Thursday, December 27, 2012

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I am totally angry with all these. No introductions. Let me come to the point. Has Indians and Indian men in particular become animals all of a sudden. Well it is possible. Because already in this country a celebrated patriarchal male domination is there. On top of that technology has advanced that event he most uneducated creep can access internet on his mobile phone and download whatever gruesomeness he wants to.  But the problem is this, if you implement all your psychological sexual disorders on yourself it may be ok. But when you can't confine your grotesque fancies within your own crappy brain, and tend to take it out on people whom you are taught are slaves of your particular state of gene combination, you are worse than an animal; (even animals don't behave like that probably) and not worthy of living. Sorry for the harsh words. But the planet and universe will be much cleaner without filth like you  who spread psychological disorders and AIDS all over the world.

        By this time everybody would have understood what I am talking about.  Again I say that I am angry because how dare a so called human being enact such gruesome violence against women in general? And especially in Inida, where woman is considered as the epitome of gooddness and where stone idols of Devis who are extremely powerful are worshiped, why are women being brutally raped and murdered and subjected to all sorts of abuse? That means something is wrong with this county's culture in general. Not only this country's culture, any place where women are abused indicate psychological imbalance.

       What all kinds of news do we hear? Girls from 0 years of age are being sexually assaulted. By whom? By fathers, brothers , cousins, family friends, relatives and so on. The spectrum of those who abuse girls is not restricted to men of a particular age. It spans a wide range. Tomorrow if a 2 year old boy starts raping a girl, you should not be surprised, because that is how boys are brought up, under the delusion that they can do anything just because they have got some despicable organ outside their bodies which they can flash at anybody they please and wherever they please. That can be anyone. Where is decency in this society now? Just because you are born as a despicable illiterate good for nothing but f***king male, you can't go around exhibiting the "strength" of your despicable organ and inflict violence upon anybody. :-X If you think that you are above everything, just because you are a crap male, you better control yourself because you are nothing but a piece of rotten shit in the society, who is depriving other worthy humans of their right to live and right to live peacefully.

      Well, when I say that you are a piece of rotten shit, I should justify that. Right? When you were born it was celebrated as if some precious gem had been excavated. When you were brought up,  you were given all freedom to roam around anywhere and do whatever you please. When you grew even further, you were show cased as a precious gem and sold in the marriage market. And then all throughout your life you are considered as the whatever of a family. But there is a catch. Not everything is perfect. You haven't grown up as a good person. All you have done with your freedom in is to misuse it to become an alcoholic or a drug addict or a rapist or a domestic killer. This categorization doesn't exempt either poor or the rich. Poor or rich, literate or illiterate, You rotten men are rotten sexually deluded creeps. No change to it. Otherwise, you wouldn't have taken excessive pride, unnecessarily on a piece of muscle and patronized it and cause harm to the society to ruin it.

To be continued...............................

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Layman vs science - Part 3

          There is a very striking statement of how laypersons view scientists in, the serial "Numbers", which happens to be a detective serial, where the elder brother Don Eppes is in FBI and the younger brother Charles (Charlie) Eppes is a mathematician. Charlie uses Maths to solve crimes and helps Don. The very striking statement is as follows :
            Charlie is an exceptional genius whose mathematical ability is being sought out by non mathematicians too. Even when Charlie's intellect and knowledge are being used in real life because what he knows is actually a part of real life, nobody acknowledges this fact.  Apparently this is evident in situations where Charlie tries to explain some principle which he is going to use/using or some principle which is related to the dynamics of the case itself, his peers seeking his help get bored. Edgerton (another character in the series) , calls Maths as "Voodoo" (but here one is to understand that this Voodoo simply means magic).

          Actually this analogue is very true. Even when people seek methods of science to "get things done", they really don't see it as part of  their lives. Charlie can use Maths to solve cases because, well naively speaking cases also occur in universe and anything in the universe can be characterised using certain parameters if one thinks logically.

          At this point I want to ask a very important question. Non-science people talk of science as monstrous and accuse scientists of being selfish and socially irresponsible! They usually accuse scientists of being unaware of social situations and so incapable of social lives. Well let me point out this. You accuse scientists of being "socially" insensitive. Then using the same argument, scientists can call you "scientifically" insensitive, which you actually are. And as far as I have observed (including my own personal experiences) scientists tend to be more socially sensitive in many matters than the "normal, socially sensitive" layman. Let me concentrate on my second point now. Being scientifically sensitive or aware of basic science is very essential for human existence.

      For example, how will you know that you are not taking poison and a proper medicine if you have no basic knowledge of medicines or the chemicals which they are made of? Some doctors ask you if you have any allergy to certain antibiotics. How will you tell them if you have allergy or not if you don't even know what an antibiotic is or the name of the antibiotic to which you are allergic?

       I'll substantiate my point that everybody needs scientific awareness not only to become an engineer or doctor (to become an MBA graduate later) and increase your "status" in society.  This is from a personal experience I had during a train journey. There was a man who was running a small scale industry of solar water heaters. He was aloud mouthed man with lots of opinions about education in general. He was telling "Oh. Why should you have education at all? You should stop studying after 10th or 12th to have enough knowledge to earn a livelihood. There is no point studying after 12th standard. Nobody is going to gain anything by studying!!! Its just a waste of time and resources." Now personally I wanted to slap that man on the face for preaching bull shit like this in public. But I understood his motive for preaching this bullshit. I even wanted to tell him that he was telling such funda only because of selfishness and he wanted to earn money from his business of solar panels.

         So basically, he sells solar water heaters to homes and institutions. Now the minimum price at which he is selling is 25thousand INR. And all the rest of the prices are above that only. And I am sure none of his buyers know how it works or how a solar panel is manufactured. But the working of a solar cell involves Physics and its manufacturing also requires Physics (material science).
So how will you know that what you are buying for 25K INR is worth 25K INR or he is simply fooling you and extorting money out of you in the name of renewable energy, unless you are aware of the Physics which is involved in its working or making? Again, how will you atleast bother about these if you don't have enough education? What if the production costs goes down because of some innovative technology which enables the manufacturing of solar cells at a lower price? How will know that you are being fooled by this guy who may sell it for higher prices despite the low costs of manufacture, unless you are aware of the science behind it?

       I hope that this example will substantiate my point that you have to be scientifically sensitive and aware of the actual facts. Moreover, unless you are aware of science, you can't know when somebody is lying to you calling neutrino as a neutron or claiming that it is going to be doomsday for you. Also unless you are not scientifically sensitive, you'll write exotic articles about the aspects of neutrino travelling at a speed more than that of light and celebrate it and then become silent when it is found that it was because of a minor technical error in the experimental set up.[ Actually I think that nobody ever bothered to appreciate the fact that a technical error had caused such an excitement and nobody ever bothered even to appreciate the fact that the scientific community ran rigorous checks and pinpointed the error in the experiment.]

        Also not being aware of science takes its tolls when "self appointed experts" mislead the layman (who never bothers to learn even basic science calling it too hard to understand), and make them believe in the "all science is Frankensteinian" theory. Again this happens mostly with Physics and especially Physics only for some reason (because to layman Physics exists only in  "universe-earth". Everybody can somehow relate to chemistry or atleast people make honest efforts to understand it atleast, probably because it has relation to life sciences which exist on earth! I am not talking about Math, because Maths is considered as total fiction and a totally incomprehensible something and hence as something neither good nor bad. But Physics is an exception. Well as a Physicist, I like to call Physics an exception because of my affinity towards it and because  I love it a lot. But not everybody shares my opinion. For people who are educated even till BSc or MSc, or even PhD, who don't even bother to understand or appreciate its principles and its presence everywhere in one's life, , Physics is often accused as some kind of mysterious thing which is always the cause of mass destruction!!!!!!!!!!! I'll elaborate on this in my next post.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Layman vs Science - part 2

      Everyone accuses scientists of being people sitting isolated in ivory towers of comfort far from the layperson and beyond his/her access. Yes accusing somebody for being a scientist is very easy. And to throw allegations that they never care to explain anything "scientifically" instead of being secretive is also very easy. But let me ask a question. How many of you will listen to earnestly if you are being explained some phenomenon exotic or not and try to understand atleast some part of it truly? I can guarantee that 99.9% of you won't listen properly.

