Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love and some observations. -Part 3

The real stupidity of love affairs lies in the terrible news which we come across the media at times. It is not funny, but very serious, when you hear that a girl who eloped with somebody was raped and killed or been sold off to some trafficking agency.

Girls this is serious. And most of the times the girls are educated ones only, running off with some random bus driver (infact I've witnessed a bus conductor who was some 20 years old flirting with a school girl apparently in 10th or in a lower class). I've one question to ask you girls. You read about how girls are exploited, in newspapers, still you run away blindly with some random person! Any random person! Don't you have common sense? He behaves like your lover doesn't mean that his intentions are good. Be it a bus conductor or driver or any random aadmi, atleast use your brain to asses your actions! "Love" becomes fatal when you don't use your "buddhi". Filmy heros or worst serial heros will be gentlemen. But that's not your real life. Right? Every person has a responsibility of taking care of themselves. So if any of you are blindly in love, please look before you leap. 

Another of my observation is that radio channels (late night radio programs) / music channels are encouraging a lot of love among young people. Somebody will call up and the jokey will ask "Where did you meet? How long have you been in love? Did you eat ice cream together? AND blah (3)." And sometimes the tone in which the jokey talks makes me feel YUCK. They are making big money out of your love story dears. Please understand this. And even if your sms is displayed on TV during a program, I don't know how the person to whom it is intended will see it! You may phone him/her and tell "look I've sent this sms on TV." No idea.  Somebody please tell me how it works.


People always talk too many things about being in love. [Even I talked too many things which you will find boring and repetitive.] Truly speaking, love is a very boring affair. You chew the already chewed chewing gum, when you are in love. [Do poor people who don't have enough to eat think about love? I think love is a leisurely affair when you've no other good things to do.]

Do you think that your teenage "loves" were nothing but stupid crushes? If you are feeling so in the age of tweens, then you'll definitely feel that all your affairs now are stupid when you are in thirties and the series goes on. [I've explicitly excluded married people from this, because I've no clue how things work out in a marriage!]

 So in the end , when you are very old, and if you happen to be a single still, you don't have to worry. :) Because a person who loves you the most has been all the time with you, right from your birth. And that's you yourself. If your life is a feature film, who will be the hero/heroine in it? Ofcourse without any doubt, it's you. All others (including your sweet, caring,blissful, whatever "lifepartner") are secondary and whatever you think or do, its still your own life only. So there's no point being in love with anybody else other than you. ;) Anybody can blame me that I'm a narcissist; if I'm I don't have a complaint. :) 


For the time being I'm stopping here. Will be back with other observations some other time.

PS: In this article I've touched only boy loves girl, girl loves boy aspect of love affairs. 

Love and some observations - Part 2

Last post was for the "lucky people" who are in love. But for the unlucky people who have been rejected in love there are n no:of possibilities. If you are a boy you can roam around like a "Devdas" . But I think that zamana is over when people with  "broken hearts" become alcoholics thus making beverage companies rich.

But there's a very good business opportunity in having a broken heart (the more the no:of heart breaks, the better the prospect of this business).

Suppose you are a person who has been rejected by all people whom you've loved. And all in the name of a pre-existing GF/BF after having all the emotional fun out of you, leaving you heart broken for a while and a rebel, since you are a person with a good heart (you think about yourself like that, infact everybody does about themselves ;)), you can take up this job. But you've to charge heavily for your services. The advertisement of this job may look like this (ad depends on the gender of the reader and the person who is running this business):

" Dear people who are in search of love. Are you a person who is looking for a girl friend / boy friend? Are you frustrated that your GF?BF is away form you? Are you not sure that you'll never find one in your life? Don't worry there's solution for everything. This is for all those unfortunate fellows who don't have a GF/BF. Please contact in this number for details : mobile: XXXXXXXXXX Landline : XXXXXXXXXXX or visit".

The basic idea is this. Since you are a person to whom the needy (for love) will pretend that they love you, you can actually run this business. The needy can come to you till they find a GF/BF. Get your services; which include being his/her GF/BF (ofcourse this is an sgreement), loving him/her with all your heart and blah, blah, blah. So in the mean time he/she will find another fellow. If this was a person who already had someone but had to bring back that fellow, or was getting bored on the account of their being away from him/her, you are just filling in the space by acting as a substitute. And when they find the GF/BF you can have the daily drama of "break up" so as to make your contract look real to others. You can have any of the following items in the break up drama:

1) Stepping out gracefully (ofcourse after collecting your payment)
2) Making him/her tell "I'm sorry I already had a lover in my life" (even though he/she didn't have and he/she got one by your luck, (because in real life you are a person who acts as a lucky talisman for the ones you love, in that they soon find a GF/BF after you love them)) and the extreme emotional atyachaars
and so on...

Even if in the mean time you have really fallen in love with your client (Hollywood melodrama) you don't have to worry, you can fix very high charges to compensate for your broken heart. Now, please don't mis read it in connection to any kind of physical relation. This service should be provided strictly for the heart / mind and not for the body. :) Otherwise it will turn  nastier than having a broken heart.

