Monday, January 7, 2013

x-( x-( x-( x-( - Part 3

In the last post I wrote about how we need to control the contents on internet which are being misused. Today I'll write about why people misuse the internet or even without internet why women are being abused.

      Yes. The root of the problem is in the society. The society is biased in such a way that women are always supposed to be objects , precious or not and not as humans who breathe eat or walk. The very idea of considering woman as precious is as dangerous as considering her as lowly as to treat her like a slave. Whatever a woman is considered, it is slavery only. Everywhere, women are considered as slaves. A slave who won't stand up for herself or if she does at all, the evil male dominated society will suppress her by any means.

      This kind of attitude is reflected everywhere. Not only in rapes. Rape is the extreme case where a deluded useless male tries to impose his dominance over any female he sees. Just because you were brought up under the delusion that you are male so you can do anything as you please doesn't acquit you from being a criminal of law and an evil person. In one way or other , the upbringing of every child causes an unconscious attitude which is affirmed again and again . The attitude of male superiority and female inferiority. That causes all the major and minor problems happening today. To stop them, we have to change the way we bring up children especially boys.

      I will cite certain examples of how men in this country view women despite worshipping innumerable number of goddesses.

1) This is something I witnessed in a KSRTC bus years ago. The conductor of that bus was a young woman. And that bus was NOT an ordinary bus. A crap man who was apparently retired was travelling in that bus. Seeing that the conductor was a woman, he couldn't tolerate it and demanded the bus be stopped in the stop where ordinary buses stop. When the conductor refused to do so, and stopped only at the stop where a fast could stop, he started abusing her verbally!!!! She was a government employee of half his age and that shamless a*****e started abusing her for doing his duty!!!!

2) This is my own personal experience. A middle aged man who was well dressed in style with a French beard and shirt inserted and with a suitcase, abused me verbally calling me by names when I refused to get down from a bus until it went inside the terminus. It was just outside the terminus and everybody was hurrying to get down. I by my bad luck went to he door and stood there waiting for the bus which was stranded in the traffic just outside the terminus to enter the terminus!!! I was doing the right thing by not getting down midway in traffic risking my life or others, but this well dressed stylish moron couldn't wait till the bus entered the terminus. How dare he abuse a girl in public? He looked like an employee in some bank or college. What service is he doing to the society if he is willing to abuse women/girls in public. At home he will be a torturer. He is a classic example of a male chauvanist pig.

3) Another experience of mine against which I spoke against and did what I should have done. This is too as bus (man what is wrong with our public transport system? Or are men so unhappy at home that they show off only in public places harassing others?). I was travelling in a crowded long distance bus carrying my laptop bag on my back. Provided the safety history and purity of character of people in this country along with the "fine" condition of the road along which the bus was travelling with hight speed, I was afraid to keep my laptop on the rack and decided to stand with it on the back. Now comes the story. I was standing near to a seat where a mother was sitting with 2 children. Since children are citizens too, I didn't ask her to keep one child in her lap and free a space there. 

  Then my parents who were standing too got seats at positions +-2 from my position. They asked me to pass the bag to them. But provided the weight if the bag and provided the fact that handing over such a heavy thing will throw off balance and hurt people and laptop if it fell down by chance I refused to do so. The villain was sitting there somewhere behind where I was standing with his wife /gf. NOW I have to describe the villain of this story. From the moment I had boarded the bus, I had noticed him passing remarks on everything/everybody as if he were the only "perfect" soul in that bus. Then my father got a seat near to him and I went to sit with him. You can imagine the rush and how I managed to go through it. Unfortunately (or fortunately because I got to expose the true character of an MCP) the lock on my bag scratched this MCP's elbow on my way to the seat. I didn't understand anything until I sat down, then I heard a loud cursing from this MCP.

     I apologised him for causing this unknown scratch. But evidently he was no gentleman (not even worthy of being called a  HUman). He couldn't accept the fact that he got scratched by a girl's bag. He started cursing me and verbally abusing me with words like I am disobedient and my blood is hot and all that. He then even threatened that had I been a boy he would have beaten me up and taken  me to the police station!!! He didn't even listen to my father's or mother's apologies. He didn't even listen to the people who were telling him to keep quite and stop misbehaving in the bus. He went on cursing until a very irritated man shouted at him.