       Because, for most people, science doesn't have any relation with real life. It is some kind of surreal thing, which you see in text books, meant to be gulped blindly and puked on exam sheets to score marks which will get you admitted into some smart college where you "learn" things to earn money.  Who cares if sun is a star or that solar system has eight planets instead of nine? There are "astrological planets" which are "real" and "influential". Who cares if there is a fibanocci series? You never "see" any in your "real" lives. Because "real" life is out of logical reasoning. It consists of  "grave social matters worth discussing over and over again" (irony being most of the time, no social issue is resolved despite extensive discussions), whereas science is discrete and doesn't offer scope for much gossip or juice if pursued correctly. [Ofcourse science, if fallen into the hands of people who don't understand it at all, can lead to various bogus discussions, where these "bits and pieces" scientists turn the world upside down with their "scientific wisdom".]
      But the problem won't end with scientists making earnest efforts to clarify doubts. Again I am going to quote a personal example. I believe myself to be a very loquacious person and believe in clarifying all doubts when asked to me. This has been my character from school days. And I don't feel sorry for it. Probably I sound boring while explaining things. But I atleast try to explain them.

         But again I have witnessed people getting bored or behaving as if I am wasting my time learning science (especially Physics and especially particle physics, which ofcourse on first glance has no connection to real life at all!  How many among us even remember the 8th standard lesson of atomic theory of Dalton? I am sure that non-science people consider it as a piece of fiction, meant just for fun and not of any real significance in life. Who has time to think about atoms when they have to run for banglaw, gaddi, makaan, status?)  and explaining it to people and make them turn their attention to the fact that we are not outsiders in nature, but anything which seems to be so obvious in nature has things behind it, which are very interesting.

       It is as if people view science as some kind of isolated phenomenon far away from society or social activities. One reason for this is the human pride and its history. (I am not going into all of it, may be on another occasion.) Another is forgetting that we humans are also part of the nature and as part of it, it is not unlikely that we want to know more and more about it. If you claim yourself to be the most intelligent animal on this planet, why not use your intelligence to ask questions about our own existence and the "nature of things" and try and find answers to them using your powerful intellect? The highly advanced human brain is not only meant for discussion how being an advanced level organism affects its sexual life or social life only.
       Now that I am talking about the advanced human brain, let me point out that, without "science", nobody would've been able to study its workings and importance in the human body. The very body (your material body) which you discuss so much from socio-political and whatever aspects has its own "science" which drives it. It consists of systems which were studied in detail so as to enable the development of "medical sciences" which enable you to spend lakhs (see I need science to count; in other words counting is a scientific process) or crores to get the body treated. And as far as prestige is considered, tell me, how would you have shown off your status, had there been no "automobile engineering science" which makes the fancy cars you buy and "electronic science" which enables you to spend money on your cool touch screen ipads or ipods or smart phones to show off? To make the phone (smart or not) work, you need science? And to share your views, in print or radio or internet, you need science again! Why go to print and publish? To talk and hear you need science. Had nobody understood the plain physics of working of your ears, no haring aids or headphones would not have been made till date! Well you need science (in the form of math) to know date and time! You need to know the correct science of diets to stay healthy! How is it that science is just magic then?

         Or that science is only something which exists far away in the universe, and we are in some kind of "safety zone" on the earth? Why is that you are all curious and enthusiastic about science outside the earth (which is a good thing, you are curious about something atleast) and talk and write big about those "exotic" things, but fail to appreciate the same mechanism if it is inside the confines of the earth's atmosphere? Do you think that the earth has no relation whatsoever to science in any form at all and that any mention of science on the earth is dangerous to everybody on earth? Tell me how can you even arrive a conclusion if something is dangerous for you or not if you don't know its science?

              If science is such an inevitable and omnipresent part of your life why are you afraid of it? Why don't you ever take a small effort to understand it? It doesn't need big brains or top scores to understand science. All you need is clear and straight thinking and a logic mind. It will occur to you when you learn it how much pleasant it is to learn science. Each and every moment you use your brain to clear its own doubts is worthy of being cherished. And when you find the correct answers to what you ask, it is a happy thing. BUT you have to be willing to shun your ego as a human and use your intellect, rather than beating around bushes hoping for credits from some group of people whom you want to keep in dark. The firs step towards understanding science is to be ready to accept your faults (history of science shows that many times people were wrong with their theories but as they learned more the mistakes were corrected) and be open to the truths. Secondly no matter if you write good or bad about gravity, gravity will be gravity and not be photon. Right?



Friday, September 21, 2012

Layman vs Science

      Long ago, I wrote about laymen vs research scholars, where I tried to point out how laymen view research scholars as freaks who are outliers a society. But due to some very recent developments for which I myself was a witness, I can't help writing about the issue of layman vs science.

      Who is a layman? Wikipedia says that "A layperson or layman is a person who is not an expert in a given field of knowledge. The term originally meant a member of the laity, i.e. a non-clergymen, but over the centuries shifted in definition." (  So if I speak of a layman/layperson from the point of view of science, I can call him/her a non expert in science. But due to to the vast diversity of subjects within subjects, within subjects we all are laymen in one sense or the other. i.e I am a lay person as far as chemistry or maths is concerned. But here what I am going to talk about is, how people who are neither experts in chemistry nor in physics (infact non experts in everything except gossiping or fussing) view science in general.

      I have already demonstrated how scientists in general are viewed as freaks or out of the world, laypersons have some serious misconceptions about science. First one being science is something which doesn't affect anybody's mundane lives (who cares to learn the science of mobile phones which have become an integrable part of one's mundane life?) and is something other than life and the second but most seriously implicating one that all science is Frankenstein's monster thanks to people who can't descriminate between fiction and reality.
And they always complain that scientists never make an attempt to "educate" the layperson about science!

         Let me ask one thing? How many times have you complained that you are not being told/educated about/in science? How many times have you earnestly listened to a person explaining the science of something? I have numerous personal experiences to cite. The first one is from my 6th standard. I had gone to a maths exhibition competition at the inter school maths fare. I was supposed to demonstrate Pythagoras theorem with the help of a still model (well you actually need a right triangle to illustrate it, but this model was a right triangle with 1sq unit squares in it, to make it look fancy to attract people). During the fare , in our stall, one of my school mates who was part of the fare asked me what it was,and I started explaining it. After two sentences he looked bored and that too evidently bored and behaved as if he understood everything and I was telling something very obvious and it was a waste of time to listen to me!!!!

         That was only the beginning. Later in my life, I was to witness many many bored persons who never listened properly and behaved as if they are some kind of "know-it-alls". It is really irritating to experience this. One thing because your earnest efforts to try to make somebody understand is not being respected by them, even when they are the ones who have asked the question. Another even if they catch something from what you are saying, they never make an effort to learn the thing properly. Instead most tend to add there own figments of imagination to what they have heard and formulate completely new unscientific theories about science!!! If any of the scientists (say Newton or Einstein heard any of these theories, they would commit suicide). If science was so simple to formulate nobody had to go to schools or any educational institutes to get educated! But as we all know, we go to schools to get educated. So science is not that trivial but not understandable. If science were beyond understanding, none of us who learned/learn science would have passed/will pass any courses we took/take!

 There is an even bigger irony. Everybody send their children to learn science group in school (so that they can become engineers and doctors in future).Don't you  ever read your son's/daughter's text books? i won't say that you have to learn and study everything in it, but the books are anyway sitting at home, can't you just try and read and understand, when you are so particular that your children learn engineering or medicine , which definitely involve science, instead of being ignorant about science and boasting that you spent this many lakhs of rupees to get a seat for your kid. See to count lakhs, you need science (maths). So better try to understand it earnestly instead of acquiring some money and be content with it and leading a mundane life, and posing as intellectuals, thus making the blunders of blabbering gibberish to scare people who are like you.

 To be continued........................................

Monday, September 3, 2012

The prestige - Part 2

You can't always strive on bluffing all the time. A time will definitely come when your true value or worth, apart from your personal possessions, will be tested. What will you do then? Will you be able to prove your worth without all the materialistic aids you resort to?

 Coming back to social asymmetry,  I'll cite the classic example I always cite, i.e. marriage. Good for me that I have lots of stuff to write about on my blog, but not so good for the society, which is directing its own suicide by celebrating weddings in royal styles, thanks to jewelleries , textile shops and event management groups. Those who don't know how and where to spend money to make their/their son's or daughter's weddings grand and end up spending lakhs and lakhs of money for a ceremony, a mere ceremony/ritual which can as well be conducted in a register office to make it valid. Rich people are left with a small hole in their bank balance, middle class with a considerably large hole in their savings. But the problem is, it is as if everybody saves money not to eat or live properly, but to conduct a ceremony which won't even last for barely three hours. And what do you get? A gaping hole in your account. Those people who don't have enough bank balance will take huge loans which they'll have to pay for the rest of their lives. Consequence? If somebody in the family falls seriously ill, there is not enough money for the treatment. What a pathetic condition! People spend unnecessarily ad end up being poor at the most critical moment. Where is the society moving towards?

