Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Those who died before they were born. - Part 1

This is an early post considering the fact that there are 5 more days to got to mother's day, but this is definitely the after effect of watching the first episode of 'Satyamevjayate'. While watching hte episode I was numb, I cried a lot later, thinking about the 3 crore female children who were killed before they were born.
Not only for them, but also for the mothers of all those unborn children who were little girls some day and had to struggle a lot just because they themselves were girls and bore girl children.

      I am feeling angry. I am also feeling numb. This is a very serious issue about which we all know and yet somehow close our eyes to. I urge everybody to watch this episode. It showed the story of three brave women who were subject to torture and inhuman behavior. Despite all these, they finally managed to stand up for themselves and their daughters and defended justice.

      Let me ask a question. (I realize that I've been asking a lot of questions for
quite some time and mostly it is about the problems faced by girls/women. The mere fact that there are so many questions to be asked in this regard proves the bad conditions of women prevailing in our society.) Why do you want to kill a girl child?

    1) Is it because she is a monetary burden to the family?
           I've written a lot about this, so I'm not going to detail it again here.
    2) Or is it something like only a son can sustain the family tree?
          For people who believe that the son is the only way to sustain a family tree, let me ask another question. IS your son capable of bearing a child in his body and giving birth to a child after 9 months and taking care of it after it is born and feeding it? The answer to all these is a big NO. Then why are you so crazy about having a male child in the family?
         Or do you think that only males are intelligent and smart and only they can be the bread winners to the family? But pathetically, most of the times, these "precious"  males never work, instead roam around polluting the society by never doing any work. All they do is to squander the money earned by somebody else, and torture the women both inside and outside their households.
         Or is it because you expect your son to marry a girl and bring a "bahu aka long term family servant free of salary" so that you can rest during your old age? (Applicable for all classes of the society.) Basically this is what happened to you. Right?So why not inflict harm on other women as well? Why spare them? All you want is a "precious XY organism". But what if all the families around the world start thinking like that? Then there will be a time where there won't be any female humans in the whole world and there won't be anybody to bear the child of your "precious son who will carry the family forward". This will be the end of your family!

     What will you do you educated demons? What will you, who do and don't understand genetics do? HUH? Probably if your son couldn't find any female there may come a time when he attacks you to quench his thirst or hunger! Why do you women who in spite of being women have to assist or help to kill girls????? HUH?

         You couldn't have achieved anything in your life had your parents decided to kill you before you were born. If you think that the life of the daughter of your son is in your hands, you shouldn't forget that probably your life were in the hands of your paternal grandparents and parents. I am asking this to the "respectable "lady" and her "educated family"" who kicked the newly born child from the stair case. What if somebody kicks you from the stairs? After all, you are also a woman. If you can kick a girl, anybody can kick you too. Right?


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