Sunday, June 28, 2009


Anybody who watches Sony TV knows the theme of this 9 pm serial. Though I watch it only at times, I could gather some ideas about the serial. It is basically about a young man called Bhaskar who turned on fine morning into a young woman; Bharti. It is his punishment for cheating so many girls and his misbehaviour towards them. An unknown KK always turns up in front of Bhaskar in different places, sometimes as a milkman, sometimes as petrol pump worker or something else. Only the characters in the serial don't know who it. Its is Krishna. KK might be the acronym for Krishna Kanhayya. :) For more details, please watch the serial.
Though it is pure fiction and is a comedy based serial, it deals with a very important problem. The marginalization of women. KK once says to a pleading Bhaaskar, "Jis dard ko lekar tum marna chaahte ho, har aurat usi dard ko leke jeeti hai".

The marginalization of women starts right from the family where, men are the heads of family. Even the well educated girl child of a good family has to face this problem. Sometimes as instructions put forward by their grandmothers or mothers as to be extra decent and men fearing! Girls are brought up like that. They must obey every stupid thing others say. Only then can all use them as their servants! (Yes! Servants who wear gold ornaments and silk clothes and who can't even step out their doors to see the sky!) As I write this, an urge to smash everything is rising in me. The urge to destroy everything and everyone who is creating this barrier. I can't sing aloud, meet my friends, talk to them, walk alone, or wear a jeans ( whereas I must wear a saree; that dress which is held by the strength of a few pins and which when worn not properly can display every critical part of the female body, always subjected to staring), or talk boldly!

Wow! I'm supposed to wear sindoor for the long life of my husband, how many husbands wear sindoor for their wives? A medium intelligence boy is hailed by all. He cannot wash his under garments by himself, but his mother, or some other female should do it! Nobody will do it for a girl even if she is ill. And she is not supposed to pray, wear the vibhooti or go near the poojaghar when she's having periods! But she must go to kitchen and cook for all, or do all the household work even if she's having severe abdominal pain! Again wow!
Even if she drives carefully, she has to hear bad words from the so called 'perfectly smart' ruthless male drivers, who will overtake any vehicle to show off themselves. Ha! Wonderful.

A female writer is unbearable while she's alive. She's a slut if she writes about sex or love or abuse. A male writer can describe any horrid thing in his stories and be a pure! He might be the masculine version of a slut; but since he's a male, he is respected! A female writer has to die to be accepted. When she dies, she's celebrated! Wow!

How many stories have you read with a female super hero in it? Harry Potter is a boy, though the person who wrote his story is a female. Would the series have been so successful had she made Hermione the main character? Women can have only one role to be complete! A mother's role! What about a mother who loves only her own children and not all children alike? Is she complete? Wow! Can't she be complete when she loves somebody like a friend or a lover? Can't she be complete when she finds satisfaction in her job? Can't she be complete in herself? What about a woman who restricts herself or lets others restrict herself and cut off her wings, and in turn becomes the same to create misery to some other female?Wow!

The greatest enemy of a woman is another woman who has kneeled before the society to lose her character. She is useless and poisonous trying to spread the poison to everyone who are near her. Its not a good thing to obey others unnecessarily, be it a stranger or ur dear ones, male or female. Why can't the girls fight this? A clear mind is needed for it. Parents of female children please remember, they are not commodities born to be married off. Please don't let your daughters subject to a 'legal rape' ( for marriage is no vegitative, and if the girls are married off against their will and have to undergo a sexual relationship, it definitely is a rape).

Its not fair to let a girl study and acquire knowledge upto a level, and not to let her study further. You are actually torturing a girl in the name of marriage, merely on the basis of some stupid astrologer's prediction. Its illegal.
There are many more things to write. One last word for the sweet couple who think they are deeply in love with each other. If the boys think that your girl friends are merely ur own, u r wrong and are very likely to be ditched. If the girls think that ur merely made to love ur stupid boy friends and for nothing else, ur life is gone. So be self reliant before you "fall" in love! And boys respect ur girls with whole heart.

Disclaimer: The following is only meant for those men and women who think bad about women. It is strictly not for any good person, male or female. :)

PS:A word to all those men who think they are very high above women, that you can use them any way you want to. They are not anybody's satisfying machine. Nor are they excellently curved baeutiful statues to be stared or abused. They are more complex than you. And their life is far far more difficult than any of your's. U'll know it only if you become a Bharhi from a Bhaskar!

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