         Will spending and celebrating marriage increase your prestige? No. People will only laugh at your backs that your extravagance ended with you being bankrupt. I don't understand why people crave for such prestige. And who on earth guarantees that wedding increases "bandhu balam" available to a person? Everyone is his/her own balam. Trying to live hoping that your life will be secure in another person's hands is foolishness. If you can't secure your own life yourself, no prince or goddess is going to do it for you. Again I will say that this is a consequence of the false beliefs about the roads to prestige. If you have so much concern about your prestige, why don't you try to become learned or wise or best at something other than show off and picking on people? The mind set that only those with material virtues is prestigious is very dangerous and ruins the whole harmony of the society.

          Pressures affect not only middle class, but poor people too. In a supposedly isotropic society, when somebody shows off their wealth to gain respect, people who are driven by statistics want to earn respect in a similar manner. This affects poor people who can't even afford the lowest of the pleasures rich have. They too will try to follow the examples of show offs of people who are richer than them, which they definitely can't afford. I don't understand this. This is India, the country whose Father of the Nation didn't have any bangla aur gaadi or anything else. There are people who don't like to follow his ideals, still, it will be a better idea to follow his simplicity upto a certain level.

       Coming back to material-show-off-ism, I'll cite a very common yet serious issue. Every single family in India has mobile phones, but only ~50% have proper sanitation facility. That means, 50% of the people don't have any good toilets to use. Now that also means lack of water and lack of hygiene. And I will guess that these 50% are not rich people or middle class people, but poor people who can't afford to build a toilet, but save money to buy mobile phones! Had they saved the money wasted on phone (no matter whatever be the talk time offers of mobile companies), there would have been atleast a reasonable toilet with running water.

         The continuous flow of money for unnecessary things invite another set of questions. You spend so much money over your material virtues. What do you do in life? All you do is to celebrate it just blindly believing what is being told to you in some advertisements. Let me ask you one question. Do all your material assets make you really happy? Or does being happy require all these material assets? Can't a person be worthy without any material assets? If you ask me what do you require most in life, I will say, food+drinking water , a bed to sleep and a proper sanitation system and a light and a fan(fan is a luxury). These are the most basic things that you need in life. Everything else is secondary. Some as required by your work, some just personal luxuries. The problem arises only when one thinks too much about luxuries rather than necessities. Everybody is entitled to luxury if they have enough money. But luxury should never be a criterion for assessing a person's worth. Worth is totally different from the concept of monetary based popularity and the standards set by it in society. People who believe that money can bring prestige are complete fools.

        One should asses a person's worth from his/her character or deeds which he/she does. What worth do you have if you are a total moron? What use is your money if you can't read and write? What use is getting married spending lakhs and divorcing the next year? Nothing. All are just a waste of time and wastage of one's own life. Just think about this. Everybody is celebrating. Are you winning any Olympic medal? No? Are you winning Nobel Prize? No. Are you even passing an entrance exam with merit? No. You aren't doing anything worth celebrating in  your life, other than just hang around idly or doing nothing other than trying to hide your social insecurities behind your material assets. There is nothing to celebrate, but only celebrations. How long will this last? And celebrations lose their magic if everything is celebrated. Life has to be simple also. Nobody can balance the society unless a person decides for himself/herself that he/she will do something good on his/her own. If everybody blindly believes in the false idea that prestige lies in something worth 30 thousand or 30 lakh, it is utter foolishness. [It doesn't mean that I don't like things/trinkets of price 30k, but it is not from prestige point of view, but for totally different reasons.] Prestige lies in what you make out of yourself. You can't just go to market and buy prestige spending thousands or lakhs. You have to contribute in a good way to the society. Otherwise as soon as your material assets vanish, the prestige bestowed upon you on the basis of these will also vanish.

The prestige

What is prestige? The meaning of this word is as follows:
"1.The level of respect at which one is regarded by others;standing.
2. A person's high standing among others; honor or esteem.
3. Widely recognized prominence, distinction, or importance."

So prestige generally means how people respect you. If you are respected by a large number of people you have a high prestige and if you are not respected by people, you have a low prestige. How do you earn respect from people? This is where the actual question lies. Prestige can come from many sources. But the sources through which you earn, are what really matters if you care too much about prestige. 

This is where I doubt if people really understand this thing at all. Most people relate prestige to wealth and other things. Everybody somehow tends to overlook that fact that prestige can be associated to real talent also. For example, a not so talented, wealthy spoil brat can also be prestigious if people respect him/her for wealth he/she didn't acquire through his/her hard work. So it comes to another question if prestige is related to worth at all. 
     Is prestige related to the worth of a person at all? It is 50% true and 50% false. There are people who really are prestigious on account of their worth and hard work and their skills and talents. On the other hand, there are people who don't have any of these and try to become prestigious just by show off. For such people too much of materialism matters a lot. They care for their outward appearances, their possessions, or the fake positions they own in the society. I should explain these statements.
     Take the case of a really talented person or a wise person who is respected by everybody. I'll say that they really deserve the respect or position they have. It is not by force that they are getting this respect, but because of the clear fact that they have something in them to be respected or called prestigious for. People respect them for their good qualities or because they are worthy of being somebody's inspiration or role models. I guess most of the really famous people have these qualities, otherwise they wouldn't have been famous. 
     Now take the other 50% people. they have no specific goals in life. It is not a sin not to have specific goals in life, but atleast you should have some idea about what you are going to do with your life. Well many people do have ideas like "bangla,gaadi,dahej" and the godforsaken "settling down". Personally I don't know, what one gains from settling down, or why people are so eager to settle down, where actually there is nothing like settling down, because life is ever changing. Their idea of prestige is study upto a level where you are made eligible to do a job and go for a highly paid job and buy all the materialistic pleasures available in the market and "show" others the high standards of their lives. Fine. But when everybody in the society thinks in the same line, it becomes monotonous. And it creates a social tension and asymmetry, by planting the idea in the minds of common man (who doesn't dream beyond "BGDnSD", which is exactly the consequence of this monotonous trend) that unless you satisfy the conditions of possessing materialistic virtues which are being used as criteria of prestige, common man is a complete loser. 

      Is this fair? Middle class people crave to be upper class, which they will never be no matter whatever materialistic pleasures they posses; and lucky middle class people become upper middle class and not so lucky or people who aren't greedy are forced to become lower middle class. What about BPL people? Well who cares for the aspirations of poor people? "We have money, we will use it as we please." Dear upper middle class people, who are at your will to use your money as you please, have you ever stopped to think about the social implications of what you are doing with your money? You have money. True. But isn't money something which is supposed to be used judiciously? And just because you have some money to use or that you've suddenly become rich out of the blue doesn't mean that you have to show it off. And particularly try to put up a show which will cover up your inadequacies. Just money can't ensure your prestige. But of course since prestige is a statistical thing, you can get "respect" from those corrupted people who belong to the class which comprises the 50% including you.
         To be continued...........................

Thursday, August 30, 2012


There is somebody somewhere,
Who listens to your unspoken words;
Who talks to you in unspoken words;
Who communicates with you;
Despite the distances between you;
Through unconventional ways;
Who does things for you;
Silently, but for you only;
And brings a smile on your face.
Deep down in your heart;
You know why.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

:-x :-x :-x

I know that this is a repetition. But if it takes me to repeat things for a good cause, I'll do it. I am extremely angry. The cause if this anger is a discussion I read online in an e-column of a famous Malayalam news paper. I wish I could write this is Malalayalam so that all the "well educated" megalomaniac Malayali men and the women roaming around them could read this, but somebody can translate this later.
      The discussion was about how Malayalis have become low standard despite their higher educational qualifications and whatever cacophonies that have occurred in their society. When I say "they", it includes me too. I am ashamed of the fact that the society which pretends to be so advanced is digging its own graveyard in the recent times. Sorry, I have to come back to the point of discussion.

    The article was about marriage and how it has become a vain show of wealth and how people associate it with phoney status in the society. It also discusses how demanding having a child within a year of marriage is also a status symbol. It also touches the serious issue of how people treat well educated, self sufficient unmarried women above 25 years as if they are stiff meat. I like the article. The author had really pointed out all the serious issues regrading this crap mentality about weeding and family life.

   But what made me angry was the nasty comments made by useless, crap, filthy, good for nothing, megalomaniac crap crap males (especially young people who, despite being young are useless to the society or themselves and are wasting the nation's and natural resources). I would like to call them by even filthier names. Does the young generation of "educated Keralam" think like stinking toilets? Then I can assure you that you are heading for a dooms day.

