Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love and some observations. -Part 3

The real stupidity of love affairs lies in the terrible news which we come across the media at times. It is not funny, but very serious, when you hear that a girl who eloped with somebody was raped and killed or been sold off to some trafficking agency.

Girls this is serious. And most of the times the girls are educated ones only, running off with some random bus driver (infact I've witnessed a bus conductor who was some 20 years old flirting with a school girl apparently in 10th or in a lower class). I've one question to ask you girls. You read about how girls are exploited, in newspapers, still you run away blindly with some random person! Any random person! Don't you have common sense? He behaves like your lover doesn't mean that his intentions are good. Be it a bus conductor or driver or any random aadmi, atleast use your brain to asses your actions! "Love" becomes fatal when you don't use your "buddhi". Filmy heros or worst serial heros will be gentlemen. But that's not your real life. Right? Every person has a responsibility of taking care of themselves. So if any of you are blindly in love, please look before you leap. 

Another of my observation is that radio channels (late night radio programs) / music channels are encouraging a lot of love among young people. Somebody will call up and the jokey will ask "Where did you meet? How long have you been in love? Did you eat ice cream together? AND blah (3)." And sometimes the tone in which the jokey talks makes me feel YUCK. They are making big money out of your love story dears. Please understand this. And even if your sms is displayed on TV during a program, I don't know how the person to whom it is intended will see it! You may phone him/her and tell "look I've sent this sms on TV." No idea.  Somebody please tell me how it works.


People always talk too many things about being in love. [Even I talked too many things which you will find boring and repetitive.] Truly speaking, love is a very boring affair. You chew the already chewed chewing gum, when you are in love. [Do poor people who don't have enough to eat think about love? I think love is a leisurely affair when you've no other good things to do.]

Do you think that your teenage "loves" were nothing but stupid crushes? If you are feeling so in the age of tweens, then you'll definitely feel that all your affairs now are stupid when you are in thirties and the series goes on. [I've explicitly excluded married people from this, because I've no clue how things work out in a marriage!]

 So in the end , when you are very old, and if you happen to be a single still, you don't have to worry. :) Because a person who loves you the most has been all the time with you, right from your birth. And that's you yourself. If your life is a feature film, who will be the hero/heroine in it? Ofcourse without any doubt, it's you. All others (including your sweet, caring,blissful, whatever "lifepartner") are secondary and whatever you think or do, its still your own life only. So there's no point being in love with anybody else other than you. ;) Anybody can blame me that I'm a narcissist; if I'm I don't have a complaint. :) 


For the time being I'm stopping here. Will be back with other observations some other time.

PS: In this article I've touched only boy loves girl, girl loves boy aspect of love affairs. 


  1. Don't you have common sense? He behaves like your >lover doesn't mean that his intentions are good.

    Girls have to be educated know about this common sense also right?...They never heard fake, ditching, fatal stories from parents and from friends, relatives too. When they are ditched by bus driver/conductor/ is too late.

    It is completely wrong to sought at these innocent girls caz you are AWARE from your parents, throgh your lovely friends, via newspapers, tv, etc. that bullies are around in this world!!!. They aren't AWARE the fact that bitches are around. So they are bullied by these conductors, etc.

  2. Lachi thanks for the comment. But I didn't get the point. :( Would you pls explain again?

  3. Ok I got your point. But Lachi its not always true that girls who are uneducated are doing all these. There were news about girls who ran with somebody and were killed, in the newspapers. These girls were either in school or college. A person who is above atleast 14 years of age will have the minimum education to read papers or they will have a minimum amount of common sense which they don't use. I don't think that children of the modern age don't have access to any media. There are examples of housewives running away with younger guys who pretend to love them and finally rob them and kill them. Your husband may be a tyrant. You may be desperate for love. But even if you are desperate for love, your life is the most important thing. Just imagine getting killed for committing the silly mistake of falling in an affair! Its human nature to show affiliation to a person who shows good behavior to you. But you should be prudent enough to asses the correct behavior of a person. I'm not blaming women explicitly.