Another of my observations include the fact that girls with boy friends act very strangely when some girl who is a friend of their boy friend talk to him. Sometimes their behaviour is very irritating in that they behave as if you are going to steal him away from her! Dear girls if you are so unsure of your boy friends' thought and if you don't trust him completely that your divine love will win over all hurdles (even if its somebody trying to steal your bf from you), then why on earth do you think that you are in love with him?!!! Please. The girls who are friends of your boy friend have their own opinions and tastes. Your BF is not the best man in this world ("you feel so because you are blind and is in the middle of a love affair; if you go out and look from the top, you'll understand the truth") that any girl will "fall for him". Not every girl is blind like you. And please don't show off your boy friend "proudly" as if he has just won "Miss Universe" title.

Well the same is applicable for boys also. But I think the case is a little bit different here. You boys always suspect your girl friend of being attracted to the X or Y they talk to. And you'll start showing them the size of your ego, thus ending up torturing your girl friend! No wonder if your GF has just ditched you for trying to control her. She needs "space" man! Well this takes me to another observation. Has somebody lately told you that he/she needs his/her own space. Well just ditch that person before they ditch you, because that is a self explanatory statement. They want to expand their "space" by eliminating you from it.

If I don't write the following point my list will be incomplete. Guys (henpecked guys actually with suspicious gf's) always appreciates things which she has done, no matter how awkward it is. Guys please, we can understand your helplessness; that you are trying to make your gf happy by any means. But others are also humans. If you can't keep quite, just take them apart from the sensible crowd and appreciate them for the bad work they've done. And even if you're appreciating them, please don't make faulty comments about a good work somebody else has done. Otherwise the world will call you henpecked on your back. :) [Well since you are blindly in love you are definitely deaf for being called names on account of your gf also and dumb before your gf's possessiveness and authority. :)]

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Love and some observations ;) - Part 1

Disclaimer : This is not meant to hurt or tease anybody, these are the observations of a girl who has come of age (atleast in her own eyes). :)


Since I'm in a very comic mind set up, thanks to my dear office mates and Harry Potter -7 part 2, I have been grinning, grinning and grinning for the past three days. :) I don't know the reason for my sudden euphoria, but I think its a very good time to write down something comic.


After all the emotional hells, one goes through, one day you will look  upon your life in a new light, which, later on, you'll understand that has always been within you, till your memories go back .The only difference is that one forgets all about it when you think that you are in love with some wonderful fellow (who will turn out to be the most nasty fellow in the world after you break up)! Even if your "eternal blissful lover" breaks (well this post is going to prove that there is nothing like a broken heart or breaking of heart or such crap, but every theorem needs some assumptions at first to prove/disprove it), your heart, he/she is doing a good service to you by bringing you back to your own consciousness. :) Because, love is unconscious, as well as its blind!

So what is that I want to write? Plainly speaking, its the following:

"There's nothing like true love in this world, leave true, there is nothing like love in this world!" Yes. Dear people who "are in love", I'm telling the truth. :) There is nothing like love. All you are feeling is the consequence of your brain function which is inturn the consequence of your brain being a very complicated thing. :) Only hormones control love and  nothing else. [Between; the love I'm talking about is the typical BF-GF love. Please keep this fact in your minds while reading this post.] And moreover what? Its just a business. Yes. Business. Have you started to think that I'm mad? :)

I'm writing this, because I myself didn't believe in these facts until one day it dawned on me that it is so. :) So dear all, who are in the feeling of "divine love", please keep your eyes open, if they are closed for the day when this fact dawns on you. Cinderellas exist only in stories and true love is a fantasy. It exists only in films or in novels. Infact each and every love story can be made into a Bollywood film. Whether it will be a hit or flop will depend on the story itself. If your love story seems to be too complicated, and if you are a girl, you should consider it as a mega serial and especially if you feel that its triangle or quadrangle or polygonal, it will be a hit TV serial (I should add "sop"). :)  If you are a boy and think you love a girl too much and acts a villain and then tries to act hero by sending her apologies and make up excuses for your actions; you should write down your story and produce a low budget film (its possible that you yourself can act as the "hero" in it) which will dive deep into the unknown trenches of the box office. Then if you are either a boy or a girl and your love story is very straight and turns to be complicated afterwards, its a Hollywood story. And if you are two people who are engaged in some other affair and you fall in love with each other, I don't know what to call it. Will it be a Karan Johar story or a Hollywood romantic drama?

Anyway every love story has the scope to be made into a film/serial depending upon its depth and strength. So much for the filminess of affairs. Let me come to my observations as a person who never had any chance to be loved by anybody in life (though my last "broken love gave me the fake feeling of being in love, which was mediated by radio waves"). [People who have read the above line can/cannot tell that this post is a result of "grapes are sour theory"! :) ] These observations may be wrong, but I may make mistakes, because I was never in  love anytime!