         Spending money for some marriage which is like a mirage itself is a crime. Even worse is demanding that the girl produce a child within an year. Who are you to decide the sex life or a maternal life of a girl? Who the hell are you to decide when she should get pregnant, what gendered baby she should produce and within what period of time? Who are you to comment on a girl's life? Who gave you the permission to indulge in any girl's life you f****** b*****ds? All your life you have been brought up with false perceptions that men are better than women and you were given more care than your sister who deserved it better.

 And then when you grow up old, you can marry a girl 10 years younger than you, even if you are an ugly spoiled brat and ruin her life. And then you shamelessly proclaim yourself to be the most important person in your family and do whatever you like including abusing all women in your family. If you are not contend with that, you extend your reaches to other families and ruin them. You can't even respect a female politician even if she is hundred times smarter than you. You'll address her by the worst possible names when you talk about her.

     You do nothing useful in your life than to exhibit your possessions in public places as if everybody is interested in it and cause nuisance to people. You forcefully distribute DNAs around you to produce crap filthy like men who spread like cancer to the society. And you dare to comment on the "tenderness"
of a girl's body you, filthy carcinogen? You don't even respect your mother, which woman will you respect? And you force your daughter or sister into the hands of a crap like you, to justify that she will be "safe"!!!  Shame on you Keralites. Shame on you.

    One for never accepting the fact that a girl needs nobody to be safe and she can protect herself. Second for producing men who think that they can have a girl two days after he dons the costume of a protector. Third for using your education as a means to get married and increase Indian population. Fourth, for selling your dignity in the marriage market by following the herd which is travelling to suicide. Fifth for making Kerala eligible to be called a mad house again if Vivekananda was alive!!!!! Shame on your false pride and false values.

Marriage is nothing but a polished slave trade. And it is necessary since you always have yo keep girls as second citizens whom you can exploit to ensure your luxury. It is high time that you got out of false conceptions about how girls should be controlled. If you are not ready for that, you need not study anything. But sadly even education is a false pride for you. you are moving in a suicidal direction.

      Producing an offspring (forced) is not an achievement in life. Having somebody to hold your hand only when you are adorned in 100kg gold is also not an achievement. Because, all those will never come to use when you have to do something on your own, to be remembered. But you don't want to be remembered. Do you? You are taught so. Come on. It is 21st century. Who wants to be a pretty doll in the shadows of an imposing good for nothing male?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gossip world 2

In the first part of this, I ended with a note on the the media which spread gossips to certain amounts and exaggerate each and every bit of information they could broadcast! In the real world too cases are not different. If you look around you, you'll see people who exaggerate things to gigantic proportions and present it in front of others. One of their main aims is to gain popularity by means of these exaggerations.

        These exaggerations will always be far away from truth and all, but those people who can't see through the gas of hollow words will fall prey to such people and believe whatever they say blindly. Finally, their judgements become blinded by prejudices given by those who exaggerate things unnecessarily. Actually the phrase "fall prey" is incorrect. A person with a good character will never believe others no matter what news they feed him/her with, but only observe things and form his/her own judgement. Otherwise you can call that person an opportunist.
        An opportunist never pretends to take sides. Actually an opportunist never takes sides explicitly, but always takes sides which are beneficial for them. There is a saying "to catch fish in muddy water". All opportunists do that. They will indulge themselves in all activities where they can make a dime or a name. Then they will act like comforters of their gossiper friend who is actually acting out an emotional drama to turn all people's attention to himself/herself, by spreading false stories about an innocent person. Opportunists have nothing to lose. They will get into the "good books" of these "paripaavan" people, whom they can use to get their work done. Some kind of good symbiosis. HUh?

        But just imagine the false stories being spread about people? If you have some problem with a person's life, and you consider your  life not worthy of living, you start feeling jealous of the other one and start doing all sorts of sub standard things to demean that person! Instead of utilising their time to improve themselves so that they start feeling their lives worthy (by the way all lives as worthy of living; to all people who feel that they are useless) of living, they waste their time on gossiping about others, so that others will hate the ones whom these gossipers are jealous of! What the hell! Is this a way to live? On one hand you pretend to be extremely good. And on the other hand you do dirty things behind people's back, doing all things to demean them! That's not fair.

       In movies and all we have seen characters who are jealous from top to bottom and are nothing short of a villain. But we all think that they occur only in movies. But to speak the truth, if you open your eyes to the people around you, you'll see many many such people. Even inside your own circles. They may be jealous of you for some reason, but all they do is to go and craft stories about your jealousy towards them and make people loath you. Hmmmmm...And opportunists believe all of them.

       The fact that many people who appear to be good do all these is a sad thing. [Either be a good person to the core. Or be a bad person to the core. Being fully bad will be much better than acting good and being bad in reality.] You are in a society, and everybody wants it to advance [except for the exploiters who can't let go off their powers]. Then somebody wants to steal the show and provides all sorts of lame excuses to get the whole world's attention to them, because they can't do anything genuine, but put on an attire of "greatness" they have copied from here and there and cause emotional pollution in society by demeaning others. This actually retards the society.

       A lot of self advertisement goes into gossiping. Once and for once, instead of advertising about yourself to others by words, can't you do something nice which will speak for itself? Once and for all, can't you turn your antennae towards your own mind and listen to it rather than trying to copy someone or gossip about someone? It will do a lot of good to a lot of people including yourself, dear gossiper. Unless you try to improve your life, nobody else is going to help you and after a while you'll run out of stories and opportunist listeners [who will listen to you only for a short period, because they are opportunists, they have to find someone else to get their things done]. What will you do then? Isn't it better to lead a straightforward life based on good virtues rather than trying to attain some fame through short cuts? [Actually craving for fame or trying to be in everyone's good books is also a bad thing. When you crave for fame, all you try is to be popular, thus losing the depth of your character. The only good book you have to be in is your own good book. And that is called conscience.]



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A day in hundred years. :)

It was an awesome experience.  Today was the day when I really missed having a high resolution imaging device, still I am happy. Happy because I missed it 8 years ago.Though I had read about it in my favorite science magazine in 2004, I couldn't watch it at that time. Today morning was my lucky morning and I made up after 8 years. :)

   I am talking about today's Venus transit. This is the second transit of the century (in unscientific terms). I am not going to explain the science of this. You can find it all over the internet. :)
      In 2004, I had no idea that I would see its twin in 2012. Probably the missing part might have made me subconsciously wish to see the second one. Anyway I made it up. I can still feel that I am still excited. :) I don't know, I started making plans not to miss this about a month ago. I still had no specific plan. So we requested our guide for any plan to watch this. So she consulted with one of the faculties in our institute and he agreed to bring his telescope for the event.

    Even though there was an arrangement, I still was not sure whether I'll make it or not, provided my sleeping habits. I am here, in Chennai, where the transit would be visible in the morning. So obviously I had to get up early in the morning.
So yesterday evening I suddenly found myself going to my apartment from the office to sleep early. But sleep never came to me till it was midnight! I couldn't sleep due to excitement.And in between, my friend passed on the information to me that, our guide had told her about the  arrangements science forum were making on Marine beach to watch the transit. So I tried to sleep even harder. But in vain.

     Finally sleep came to me around midnight (actually, I had to forcefully shut my mind to the possible excitement which awaited me). I put an alarm for 4am! It rang at 4. I woke up. Thought about the silver planet. Then tried to sleep again. Then woke up. There was a struggle between excitement and exhaustion for a while. Finally my room mate woke up and I asked her to call as soon as she got ready. :) But I couldn't sleep. I woke up myself by the time she got ready and got ready as soon as possible. :) And we three set out to the bus stop.

     Almost 6.30. "No I don't want to be late", I thought. I almost ran towards the bus stop. I was so sure that any bus which went via broadway would take us to Marina. But none was stopping! Then other kind passengers in the stop guided us to the bus stop some 3m away where all the buses to broadway stop. Finally we got a bus.

      It was beautiful. From yesterday evening there was nice breeze. The roads were empty. It was a golden morning. I felt that I was living some dream. :) Finally we got down at Gandhi Silai in Marina. I was expecting a huge crowd. But we didn't see any.

     We walked searching for telescopes. First we saw a group of people to whom another group seemed to be explaining something. But to our shock and amusement we found out that it was a group of some holistic healers! What an irony! Irony was that we found the forum people very soon, not far away from the holistic healer group! There was no crowd. But there were some 50 or so people. Still no telescope.

