being imprisoned;
In the name of being protected.
I shouldn't complain against injustice;
'coz if I do I'm bad.
To be certified as "good"
I should be calm, quiet, and understanding
I should pray regularly, cook well and shouldn't revolt.
But what with my dreams and aspirations,
Which you crush so cruelly and leave me dry,
To pretend to be happy and good?
A volcano about to explode is in my mind.
When it explodes, no one will remain.


  1. Lakshmi, i understand your anger, but please let me know in advance when the volcano explodes, gotta save myself! :P

  2. its unpredictable. :P So be careful while you are around this volcano. :)