Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Those who died before they were born. Part 2

         What is with all this killing children on the basis of gender? You kill female children, so it means that you will kill genderless children too? What is with almost the whole country acting as Kamsa? HUH? Who gave you the right to kill anybody? Murderers are caught and punished if they kill adults. Why don't people consider abortion as murder? You are killing something within the womb, so it is not a problem? You are not cutting down a fully developed fetus so its not a problem? Who told you that you can kill a developing fetus just because a sonography result told you that it is a girl?

               And how do you expect a mother to bear and deliver a "precious XY son" after 6 or 7 successive forced abortions????? Who told you that a woman is a breeding machine you shameless crap people? HUH? The only job of a woman is not to collect sperms. The only job of a man is not to distribute sperms. If you think that a male child will make your household shine, and a female child is worthless, you are just going to suffer and you are going to cause the extinction of human species.
           Statistically speaking, it is good for the earth. Because humans are in one way the cancer of the earth. And when the females become extinct the species can longer reproduce. Even the fantastic brain and intelligence of man can't help in producing children. If you go for artificial methods to reproduce, you've to spend lots of money (see women are more valuable than they are considered to be). Nobody can make a fool proof mechanism which can produce humans (or any species) in a huge number (remember cloning; Dolly died after some years because she was weak).

          And when there are no females probably all the males will become gays and grow old and weak and die. So, one by one, the human population in the world will deteriorate and humans will be extinct! Hola! What a wonderful notion from the prospect of other species. Natural balance will be restored.
       Now let me call you to the present. I wrote in one of the previous paragraphs about successive abortions with which mothers are tortured. Why is it that there were so many? Because all of them were girls. Well. Think about this as a natural process. There may be some reason why all of them were girls. A woman has XX
and a man has XY chromosomes. So when there is cell division, the possible combinations are the following :

 Mother          Father 
   XX                 XY

   X  X             X  Y
      Now see this carefully, the mother can give X chromosomes only, no matter what happens. The Y has to come from the father. And the fact that there are there X's here shows that the probability of producing XX is easier and more favored by nature. Unless the Y from the father manages to attach to the X from the mother, you can't have a "precious son". 

      This is purely a statistical process. (And please take note . There is only one ovum and a lot of sperms ( I forgot the correct number, it is probably a million). So the girl who are killing in the womb was formed from an event in which one sperm which won over the (1million -1) sperms and managed to attach to that one ovum and form an XX to make a girl. You should respect that child. Same for an XY too. But you can't just kill girls and ask a mother to bear children till a boy is born (and that boy may go and do some "adventurous things" disregarding his parents' love for him and die sooner than he was born and taken care to grow up!).
      That is like cheating in exam. OH! But I forgot. You don't care about cheating in exams. Right? All you bother is about "scoring high"! :-x For whose benefit are you doing all these? Firstly you are trying to interfere with nature. Secondly you are trying to bias a random process according to your will. Thirdly you are torturing people in the name of gender. Fourthly, you are polluting the society by being alive like this. You are a villain who is not letting others live, save even be born, but you are wasting people's time and natural resources by being alive. And you are the root of all the evil in the society.
       Aren't you ashamed of this? To live a dark life in a mansion? To boast of your education and qualification when you don't know how to appreciate life?

   Just imagine this. You are put in a fluid filled bag and you have no ability to move. Suddenly a very sharp object comes and cuts your body. You want to cry, nobody hears your screams . You want to escape the object, but you've no where to run away. You feel that severe pain. Then slowly your lose your consciousness is lost. Your body is cut into a million pieces and crushed. All that remains is a mixture of fluid and body parts. Nobody saved you. And somebody collects all these remains in a plastic bag and throws away in garbage. There it (you) rot unknown. Some people around you (except one) are extremely happy, because they have gotten rid of you for somebody else.

     This is what you have done to those  3 crore children and are doing to some unknown number of children now.


PS : I once knew a very pretty and intelligent cat. She was one of the loveliest cat I had ever seen. Once it gave birth to a kitten and my mother told me that that kitten died somehow. After this cat was extremely sad and it went somewhere. Nobody ever heard of it. A cat felt this much. I can only imagine the depressed state a mother goes through when she is forced to kill her child.

Those who died before they were born. - Part 1

This is an early post considering the fact that there are 5 more days to got to mother's day, but this is definitely the after effect of watching the first episode of 'Satyamevjayate'. While watching hte episode I was numb, I cried a lot later, thinking about the 3 crore female children who were killed before they were born.
Not only for them, but also for the mothers of all those unborn children who were little girls some day and had to struggle a lot just because they themselves were girls and bore girl children.

      I am feeling angry. I am also feeling numb. This is a very serious issue about which we all know and yet somehow close our eyes to. I urge everybody to watch this episode. It showed the story of three brave women who were subject to torture and inhuman behavior. Despite all these, they finally managed to stand up for themselves and their daughters and defended justice.

      Let me ask a question. (I realize that I've been asking a lot of questions for
quite some time and mostly it is about the problems faced by girls/women. The mere fact that there are so many questions to be asked in this regard proves the bad conditions of women prevailing in our society.) Why do you want to kill a girl child?

    1) Is it because she is a monetary burden to the family?
           I've written a lot about this, so I'm not going to detail it again here.
    2) Or is it something like only a son can sustain the family tree?
          For people who believe that the son is the only way to sustain a family tree, let me ask another question. IS your son capable of bearing a child in his body and giving birth to a child after 9 months and taking care of it after it is born and feeding it? The answer to all these is a big NO. Then why are you so crazy about having a male child in the family?
         Or do you think that only males are intelligent and smart and only they can be the bread winners to the family? But pathetically, most of the times, these "precious"  males never work, instead roam around polluting the society by never doing any work. All they do is to squander the money earned by somebody else, and torture the women both inside and outside their households.
         Or is it because you expect your son to marry a girl and bring a "bahu aka long term family servant free of salary" so that you can rest during your old age? (Applicable for all classes of the society.) Basically this is what happened to you. Right?So why not inflict harm on other women as well? Why spare them? All you want is a "precious XY organism". But what if all the families around the world start thinking like that? Then there will be a time where there won't be any female humans in the whole world and there won't be anybody to bear the child of your "precious son who will carry the family forward". This will be the end of your family!

     What will you do you educated demons? What will you, who do and don't understand genetics do? HUH? Probably if your son couldn't find any female there may come a time when he attacks you to quench his thirst or hunger! Why do you women who in spite of being women have to assist or help to kill girls????? HUH?

         You couldn't have achieved anything in your life had your parents decided to kill you before you were born. If you think that the life of the daughter of your son is in your hands, you shouldn't forget that probably your life were in the hands of your paternal grandparents and parents. I am asking this to the "respectable "lady" and her "educated family"" who kicked the newly born child from the stair case. What if somebody kicks you from the stairs? After all, you are also a woman. If you can kick a girl, anybody can kick you too. Right?