The first thing, as anybody knows is that, affairs include a little bit of hide and seek at first, when you are not sure whether the person whom you like will like you back or not. If you keep your eyes open, you can find people admiring you secretly, like stealing glances at you! Well if one uses his/her brain properly (I mean deductive powers) he/she can know exactly somebody thinks about him/her. Well love gurus can put more light into such aspects; they'll lose their jobs if I start telling you all these.

I've seen many people falling in love, with my own eyes, my eyes and brain have the special power to tell at a glance whether something is going on between somebody. And trust me; 99% of the cases suspected to be FIL (FIL= falling in love) were true indeed. (This is true not only for FIL, but true also for other things also.) Since I could see the funny side of these things, I'll write about them.

Everybody whom I know and don't know and who are in love forgive me for my sarcasm towards your "most sacred divine feeling in the world".

First of all I don't understand why people fall in love at all (I'm not excluding myself because the observer can't be excluded in any experimental setup) ! Nobody can blame gravity or newton, nor can anybody apply general relativity theory for people falling in love. Actually "falling in love" is literally correct, because when you fall in love, you really fall; may be from your standards or from your own identity and I don't know from where else do you fall.

The falling will be very comfortable in the beginning, you like the way he/she talks, walks, sleeps, scowls,cries and I don't know what else (I recommend "500 days of summer" to get a feeling for this). And what all will you do in the process of falling in love! You start singing :

"Kuch to hua hai, kuch ho gaya hai,
Do chaar din se, lagta hai jaise,
Sab kuch alag hai, sab kuch naya hai......."

AAh, the sacred feeling has happened now! And then what? I wonder sometimes, would "love" have become such a hot subject among the youth had there not been phones, especially mobile phones? Even mobile services companies provide facilities to talk incessantly to your lover! [Looks at their ads.Commercializing love!] And you talk, talk and talk about even the stupidest thing in the world and even things out of the world! And then, when you've nothing to talk about, you fight playfully, you look at each other playfully. (I don't understand why people like looking,looking and looking at people they love as if they've never seen them before! Afterall we are all made of quarks and leptons and the one you love also is made of the same particles. Its not as if suddenly he/she popped out from the anti-world made of anti-particles that you are ready to "annihilate" (that means "pyaar mein khud ko mitaana") in love!)

I can't comment more on these things, because I've never looked at anybody like that,or if anybody has looked at me looked at me like that, I wouldn't know at any rate! And I don't understand the funda of "being glued to each other" (we can't blame poor gluons). What pleasure do you derive from being "glued" to your so called lover? See if you are going to be together all your life, you are going to be together all the time, then why do you have to be glued to each other all the time? Is love really a function of the physical distance between two people (like strong interaction)? I don't know.

Second thing is not only about "love birds" (man, why do you have to spoil birds' name, even they fly on their own) , who "fall in love" and then get married, but also about those who "marry first and then fall". Very lately, with the advent of orkut/facebook, it has become a general practice to put "we/us/we two/our world" sort of photos in albums. Ok fine. Put photos in albums so that only people whom you really want to show it to, can see it! Why do you have to put duet photos for everyone? Are you acting in a film or what? Is the promotion of your lovebhari zindgi movie going on anywhere?Nobody wants to see your intimacies. Or if you are so keen on showing these type of photos, can't you just enable the privacy mode so as not to irritate others with your stupid poses? Or atleast if you've to put photos like that, please take photos depending on your appearance. Please don't take pictures as if you are in a feature film's promotional poster(when you think you are looking as if in a super hit film, you really may not be).

PS: In the modern times, it is not rare that introverted people with lots of inferiority complexes find some insecure rich partner so that they can exploit this rich person, monetarily and otherwise. In one way it is beneficial for both sides. One side is rich, but can't find any "true love" other wise. The other side is not rich, but is ready to hook up to anybody who is rich and give them the impression that they love this rich partner more than his/her own life!!! ;) Look at the levels to which they fall in the name of love! 

Truth and fiction

The boarder line between
Truth and fiction is very narrow;
When you are dreaming.
You don't know what is real
And what is surreal.

Fiction seems to be real in dreams,
And reality passes before the eyes
Like a dream.

You meet those whom you can't
In real life, in your dreams.
Then dreams become the reason
To live, to hope.
So you fall into the deepest trenches of sleep
Just to dream,dream and dream...

And then you wake up with a start;
Into the surrounding waters of plain reality,
To wonder if you were dreaming or not.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Meaningless is when somebody speaks
To you in an unknown language.
Meaningless is when you see a script
Which you don't know.
Meaningless is when  you try and try
Without any outcome.
Meaningless is when you think
That you can change the world.
Meaningless is when you expect 
That you can argue with a stubborn person.
Meaningless is when you expect a friend
To keep friendship.
Meaningless is when you feel
That you are in love.
Meaningless is when you hope
That something good will happen.
Meaningless is when you wait
For a shuttle which you've already missed.
Meaningless is when you try to colour
Your life with colours which don't exist.
Meaningless, is the life itself
When you ask the question,
"Why am I here?"
You can believe that everything happens for a reason.
Meaningless is that belief.
Because nothing has any meaning.
That means this poem itself
Is meaningless.
Does it really?
Its better to leave some things as meaningless.