         We went to the people holding aluminium filters. They were broad sheets fixed on wooden rails. :) And I found that we had to look through it. I waited patiently. Then came my chance. I looked. The first thing I saw was my reflection. Then I looked through it......

      And I saw. I saw the small black dot on the left side of the solar disc. :) I don't know what I felt about it. Surely, now, when I am writing this, my eyes are welling up with tears. I can't express it in words. No photo, no words, no image is comparable to watching it with your own eyes, live (even though thay all make you happy).  I felt happy that I was able to spot the dot fast. (My struggle with adjusting spectrometer focus hasn't gone in vain. :)) And I don't know what I felt. I stood watching it.

     Then I learned about the telescope there. So I went there. Obviously I had to click a photo. Then I clicked the image on the screen form the telescope. But telescope image is a mirror image. I had to go back and see through foil to get the real feeling. :) So I went back and looked at it. It was such a pretty sight. I missed having a high zoom DSLR, or a movie camera. And in hundred years Venus is not going to transit. Hmmm. :) But still I have the photo in my mind. :) And it is a beautiful one.


We returned after half an hour or so. But we missed our guide by 5 minutes. She was just going to Marina, when we were on the bus. So we came back, took the shuttle to the institute. And I couldn't help thinking about the excitement that awaited here. The first thing I saw when I came here was one of my friends carrying a solar eclipse filter. Hunger won over excitement and I had to go and eat something.

 But then I couldn't sit peacefully in my office too. How could I miss the fun when everybody else might also be having? I had fun in the morning,but why would I miss it if I could still have the fun? After all I call myself a Physicist. [I am sure I would never have missed the fun even if I were not one. It is not everyday that you see your neighbouring planet across the sun.] So I set out from my office in pursuit of the friend with the filter.

        After going up and down the building, I luckily found him. And he directed me to the group viewing the transit with the telescope which was promised to be brought. :) And I saw a sun the size of a dime and a small venus on it. :) And clicked it again, missing having a DSLR camera. [I again remembered my own motto; have something if you feel like having it, instead of regretting it. :)] People in the group kept clicking the coin sized sun. :)

     Then looked at the sun again, and saw that the dot had moved on to the top of the disc. What started as a small group ended up as a big one, when many started coming in. But towards the end of it. Then came the person with the dslr, who was probably going to take the picture of the telescope (when he had a powerful DSLR!). Somehow to compensate for my not having the camera, I requested him to take a photo of the sun. He somehow found his camera stand in time and clicked good pictures. : )We even saw sunspots on it. :) Hopefully, he will send the pictures around or upload it somewhere.

 :) By the end Venus was going up and up to the  edge of the solar disc, and when it was about to end, our guide came back from Marina. : ) And we had a chance to look through welding glass. Sun looks green through it. And it went and went and finally it was hard to make out whether it was there or not. The crowd had almost dispersed. There were only 4 of us left. And I left, telling "goodbye Venus" silently. :)


In one way I was lucky. :) In another way I was determined. Lucky because the sky was clear. Determined because I didn't want to miss the celestial event. :) That's why a day in hundred years and I am happy that I like Physics. :)  

Monday, June 4, 2012

Angel ;)

There is somebody somewhere,
Who does things for you,
And never tells you in explicit words
That it was done for you.

There is someone somewhere,
Who loves you silently,
But never tells you that,
You are loved so much.

There is someone somewhere,
Who is being loved silently by you,
And for whom your heart beats,
But never knows about your love.

 The angel.......Of love. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Those who died before they were born. Part 2

         What is with all this killing children on the basis of gender? You kill female children, so it means that you will kill genderless children too? What is with almost the whole country acting as Kamsa? HUH? Who gave you the right to kill anybody? Murderers are caught and punished if they kill adults. Why don't people consider abortion as murder? You are killing something within the womb, so it is not a problem? You are not cutting down a fully developed fetus so its not a problem? Who told you that you can kill a developing fetus just because a sonography result told you that it is a girl?

               And how do you expect a mother to bear and deliver a "precious XY son" after 6 or 7 successive forced abortions????? Who told you that a woman is a breeding machine you shameless crap people? HUH? The only job of a woman is not to collect sperms. The only job of a man is not to distribute sperms. If you think that a male child will make your household shine, and a female child is worthless, you are just going to suffer and you are going to cause the extinction of human species.
           Statistically speaking, it is good for the earth. Because humans are in one way the cancer of the earth. And when the females become extinct the species can longer reproduce. Even the fantastic brain and intelligence of man can't help in producing children. If you go for artificial methods to reproduce, you've to spend lots of money (see women are more valuable than they are considered to be). Nobody can make a fool proof mechanism which can produce humans (or any species) in a huge number (remember cloning; Dolly died after some years because she was weak).

          And when there are no females probably all the males will become gays and grow old and weak and die. So, one by one, the human population in the world will deteriorate and humans will be extinct! Hola! What a wonderful notion from the prospect of other species. Natural balance will be restored.
       Now let me call you to the present. I wrote in one of the previous paragraphs about successive abortions with which mothers are tortured. Why is it that there were so many? Because all of them were girls. Well. Think about this as a natural process. There may be some reason why all of them were girls. A woman has XX
and a man has XY chromosomes. So when there is cell division, the possible combinations are the following :

 Mother          Father 
   XX                 XY

   X  X             X  Y
      Now see this carefully, the mother can give X chromosomes only, no matter what happens. The Y has to come from the father. And the fact that there are there X's here shows that the probability of producing XX is easier and more favored by nature. Unless the Y from the father manages to attach to the X from the mother, you can't have a "precious son". 

      This is purely a statistical process. (And please take note . There is only one ovum and a lot of sperms ( I forgot the correct number, it is probably a million). So the girl who are killing in the womb was formed from an event in which one sperm which won over the (1million -1) sperms and managed to attach to that one ovum and form an XX to make a girl. You should respect that child. Same for an XY too. But you can't just kill girls and ask a mother to bear children till a boy is born (and that boy may go and do some "adventurous things" disregarding his parents' love for him and die sooner than he was born and taken care to grow up!).
      That is like cheating in exam. OH! But I forgot. You don't care about cheating in exams. Right? All you bother is about "scoring high"! :-x For whose benefit are you doing all these? Firstly you are trying to interfere with nature. Secondly you are trying to bias a random process according to your will. Thirdly you are torturing people in the name of gender. Fourthly, you are polluting the society by being alive like this. You are a villain who is not letting others live, save even be born, but you are wasting people's time and natural resources by being alive. And you are the root of all the evil in the society.
       Aren't you ashamed of this? To live a dark life in a mansion? To boast of your education and qualification when you don't know how to appreciate life?

   Just imagine this. You are put in a fluid filled bag and you have no ability to move. Suddenly a very sharp object comes and cuts your body. You want to cry, nobody hears your screams . You want to escape the object, but you've no where to run away. You feel that severe pain. Then slowly your lose your consciousness is lost. Your body is cut into a million pieces and crushed. All that remains is a mixture of fluid and body parts. Nobody saved you. And somebody collects all these remains in a plastic bag and throws away in garbage. There it (you) rot unknown. Some people around you (except one) are extremely happy, because they have gotten rid of you for somebody else.

     This is what you have done to those  3 crore children and are doing to some unknown number of children now.


PS : I once knew a very pretty and intelligent cat. She was one of the loveliest cat I had ever seen. Once it gave birth to a kitten and my mother told me that that kitten died somehow. After this cat was extremely sad and it went somewhere. Nobody ever heard of it. A cat felt this much. I can only imagine the depressed state a mother goes through when she is forced to kill her child.

Those who died before they were born. - Part 1

This is an early post considering the fact that there are 5 more days to got to mother's day, but this is definitely the after effect of watching the first episode of 'Satyamevjayate'. While watching hte episode I was numb, I cried a lot later, thinking about the 3 crore female children who were killed before they were born.
Not only for them, but also for the mothers of all those unborn children who were little girls some day and had to struggle a lot just because they themselves were girls and bore girl children.

      I am feeling angry. I am also feeling numb. This is a very serious issue about which we all know and yet somehow close our eyes to. I urge everybody to watch this episode. It showed the story of three brave women who were subject to torture and inhuman behavior. Despite all these, they finally managed to stand up for themselves and their daughters and defended justice.

      Let me ask a question. (I realize that I've been asking a lot of questions for
quite some time and mostly it is about the problems faced by girls/women. The mere fact that there are so many questions to be asked in this regard proves the bad conditions of women prevailing in our society.) Why do you want to kill a girl child?