Well so good so forth. But look at his attitude. He dares to threaten a person/persons inside a public bus/in a public place to beat them up! Who ought to be taken to the police station? And what did he think when he called me disobedient? This clearly shows that he wants all women to be slaves to the rotten MCP ego and should not be smart or independent. I thought about this a lot after that. It was not his scratch which prompted him to abuse me. It was the fact that a smart girl (please excuse me for calling myself smart) was standing confidently in a bus where as he was full of his complexes and inferiorities and insufficiencies. I don't think that having a hot blood hurts a woman. Does it? Actually women ought to have some hot blood to stop the attitudes of the MCPs towards them.

     After all this, a middle aged man (about 55 or so) who was sitting beside my father started "advising" me that it was my disobedience to my parents that had cause all the problems!!! He was saying it as if he was doing some good to me. I told him the reason why I hadn't given the bag to anyone and what it could have caused had it fallen on someone's head in the process of being transported. Then he had to touvh my bag!! He literally touched it in awe since it contained the laptop!!!!!!  Now isn't my reason for carrying it valid??? At the terminus this MCP villain got down silently with his wife/GF and went away. Now I've to tell something about this MCP. He was wearing a brown beaded bracelet and a square glass and was really fat (see how this country's resources are being wasted on useless people like htis MCP) and pretended to be a know it all!!!!
But he was a know it all only in his appearance. Pathetically he was not trained well by his FATHER how to behave to women or people. I am sure that he does domestic violence at home to his wife (if she was his wife). Anyway I  earnestly wanted that woman to divorce him as soon as possible. Hmmmmm.....

Everybody told me to keep quite about this. The sad thing is that, the conductor of the bus (who is supposed to take care of the situations in a bus), stood silently. Had he told something sternly,  to this MCP or made him to leave the bus as soon as he started public nuisance, no passenger would have been irritated. It was a minor incident. But worth reporting since that man had dared to misbehave to women and general public in a public place like a state transport corporation's bus. I filed a complaint to the corporation about this though I didn't get any response. I don't feel bad. Atleast I didn't keep quite after getting abused even if it was verbally.

 Women/girls should understand one thing clearly. Nobody has the right to abuse you. Mentally/verbally/physically. Nobody has the right to comment on your bodies be it slim or fat, even if it is your own parents (unless you are severely above or below your BMI and it is for health reasons that they are commenting). Nobody owns your body. You are its owner. You have your own nervous system, circulatory system, respiratory, digestive, excretory and reproductive system. In school we study that there are 9 main organ systems. Reproductive system is only of them. Not even the main. Nothing will happen if that system of yours is not working. But if the other 8 don't work you won't live.

So you must resist all the attempts to label you as a mere reproductive machine or object of pleasure or abuse by your will power and stand up for  YOURSELF. It is always a pride to stand up for yourself. It is a shame if you or the people around you think/try to impose the attitude that a girl/woman has to be protected by a male, it is a shame. Because the best person who can protect and help you at all times (even when you are alone) is you yourself. Learn to grow independent with some HOT BLOOD. Otherwise you will be slaves for ever.



Tuesday, January 1, 2013

x-( Part - 2

The assaults on women is not just a problem in that sense. It all reflects how all over the world, in each community, women are viewed. Whatever names be attributed to women, be it a "Lady", "Madam", "Miss" or anything else, one must rethink if it everybody who uses it uses it with real respect to women. One classical example is the state of affairs in our own country. Goddesses are worshipped in every nook and corner, but girls are being brutally abused in all those nooks and corners. Why is this so? So, basically, whatever is taught, it is an attitude of slavery. The one who has powers will abuse/exploit others, be it humans or animals, as they please.
      The attitude of the rapists which cause all these social harm through their bodies and minds is of an evil master who exploits the o0nes whom he thinks ought to serve him or on whom he can implement anything which he wishes. How have affairs come to such a state? It all starts from the beginning of the lives of these despicable burdens to the earth. Over centuries, over the whole world, somehow males have been given more freedom and rights and whatever they like unnecessarily. And they have made themselves as the "guardians" or "keepers" of rules and regulations be it good or bad. The problem again is in the upbringing.
        ONE dialogue I hate is the following : "Women/girls should obey men." How despicable is this dialogue! If any indecent male rascal tells you girls to obey him, you are supposed to obey him. Especially in a married life. Well, married life in one sense is the most horrible thing that anybody can impose on a girl. If you don't get married within a prescribed age, you are deemed as a freak. If you get married according to social norms, your life is ruined.

