Monday, July 6, 2009


Today I attended the wedding of my old friend. She used to be my room mate in BSc first year. Its a happy thing that she got married. :) Now the wedding was really good. But I couldn't find any of our old friends at the wedding. I went with my dad. And thank God! The auditorium is bulilt like a theatre, so I could see the wedding clearly.
Now lets come to the story. The auditorium is nearby a very famous Devi temple. My dad went to the temple after dropping me at the wedding place.I went to meet the bride and gave the gift I had taken for her. Then I went and found a seat for me.Dad returned soon before the wedding started (or I think so, for I had found a seat on the end of a row, towards the middle and sat there, with other women who came later). The wedding ceremony took as per protocol. No sooner had the couple alighted from the 'mandap', than almost all the viewers started leaving the hall. I was wonderstruck and waited for sometime. Guess where they all were going? Of course for the wedding feast!
After sometim, I too left the hall and phoned dad. Luckily he found me and we stood waiting. The first set of people were all in, eating. So we wwaited and then, dad told me to go and wait in a place where there were more women.So I went to the main door of the mess hall, to be at the front of a line which was slowly being formed behind me. :)
The entrance at which I was standing was a large one with a shutter for its door. All the people in the first set came out together after finishing their feast, and I being at the front got inside, along with two small girls and their mother. I found a seat and sat there, but changed it soon, 'coz the floor was a bit slippery. I could see dad from my seat, through the window, and signalled him to come in. But he didn't come in. I was wondering what the matter was, when I noticed that the shutter had been closed!
Six people including me, those girls and hteir mim n two other boys had tunnelled into the mess hall! The mess hall was closed to clean up the remains and lay new leaves and all. Hmm now, the only way was to wait and watch. So I sat there, though I was feeling a little bit guilty for the smartness with which I had tunnelled inside, with so many people waitng outside the hall! I watchedd the way the leaves were laid and the curries were served. It was like the coming of two signals. :) One person will come and serve one curry and the other will come after him, they will scan one row and then the next row. A serial process. :) At last, after almost 20 minutes, the shutter was opened. Then I felt relieved for having tunnelled. :) There was a sudden rush and all was sudden! :) Usually finding a seat for a wedding feast is a very 'exciting' (both practically abd literally) process. But today I was lucky infact! :) The rest is history.The 'palada paayasam' was extremely good. :) ummm... :)
Before leaving,I went and met the newly wed and took a photo with them. Bidding good bye, I went to dad and we together went to the bus stop in front of the temple and got a direct KSRTC bus. And we started back for the activities of the rest of the day.

PS: The bus route is actually lovely. It's so 'coz, my dear school were I had the second phase of my dreams and aspirations is on the way. I could see my favourite 10A class and my last bench seat from the bus, (its in the main bulding which faces the road). Nine years back I was there, my friends were there;but now, only those memories remain.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Its after a long time that I'm enjoying rain. The pond on the way to uty hostel is overflowing. It is such a great pleasure to watch it, for it was dried upto its bottom in summer. Now it overflows through a small channel on the road, to the nearby 'forest'. And many streams have formed on that 'lonely road'. Its really a pleasure to listen to the sound of flowing water. Rain is in its full strength. But its very cold. Bitterly cold. And how will it be if you don't have an umbrella with you?

I had forgotten to get my umbrella from my father and was left umbrellaless. I was dependent on my junior, she gave me her umbrella for two days. Thanks to their viva voce, she was in hostel for the last 2 days. But their course ended today and I had to come home. So I returned her umbrella and hoped to get home before much rain.
I started from dept at about 3.30pm, it was really cloudy, but I hoped to reach the bus stop before it rained. I had just covered only abt 1/8th the distance to the bus stop, that it began to rain. With my luggage, I couldn't run. So I got caught in the rain.I sought help of two unknown girls. I tried to phone and get an auto, but he didn't reply.So, the only way was to return. I walked back and sought shelter under the milma booth on the way. The cotton churidar and that too with a horrible chudi bottom was fully drenched; I was wet from head to foot! Refreshing myself with a half coffee, I waited. Luckily I got a return trip auto. I asked the auto driver whether an umbrella would be available at any shop near the bus stop. He wasn't sure. So I asked him to take me to my usual book shop. I went to the shop, bought my usual weeklies and enquired abt an umbrella selling shop. She named the textile shop nearby and I went there and bought a 2 fold umbrella, for it was cheaper. :) And that too after getting that much wet! :)

I got in a bus and went to the KSRTC station, mounted an ordinary bus, and got window seat on the left, at the rear of the bus. It was leaking from above! Hmmm.I was already wet for about 45min, so I decided to endure it for another 45min. I was expecting to feel extremely cold, but I still don't understand why i didn't feel too cold. Was it because,of my being already drenched or due to the shut windows. Anyway I alighted at my stop, walked and reached home.My luggage bag which contained clothes had become heavy after getting wet in the rain! :)
On my way I really wished to call dad and ask him to be ready with some hot water, so that I could take a bath as soon as I reached home. But I couldn't. Thanks to dad, he had it ready, and I took a bath as soon as I could, after reaching home.The cold tap water didn't seem very cold after my rain experience. :) But still I usedthe hot water also for a warm up.
He gave me many things to eat and a good tea. Then mom came back from office. It was abt 7pm. I sat down to watch TV and requested mom to make some chapati for me. Before that I got out my old socks with her help and wore my sweater and socks. :)
Now I do look like a forgiener, though its not the snow but the rain which is making me cold. I don't know whether I'll catch cold, but the drenching and tolerating it for almost 2 hours was very unlikely of me. I'm surprised about myself. :) Anyway it was not so bad, though it was a bit difficult. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009



I'm very very unhappy. Why on blog am I writing this blog? Dear readers please read the blog and please post comments on it. Atleast read! I've started this blog to share my thoughts with you. If you don't read, how is it going to serve the purpose?