    1) Is it because she is a monetary burden to the family?
           I've written a lot about this, so I'm not going to detail it again here.
    2) Or is it something like only a son can sustain the family tree?
          For people who believe that the son is the only way to sustain a family tree, let me ask another question. IS your son capable of bearing a child in his body and giving birth to a child after 9 months and taking care of it after it is born and feeding it? The answer to all these is a big NO. Then why are you so crazy about having a male child in the family?
         Or do you think that only males are intelligent and smart and only they can be the bread winners to the family? But pathetically, most of the times, these "precious"  males never work, instead roam around polluting the society by never doing any work. All they do is to squander the money earned by somebody else, and torture the women both inside and outside their households.
         Or is it because you expect your son to marry a girl and bring a "bahu aka long term family servant free of salary" so that you can rest during your old age? (Applicable for all classes of the society.) Basically this is what happened to you. Right?So why not inflict harm on other women as well? Why spare them? All you want is a "precious XY organism". But what if all the families around the world start thinking like that? Then there will be a time where there won't be any female humans in the whole world and there won't be anybody to bear the child of your "precious son who will carry the family forward". This will be the end of your family!

     What will you do you educated demons? What will you, who do and don't understand genetics do? HUH? Probably if your son couldn't find any female there may come a time when he attacks you to quench his thirst or hunger! Why do you women who in spite of being women have to assist or help to kill girls????? HUH?

         You couldn't have achieved anything in your life had your parents decided to kill you before you were born. If you think that the life of the daughter of your son is in your hands, you shouldn't forget that probably your life were in the hands of your paternal grandparents and parents. I am asking this to the "respectable "lady" and her "educated family"" who kicked the newly born child from the stair case. What if somebody kicks you from the stairs? After all, you are also a woman. If you can kick a girl, anybody can kick you too. Right?


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For those who take the world for granted...... Part 2

So for all those who believe in astrology, let me ask you something? You have only a few number of "heavenly bodies" which are supposed to influence people's lives. I can tell that gravity has a universal influence on everything. But if I take an astronomical scale, I have huge number of heavenly bodies to influence my life. Why don't you put it into your "science"? Wait. Don't try to mix real astrophysics or cosmology with your fraudology. You can never calculate what influence can a heavenly body have on a human, save, the earth. Because yours is just a hit or miss "science". It can be a fun. But it should not be the criterion on which people's lives are decided.

   I'll cite some ironic examples in this regard. If you take many of the stories in Greek mythology, you'll find that people who had tried to avoid  the "fate" predicted by astrologers ended up having the exact fate! Why did they end up having that? Because they tried to bypass the fate. Why? Because they blindly believed the predictions and acted to avoid it thus increasing the probability of having that fate!!! Many such things happen in our lives too. But not so drastically as with these characters. But many humans, forget rationality and behave stupidly.

     Has anybody thought why people behave so irrationally? That is probably because people on't think about anything. Sorry. They think. But they don't think in the right direction. As a human, have you ever considered yourself as a machine which has nine organ systems in you? Have you ever thought that you are a mammal, a vertebrate and are a eukaryote? Have you ever thought that you have many different processes taking place in your body? Have you ever thought that you have electrons and nucleons in your body? Have you ever appreciated the fact that there are quarks and leptons in your body??? Or have you ever thought about anything other than money and "settlement"? No. All you think is about your bank balance. And you don't even know how your radio works. But you are not least bothered about any of these. Because you are a highly evolved species, with such a wonderful brain , that it can imagine all gods and demons and fantasies. And you fill your lives with worries about bank balances and potential enemies who can inflict harm on you by doing dark magic!!!

   For one moment if you try to free yourself from cliches of life standards imposed on you, you will be able to appreciate the world around you. Then you'll understand that someday somebody will be able to study the tomography of earth using neutrinos. There were people who thought that electricity was a useless thing. They had the same attitude towards electricity running appliances, just as yours towards neutrino tomography. But electricity was found to be useful. But you don't appreciate electricity, because you have it in plenty.

     It is truly boring to live a life without appreciating anything in it! All you will do is to believe that society is the biggest thing and miss all the other things. Yes. Society is a big thing. It is part of being alive. But what if the society can't promote anything other than monotony? All great thoughts have come from people who thought differently. From people who atleast took pains to think (whether they thought in the right direction or not is another question, but they atleast thought). Unless you think, you can't value your life. Otherwise you'll always take your life for granted and value it only in terms of your possessions or achievements or bank balance. That is not fair. It will be like doing injustice to your highly developed brain (not providing it good food for thought rather than tethering it to monotonous things). [In one way human social and psychological evolution is a very complicated thing. Probably it is part of the evolution that we have become a species which take the world for granted!!! EEEEE....What a pity! Does it mean that people who think rationally will cease to exist and people will drown in the dark see of oblivion and ignorance???]

     True value of living and nonliving things can be understood, only if you stop taking everything for granted. Because world is a wonderful place and the universe in which it exists and the universes which exist in it are even more wonderful.

For those who take the world for granted...... Part 1

  Probably I am under the influence of being half way through "Sophie's world", but I can't help saying that that book expresses the same ideas some of us have had or still have in our minds. Though I am only half way through the book, I can say that it is my kind of a book. :) But I don't intend to write a book review, I intend to do something else. I want to point your attention towards something else.[But the book definitely brought back my own line of thinking. :) ]

   What I want to tell is how some people take their world for granted. This is a very plain statement. Why do people take the world for granted? Because they think that the world was built for them!!! I am not going to dwell upon the implications of religious beliefs on people, I leave that discussion for another occasion (probably the book review). We all, in one way or the other think that the world is built for us. When we can't comprehend the truths of life rationally, we seek shelter in supernatural or mysterious things. [Probably this is the effect of the history we bear upon us; the history of the whole mankind and philosophy.]

   What is supernatural? Well in the modern age, we know that there are only natural things and no supernatural things. Yet people believe in supernatural things!!! How? They may not believe in ghosts and blood sucking vampires, but people believe in some kind of black or dark magic which can ruin them!!! And who does it? Somebody who has got a grudge on them! Wow! Had dark magic existed, countries needn't have spent lots of money on armed forces!!!

  The most pitiful condition is when even educated people believe in such stupid things. There existed a lot of secret chemical methods of harming people in the ancient times. When people didn't know anything about chemical formulas people could have called them magic, dark or illuminated, but if you know the exact properties of the chemical used you could easily understand the "reason" behind "magic".But even in an era when the the knowledge of science has grown so much, that people should have started thinking rationally and reasonably, there exist superstitions.

   It is not in the form of fear of any unknown phenomena, but in the form of correlating things in a n unnecessary fashion. For example, an electrical lantern battery, a fan and a tube get damaged successively with in a time period of 2 or 3 months. What would a rational person conclude? That something is wrong with the appliances which got damaged (most likely reason) or they got damaged because of their age. For example, there is no wonder if a 30 year old fan stops running one fine day. That doesn't , mean that it is a bad omen, but it is because it is 30 years old! Similarly for other things.

   But what will an irrational person make out of all these? He/she will make out that these were indications of a forthcoming doomsday and all appliances' failure were bad omens indicating the doomsday!!! Such people will assign particular values to Tuesdays and Fridays (basically ghost days!!!) and assign values to particular times of the day like 6pm, 12 midnight and so on? What happens at 12 midnight on 13th the Friday night? Nothing! But these people will find out n number of reasons to panic or believe that all these are bad times!!! Ooooffff. Poor people. They have so many bad times in their lives that they can't find enough good times to live!!!
    The root of all these superstitions is cowardice or the inability to face life or any bad thing that can happen in life. But the thing I don't understand is why people think that bad will come to them, instead of thinking that good will come to them? If they have to think about something good, they have to hold on to all gods created by man and be excessively fearful of god? They can't accept the nature as such, they have to call it god!!! Dear people, all gods and demons or devils exist inside your own brains. Your neurons and their  functions are responsible for all these. Gods didn't create the world or the worlds, world was born due to some unknown reason which people are probing. And all unknown things are not gods or devils! So basically you can't base your life on bogus assumptions like stars (?) and planets (?) can influence your individual lives.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gossip world

Disclaimer : I don't claim that I don't gossip, but here I am going to write about extreme gossipers who pose a threat to the entire society and world.This is a quick blog, so please forgive me if I sound incoherent.

 I am at home free from work enjoying vacation. So I can write as much as I want about anything. So I am going to express some of my anger towards extreme gossipers aka, societal parasites. Why parasites? Because gossip never brings anybody anything good, but instead brews unwanted feelings and destroys people. Origin of gossip? Idle people who have no intention to acquire knowledge in their lives, those idiots who think that they are damn filthy rich that they have some kind of place in a society, media( this is the worst part) and all who have ego problems (both inferiority and superiority complexes; out of which inferiority complexes often lead to gossips).