      Everyone tells something is going wrong in the society. Yes something is really wrong. The patriarchal system is the biggest evil of this society. The false pride and false sense of freedom given copiously to boys make them grow into men who think that they can do any despicable thing. Just because man thinks that he ha got what he has got, he can't insult women who are solely responsible for the continuation of any race. The main problem is the uncontrolled spread of information overloading with the development of technology in unprecedented ways unimagined previously by humans. Just because you have an unlimited internet connection and any device which you can hold in hand and view privately and hear privately you don't have to misuse it they way you are misusing it now.

      I am coming to the issue of the excess of sexual content in the internet. Not so long in future, internet will cease to be a good thing and become completely a source of all kinds of formidable and grotesque sexual contents. And the advent of digital devices, people can make any kind of video they want and put it on the web. If not for the despicable pornographic sites where do people get the ideas of grotesque behaviours in private and public? If not for the excessive sexual content which spreads unhindered on the internet, where do people get so much of ideas as to how to "use" a person despite their gender and age?

      When the privacy of personalised digital devices combine with the already rotten patriarchal male dominated society, it leads to assaults , brutal and fatal on women. People start viewing women as "vaginas" or all sorts of holes rather than somebody with vital organs such as brain, heart, intestines or lungs. x-(
And people who get all sorts of evil and diseased ideas of sexual abnormalities search for victims on whom they can implement these. x-( Everybody is demanding serious laws to punish the rapists severely. We should demand that rapists not be born. We need stringent laws to prevent the widespread of the psychological carcinogen of pornography and evil mindedness of abnormal sexual behaviour in the society via means of any print/audio-visual/digital media.

     Will there ever be such a law. I'll give a simple classic example of how people use these sites to demean women. I once heard the story of a girl whose wedding was called off just because her picture appeared on a porn site. The allegation was that somebody tipped off the groom who checked the site and saw her picture!!! And the girl's family and the whole society blamed her for a crime she didn't even know anything about. My question is this. Why didn't anybody blame that guy who went and checked the porn website? If he was so pure he would never have checked that website. So whose fault is it? The girl's fault whose photo was misused or the guy's fault who was willing enough to browse a porn site? Where was his chastity when he was willing to indulge in browsing such a site on being tipped off by some crap fellow who might have had some bad intentions? Where is the ban on porn sites?

          The way everyday we hear news of women/children being assaulted not only by men of certain age, it can only be the after effect of the unlimited access to digital technology which is being misused. Right. The decision to use or misuse something has to be taken voluntarily. But if something is always being misused somebody should initiate a correction.

   This is the extreme case of  sexual abnormalities. But even in our daily lives in our own visual media , women are being depicted as "goods" and not as intelligent persons or even persons. A woman is not two gaussians + hyperbola + a toroid. But the way they are being shown in ads and films or wherever possible , women are supposed to be "sexy". How often do you not see a bikini clad (exposed) girl in ads? For the ad of men's perfume girls who appear to be seduced by the smell are a must. For people who can take these ads in the sporty spirit, it is fine. But for people who can't take it in sporty or funny spirit, but as a means of viewing human body freely what excuse will you give? Children who are allowed free access to programs of the like grow up seeing too much of female body and learn the cliched ideas of how females have to be oppressed. If the boys are not brought up to respect fellow humans/animals there won't be any wonder if your son starts browsing porn sites and eating pan masala and indulging in gang activities and crimes.

    People must learn to use digital media in good sense or must be brought to the right path if they are not using it. We can't avoid computers in our everysecond life, but we must also learn to use it in good sense. And we cannot turn our faces to the fact that there are bad things on the internet which people are accessing freely. Because you refrain from it doesn't mean that others will too. If we don't mind it, people who believe all the crap on it will take it out on the streets/buses/houses or wherever possible and kill this planet. It is high time people started getting inspired by good things rather than gangster behaviour or villainous characters. Something drastic has to be done.


To be continued...................................