Thursday, February 9, 2012

An ode to the moonllight.

Moonlight shines silver;
Moonlight shines softly,
At its best on full moon;
Perfectly round and bright.

I see it through branches,
I see it plain in the sky;
I see it from the terrace;
Lying down alone at nights.

Yet it fascinates and fascinates.
Fantasies take off.
How many poets have written ;
About you dear satellite? 
How many stories have happened
Under your silent gaze?
Yet you look up on this planet.
Giving us beautiful glimpses
Of your changing phases!

Oh moonlight what have I not wished;
As a child; under the sky you lit.
The eternal pleasure of looking at you,
And saluting you to say hello;
Those days of half an hour power cuts;
When I opened my windows to your light;
To bathe in your soft glow, dreaming of,
Fairy tales; and a day when I could gaze
At you in the absence of electrical lights;
Will it ever come back, in my urban life?

Yet I look up at you and say
"Please let my dream come true;
 That one day I will gaze up at you;
From a mountain top in full bloom;
When clouds play around you and;
Stars glimmer around you, as if
To give you company; in the sweet cold
Breeze that will blow, I will lose myself,
Into some other world, of beauty and peace."