There is a saying that an idle mind is the home of devil. There is also a saying (of the new world) that, great people talk ideas, small people talk people. Yes. Small people don't have anything interesting to talk but, people, love, and daily life. Because they don't spend enough time to think. All they do is talk talk and talk crap and spread evil like a poisonous gas in the minds of people. Neither do they take efforts to learn anything, but they watch all the crap serials (Oh my God how did I exclude serials from the gossip list? Sops = gossips, 99% of the time.) or reality shows and discuss the extremely low standard episodes everyday over the phone. And what more (some social networking principle can be applied to how  a set of gossipers work), their networks are so well connected that they don't miss any bit of news about a person. They are the ones who really help the telecom services grow (apart from lovers who waste time over the phone), due to their unnecessary talking.

Gossipers have all sort of things to talk about. The underlying mentality of gossip is the ego that one is above everybody else.Most of the time this comes from the false pride that they have more assets than anybody else (in the form of beauty,brain, money or relations) and are aimed at people towards whom they carry a grudge because these gossipers are jealous of them. Well let me ask something. If you are jealous of somebody for achieving something, why do you sit and gossip, instead of trying to achieve something on your own? Or are you trying to become a champion gossiper?

 Only because you don't have a job, because you didn't try to study and get one, but just acted as a parasite to your family, sucking the benefits of others' hard work, how do you become eligible for anybody's sympathy? How does a marital status (not even acquired by your hard work) put you in a high place in society that you can brag about yourself and look upon others (who were graceful enough to arrange that marital status for you) as lowly people? Who made you the king or queen of the world, that you can gossip (talk bad) about anybody around you and behave ungracefully like some low standard person (considering your "status" in society how can you act like a third rate or even below third rate person)? And who told you that the world should revolve around you? See basically you have no qualification/qualities (because you are nothing but a loser gossiper) to expect the world to revolve around you. The only thing you can do to enhance your "popularity" among others (especially relatives, who are somewhat like you) is to tell bad things about nice people and insult them in public or try to hurt them by behaving ungratefully and try to attract your stupid acquaintances or relatives (with swaying loyalties) by means of your so called "wealth" or "status" or "power".

But you know what? All you do is to exude filthy attitudes and live like a worm in a ditch full of crap, which you eat and force others to eat (others who gulp all the craps you provide them blindly, because they have to maintain their own "status"). Why do you call yourself a human being? Why are you wasting resources in the name of living? I am not telling you to go and die. But just think. There are millions of poor people who suffer all over the world.There are species who are in danger because of humans like you. Trees are being cut down so that you can send postcards or letters full of  filth. Electromagnetic waves and electricity are wasted, so that you can talk filth over the phone! Money is being wasted for gold so that your daughters (who are no better than you) can get married, so that you can brag about that too and "establish" your ultimate place in the society (and they will continue your tradition of spreading filth by raising filthy families and spreading filth to another generation who will live a useless life to waste natural resources (because he/she will spread gossip like you because they belong to your family) and so on....What do you achieve form this life? You were born, you grew up, you got married, you have sons or daughters , they got married, they have sons or daughters and so on...Other than spreading your gene pool what significant job have you done in your life? Raising a family? (Raising a family is no easy job.) A family which will live "normally" and acquire/leave nothing memorable from/to the world. Then on what basis do you call yourself at the "top" or assume that you have everything? You don't even know what courtesy or decency is! Then how can YOU gossip?????

      There is so much in this world to know. Provided that, it is very sad that people take pleasure in knowing about others' personal lives only. Even the person with the worst personal life gossips about the one who lives decently. This arises from inferiority complex. Such persons have always suffered from inferiority complex about something or the other in their lives like color, hair, money, education, talents and so on. And gossiping is a way to hide their faults. Why can't people just live as they actually are? If I can't sing, why should I gossip about a singer and try to tarnish his/her image???

    Another outcome of this exaggerated ego is the fact that these people always complain about silly things. They are ever ready to monitor the actions of a person (their target/victim of their gossiping) whom they have targeted. Infact they'll target anybody whom they think as not paying "due respects" to them. The attitude is this "he/she didn't pay due respects to me, I'll not let them live in peace". So to take revenge, they will start a conversation with somebody , whom they'll flatter at first so that their gossip is taken blindly and further forward in a group. The final outcome is a common hatred towards a particular person. Girls are more often targeted in a country where everybody think that they can indulge in anything to control a girl! If a girl is bold she is bad, she has to be "calm and quiet" (so that anybody can do anything to her). If she knows what she has to do in her life, she is wrong. She is defying the rules of nature! If a girl wears jeans, she is a gone case! If a girl wears a mini skirt (aesthetically pleasing of course) she is a s**t. If a girl refuses to marry (because she knows what kind of a person she wants in her life; otherwise she can't tolerate the crap that may come to her life), she is an outcast! (Because of the reasons I've mentioned in many of my previous posts.)

 The worst part is when women themselves try to tarnish other women by means of gossip. Women are usually considered as gossipers. But the worst is when men gossip. Men who gossip are dangerous and poisonous and are a threat to the society as a whole. They will make any story to take revenge on a person they harbor a grudge against and most of the times this story is a far more dangerous than any of the usual gossips of "he/she didn't call me" or "he/she eloped" . And men who gossip are extremely repulsive (just like women who gossip).

 Gossips don't stop on a personal level. Today's media seems to have patented gossip as "infotainment". Everything is "sensational". I still remember a TV channel showing doomsday when LHC was commissioned!!! Even earthquakes and tsunami are like gossips. Last Wednesday, when there was an earthquake, TV channels started showing footage of the 2004 tsunami !!! This is not media ethics. This is sophisticated gossip. What more, there are newspapers who spend pages to publish B-Town or T-Town gossips. They are not even tabloids, bit established national dailies!!! Environment is being destroyed in the name of some-Town gossip! I will write in detail about these media promoted gossips in the sequels of  my post on infotainment.

 So to conclude, let me tell the following. Its true that gossiping brings relaxation at times. But just like anything else, too much of it is extremely harmful. Actually gossiping is addictive. Once you become an excessive gossiper,  you can't really get out of it. It will always do you more harm than good. (Just like smoking or alcohol or drugs.) There are some people who are really nosy about everything. Trust me, you can never establish a place in society by telling some lies about other people (like carry a story about X to Y and back; nobody needs you as a filthy messenger). You have to  use your own hard work in the good direction to acquire a name. Start thinking, instead of talking without real wisdom and please accept that whatever you learn, you always have to learn more. Probably the gossipers are taking the world for granted; all of them ought to read "Sophie's world". :) All gossips stem from ignorance and are fed by laziness and those who gossip don't know the value of life.You live as you only once. You can have YOUR brain only once. Please use it to acquire knowledge about wonderful things instead of filling it with useless data. :)


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ra.One = disaster No.1

  A flop director wants to make some money and name and "makes" a starstudded movie which ends up being a disaster! That is called Ra.One. Or Random Access Version One. (It can be named better as Real Assassination of entertainment and logic, version One.)

   I don't know where to start, because I've lots to say. The first thing I'll say is that I watched Ra.One after 3 months of getting the DVD. When this movie was released, I too had the urge to go to the theater and watch it, but I missed the opportunity to go and was sort of sad about missing the "show". "Show" because it was such a hyped movie. Later on, all those who watched it called it "worst movie"! I was wondering why, till I myself got tortured by watching it.

     What should I call it? Horrible or pathetic? The movie gathered all technical awards given in Indian cinema. No wonder it got all those awards. Its visual effects are superb! But that was all! All that was there in the movie was some spectacular visual effects; hats off to the animators/engineers who did an extremely good job. But unfortunately, the rest of the movie couldn't rise up to the standard of the technology used in it. There is a "brilliant idea" which happens to be the story. Characters coming out of a video game, to the real world. Theme ; interesting. But the way everything is rendered; totally and extremely horrible.

          How can a person write such a stupid script and expect viewers to gulp everything without discretion? Especially when the writing has no strong points in it? How can you call yourself the writer/director of a science fiction, when you've written a very weak storyline, full of unwanted things in unwanted places? This is a movie about gaming. About a game with an extra cruel and vicious villain. The movie could have been far more serious than this had it maintained the action quotient and gaming mood. But what did the writers do? They wrote a movie about a "super hero" (the hero is less powerful than the villain) who has the face of the creator of the game,who is in a story where all sort of perverted comedy happens!

