Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love and some observations - Part 2

Last post was for the "lucky people" who are in love. But for the unlucky people who have been rejected in love there are n no:of possibilities. If you are a boy you can roam around like a "Devdas" . But I think that zamana is over when people with  "broken hearts" become alcoholics thus making beverage companies rich.

But there's a very good business opportunity in having a broken heart (the more the no:of heart breaks, the better the prospect of this business).

Suppose you are a person who has been rejected by all people whom you've loved. And all in the name of a pre-existing GF/BF after having all the emotional fun out of you, leaving you heart broken for a while and a rebel, since you are a person with a good heart (you think about yourself like that, infact everybody does about themselves ;)), you can take up this job. But you've to charge heavily for your services. The advertisement of this job may look like this (ad depends on the gender of the reader and the person who is running this business):

" Dear people who are in search of love. Are you a person who is looking for a girl friend / boy friend? Are you frustrated that your GF?BF is away form you? Are you not sure that you'll never find one in your life? Don't worry there's solution for everything. This is for all those unfortunate fellows who don't have a GF/BF. Please contact in this number for details : mobile: XXXXXXXXXX Landline : XXXXXXXXXXX or visit".

The basic idea is this. Since you are a person to whom the needy (for love) will pretend that they love you, you can actually run this business. The needy can come to you till they find a GF/BF. Get your services; which include being his/her GF/BF (ofcourse this is an sgreement), loving him/her with all your heart and blah, blah, blah. So in the mean time he/she will find another fellow. If this was a person who already had someone but had to bring back that fellow, or was getting bored on the account of their being away from him/her, you are just filling in the space by acting as a substitute. And when they find the GF/BF you can have the daily drama of "break up" so as to make your contract look real to others. You can have any of the following items in the break up drama:

1) Stepping out gracefully (ofcourse after collecting your payment)
2) Making him/her tell "I'm sorry I already had a lover in my life" (even though he/she didn't have and he/she got one by your luck, (because in real life you are a person who acts as a lucky talisman for the ones you love, in that they soon find a GF/BF after you love them)) and the extreme emotional atyachaars
and so on...

Even if in the mean time you have really fallen in love with your client (Hollywood melodrama) you don't have to worry, you can fix very high charges to compensate for your broken heart. Now, please don't mis read it in connection to any kind of physical relation. This service should be provided strictly for the heart / mind and not for the body. :) Otherwise it will turn  nastier than having a broken heart.

Another of my observations include the fact that girls with boy friends act very strangely when some girl who is a friend of their boy friend talk to him. Sometimes their behaviour is very irritating in that they behave as if you are going to steal him away from her! Dear girls if you are so unsure of your boy friends' thought and if you don't trust him completely that your divine love will win over all hurdles (even if its somebody trying to steal your bf from you), then why on earth do you think that you are in love with him?!!! Please. The girls who are friends of your boy friend have their own opinions and tastes. Your BF is not the best man in this world ("you feel so because you are blind and is in the middle of a love affair; if you go out and look from the top, you'll understand the truth") that any girl will "fall for him". Not every girl is blind like you. And please don't show off your boy friend "proudly" as if he has just won "Miss Universe" title.

Well the same is applicable for boys also. But I think the case is a little bit different here. You boys always suspect your girl friend of being attracted to the X or Y they talk to. And you'll start showing them the size of your ego, thus ending up torturing your girl friend! No wonder if your GF has just ditched you for trying to control her. She needs "space" man! Well this takes me to another observation. Has somebody lately told you that he/she needs his/her own space. Well just ditch that person before they ditch you, because that is a self explanatory statement. They want to expand their "space" by eliminating you from it.

If I don't write the following point my list will be incomplete. Guys (henpecked guys actually with suspicious gf's) always appreciates things which she has done, no matter how awkward it is. Guys please, we can understand your helplessness; that you are trying to make your gf happy by any means. But others are also humans. If you can't keep quite, just take them apart from the sensible crowd and appreciate them for the bad work they've done. And even if you're appreciating them, please don't make faulty comments about a good work somebody else has done. Otherwise the world will call you henpecked on your back. :) [Well since you are blindly in love you are definitely deaf for being called names on account of your gf also and dumb before your gf's possessiveness and authority. :)]

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