     Now that I've pointed out about the creator of the game, I have to tell somethings about him. When news about the movie were going around, what all did I hear?! That he was a brilliant south Indian engineer. Why have the made the engineer a south Indian, because SI's are intelligent! Well. I didn't see any stroke of brilliance in the portrayal of the maker of the game. Instead all I felt was that he (and SI's (sorry if this sounds ethnic or something, but that a person deduces from the movie)) was used as a means to mock on SI's. He eats hakka noodles with curd! Trust me, nobody in SI do that. Why this kolaveri writers? I was feeling pathetic about the hero who had to eat that combination to act!!! poor fellow! What all will stupid writers and directors make you do!

            The movie never maintains coherence. Just when you think that this is going to be good, you lose track of all things and then you see really ugly comedy inserted into unwanted places. Like a critic asked, what was that kind of comedy doing in a film supposedly made for children? Some supposedly comic scenes make you puke. You even wonder whether the person who wrote all those comedy is a pervert! This comedy stream pops out in all sort of unwanted situations. (And there is this whole "gaali" thing on which the heroine is researching! Pathetic!) See, we are not living in the era of old movies, that you can have a main story on one side and a parallel comedy story on the other side. But those films made sense. Not like this one, which is a "kids" movie, "adult"arated with perversive comedy. (Apparently the writers have put more brain into writing the comedy rather than writing the actual story; which is languidly and vaguely written.) You've to be a bit more sensible while writing a script or dialogue or a film in general.

        I don't know what the director was thinking while making a "super hero" film with such a weak writing. Did he imagine that an international singer and a really famous actor in the lead role can act as super heroes to save the film? You should have made a serious film if you were thinking about spending this much money. Otherwise you could have made some stupid bollywood masala. But no, as a director who needs name, you had to go for a big budget film! Hmmmm... And you got a set of bad writers (including yourself) to write the story. Moreover, you got a very bad editor too, who, instead of concentrating on editing, seems to have spent more time in praising this Sir and that Sir.

     Even the climax of the film lacks a punch. (And the ugly comedy was there too!)  I wonder how rotten tomatoes gave this film 77% fresh! After coming to know about this, I have started doubting rotten tomatoes' ability to rate films! I saw the video of its London Premiere (on the bonus DVD). I felt sorry for all those who had to endure it for ~ 2 hours and probably would have had to give a standing ovation (!) after this movie! Poor people! Really!

       The movie is 98% disaster with 1% goodness of songs (for hearing only) and 1% for visual effects. But I really didn't like the fact that they made a scene which broke the VT building! It is a UNESCO heritage site! How could you even think about showing that in the movie (although as a VFX project it is very well made)??? Two goods have come because of the crappy nature of the film.

1) This is a classical example of "how not to make a super hero/ science fiction bollywood film".

2) This movie is a classic study material for budding film critics. Anybody can criticize this movie from any angle (except VFX ; +ve for that) they wish.

    The film ends with G.One being resurrected; giving a hint about a possible sequel. I have a request to the writer/director. If you are going to make a stupid film like this, please don't bother. Nobody is going to come to the theater to watch it, now that they have experienced the shock of watching this movie. Nobody will even want to watch it even if you distribute it for free. Please don't kill cinema like this. If you don't know how to make good films, please stop direction and writing. Please don't kill the viewers like this. Please. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Laymen vs Research scholars - 4

     As I always tell, the worst case scenario is for female students. What with all these stupid ropes and chains, everybody thinks that a girl's life is safe only is she is "given into the custody" of somebody. Hello, we are all safer in our own custodies than anywhere else!All the encouragement the family and teachers were giving a girl stops all of a sudden when she declares her ambition to pursue higher and higher education. The higher her ambition, the stronger the opposition. Reason? She won't be safe anywhere other than in the custody of somebody!!!!!!!WTH????

        Or if she has to do research, she can't go beyond a certain radius. Most of the girls "SETTLE" for things, but some girls will find a way. Remember, where there is a will there is a way.

       But then what happens to this strong willed girl? People will call her and try to brain wash her, "you can't do this, you won't succeed in anything you do, (because you are a strong willed girl who knows what is good for you)", and so on. Why? Because the brain washer (BW) had no interest in doing what this girl wanted to do, (then what is the intention behind you brainwashing the other one?), just because the BW was not willing to live a life other than a mundane life. If you don't want adventure, why try to detain somebody who wants to have, just because you claim yourself to be a well wisher (WW)?

        And what is your problem if a research scholar doesn't get married? [There are some research scholars (female) who had to marry to have a body guard to enable them to go to places to do research. What is this bodyguard business?] Unless you try to harm us, we are perfectly safe! There are several instances in which female students are not admitted to research only because of the fact that they would get married in between and are likely to abandon PhD. Though it may sound silly, it is true to some extent. I have seen 3 or 4 such examples in which smart girls joined PhD and were forced to get married and abandoned their courses just because they had to "be in that blissful wedded state", because if they didn't go, their family would do God only knows what to them.

       This is totally unfair.  And on top of that, what is this attitude towards the girl who is trying to forge a path on her own, when you behave to her as if she is living a life of luxury when you are toiling for a living or something? Did we research scholars prevent you from going to a research institute which offers you a PhD in the area of your preference? Did we ask you to sit at home and do nothing but look at others and behave as if they have all started living in ivory towers? NO.Then why do you always expect them to keep a friendship or something when you are not willing to accept that they are trying their bit to live their lives their own way?

       And what is all this "friendly advice" about the need to get married or find a love, as if it is the biggest thing in somebody's life, before you lose your tenderness? And what about "you need counseling" just because a girl is unmarried and doing research? Is being a maiden such a crime?

     And how can people be so silly and stupid to accuse him/her of being under the emotional trauma that a puppy love he/she had at some point of his/her life till now wasn't fulfilled? Hello? We are called research scholars. Like somebody said, "you don't become a research scholar unless you have something in you".

     We are not that stupid to believe that life is a candy floss romance story. Nor are we silly enough to ruin our lives (by "dedicating" it (this is for girls)) by pondering over some stupid gal/guy we met in our lives. Actually, let me point out one thing for research scholars. If you've ever lost a love, it is always for the good. Think, about the people whom you loved and who rejected you for some other person telling that he/she loved somebody else, and caused you misery. But also think, where you are now, and where that person, is?

      You'll always see the obvious. That person wasn't good for you at all in any way, if you had extremely powerful ambitions. Had your love been fulfilled, you would never have had that determination to rise higher than the limits you had set for yourself. It is like a kicker magnet. It literally "kicks" the particles and make them go around the beam pipe till they achieve enough energy, that on collision they produce other exotic particles.

      So definitely a research scholars marital status has nothing to do with any silly MMS person. And what is this fuss of telling "let everybody live in peace"? Are we intruding in any silly,stupid,third rate filmy body's personal life and trying to destroy it? If any husband/wife or any lover thinks that a research scholar is unmarried because he/she is still waiting for their spouses on whom they might have had a crush on, its completely awful. Awful, because you don't have better things to do in life. Awful again because,you don't believe in your love/married life and are of such a low standard that you think that other people who are living life without disturbing anybody are silly freaks who might not have gotten over their silly puppy love,that you employ people either to spy on them or to give them "friendly advices" on how to fly and how to swim and to get counseling since you are deluded about us. Hmmmmmm....... How low can people fall? Now, who is not letting people live in peace? We who mind our own businesses, or you, who roam around giving "friendly ad(vices)" of the advantages of getting married or going for a counseling?

 When will these people understand that love/marriage is not the main goal in life and that they are the biggest distractions that can ruin studies? Of course you didn't study well in school/college, because you were tangled in in the chords of love, thinking about marriage as the ultimate goal in life! If you think that life is a candy floss romance, you are wrong. You better go and watch some standard world movies. Moreover, whether a person gets married or not is their personal affair. Who are YOU to monitor that? Huh? We research scholars aren't coming and monitoring your marital/financial or social statuses. Are we? Then why are you so keen on preaching your stupidity among over the research community?

       So to conclude, I've to tell something to you laymen. Dear laymen, research scholars are not freaks. Neither are we losers, just because we didn't opt for bangla-gaadi or to be in the "blissful married state". Nor are we irresponsible and silly like you. Nor do we believe that world is like a boring romance film. We've got very interesting things to think about and do than you. And we appreciate the fact that the mundane things you do definitely helps to sustain life. But please leave us alone. OK? We are not foot licking carpets that anybody can tread on or make fun of. We definitely have something you haven't got.

                      DETERMINATION & KNOWLEDGE