Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gossip world 2

In the first part of this, I ended with a note on the the media which spread gossips to certain amounts and exaggerate each and every bit of information they could broadcast! In the real world too cases are not different. If you look around you, you'll see people who exaggerate things to gigantic proportions and present it in front of others. One of their main aims is to gain popularity by means of these exaggerations.

        These exaggerations will always be far away from truth and all, but those people who can't see through the gas of hollow words will fall prey to such people and believe whatever they say blindly. Finally, their judgements become blinded by prejudices given by those who exaggerate things unnecessarily. Actually the phrase "fall prey" is incorrect. A person with a good character will never believe others no matter what news they feed him/her with, but only observe things and form his/her own judgement. Otherwise you can call that person an opportunist.
        An opportunist never pretends to take sides. Actually an opportunist never takes sides explicitly, but always takes sides which are beneficial for them. There is a saying "to catch fish in muddy water". All opportunists do that. They will indulge themselves in all activities where they can make a dime or a name. Then they will act like comforters of their gossiper friend who is actually acting out an emotional drama to turn all people's attention to himself/herself, by spreading false stories about an innocent person. Opportunists have nothing to lose. They will get into the "good books" of these "paripaavan" people, whom they can use to get their work done. Some kind of good symbiosis. HUh?

        But just imagine the false stories being spread about people? If you have some problem with a person's life, and you consider your  life not worthy of living, you start feeling jealous of the other one and start doing all sorts of sub standard things to demean that person! Instead of utilising their time to improve themselves so that they start feeling their lives worthy (by the way all lives as worthy of living; to all people who feel that they are useless) of living, they waste their time on gossiping about others, so that others will hate the ones whom these gossipers are jealous of! What the hell! Is this a way to live? On one hand you pretend to be extremely good. And on the other hand you do dirty things behind people's back, doing all things to demean them! That's not fair.

       In movies and all we have seen characters who are jealous from top to bottom and are nothing short of a villain. But we all think that they occur only in movies. But to speak the truth, if you open your eyes to the people around you, you'll see many many such people. Even inside your own circles. They may be jealous of you for some reason, but all they do is to go and craft stories about your jealousy towards them and make people loath you. Hmmmmm...And opportunists believe all of them.

       The fact that many people who appear to be good do all these is a sad thing. [Either be a good person to the core. Or be a bad person to the core. Being fully bad will be much better than acting good and being bad in reality.] You are in a society, and everybody wants it to advance [except for the exploiters who can't let go off their powers]. Then somebody wants to steal the show and provides all sorts of lame excuses to get the whole world's attention to them, because they can't do anything genuine, but put on an attire of "greatness" they have copied from here and there and cause emotional pollution in society by demeaning others. This actually retards the society.

       A lot of self advertisement goes into gossiping. Once and for once, instead of advertising about yourself to others by words, can't you do something nice which will speak for itself? Once and for all, can't you turn your antennae towards your own mind and listen to it rather than trying to copy someone or gossip about someone? It will do a lot of good to a lot of people including yourself, dear gossiper. Unless you try to improve your life, nobody else is going to help you and after a while you'll run out of stories and opportunist listeners [who will listen to you only for a short period, because they are opportunists, they have to find someone else to get their things done]. What will you do then? Isn't it better to lead a straightforward life based on good virtues rather than trying to attain some fame through short cuts? [Actually craving for fame or trying to be in everyone's good books is also a bad thing. When you crave for fame, all you try is to be popular, thus losing the depth of your character. The only good book you have to be in is your own good book. And that is called conscience.]



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A day in hundred years. :)

It was an awesome experience.  Today was the day when I really missed having a high resolution imaging device, still I am happy. Happy because I missed it 8 years ago.Though I had read about it in my favorite science magazine in 2004, I couldn't watch it at that time. Today morning was my lucky morning and I made up after 8 years. :)

   I am talking about today's Venus transit. This is the second transit of the century (in unscientific terms). I am not going to explain the science of this. You can find it all over the internet. :)
      In 2004, I had no idea that I would see its twin in 2012. Probably the missing part might have made me subconsciously wish to see the second one. Anyway I made it up. I can still feel that I am still excited. :) I don't know, I started making plans not to miss this about a month ago. I still had no specific plan. So we requested our guide for any plan to watch this. So she consulted with one of the faculties in our institute and he agreed to bring his telescope for the event.

    Even though there was an arrangement, I still was not sure whether I'll make it or not, provided my sleeping habits. I am here, in Chennai, where the transit would be visible in the morning. So obviously I had to get up early in the morning.
So yesterday evening I suddenly found myself going to my apartment from the office to sleep early. But sleep never came to me till it was midnight! I couldn't sleep due to excitement.And in between, my friend passed on the information to me that, our guide had told her about the  arrangements science forum were making on Marine beach to watch the transit. So I tried to sleep even harder. But in vain.

     Finally sleep came to me around midnight (actually, I had to forcefully shut my mind to the possible excitement which awaited me). I put an alarm for 4am! It rang at 4. I woke up. Thought about the silver planet. Then tried to sleep again. Then woke up. There was a struggle between excitement and exhaustion for a while. Finally my room mate woke up and I asked her to call as soon as she got ready. :) But I couldn't sleep. I woke up myself by the time she got ready and got ready as soon as possible. :) And we three set out to the bus stop.

     Almost 6.30. "No I don't want to be late", I thought. I almost ran towards the bus stop. I was so sure that any bus which went via broadway would take us to Marina. But none was stopping! Then other kind passengers in the stop guided us to the bus stop some 3m away where all the buses to broadway stop. Finally we got a bus.

      It was beautiful. From yesterday evening there was nice breeze. The roads were empty. It was a golden morning. I felt that I was living some dream. :) Finally we got down at Gandhi Silai in Marina. I was expecting a huge crowd. But we didn't see any.

     We walked searching for telescopes. First we saw a group of people to whom another group seemed to be explaining something. But to our shock and amusement we found out that it was a group of some holistic healers! What an irony! Irony was that we found the forum people very soon, not far away from the holistic healer group! There was no crowd. But there were some 50 or so people. Still no telescope.

         We went to the people holding aluminium filters. They were broad sheets fixed on wooden rails. :) And I found that we had to look through it. I waited patiently. Then came my chance. I looked. The first thing I saw was my reflection. Then I looked through it......

      And I saw. I saw the small black dot on the left side of the solar disc. :) I don't know what I felt about it. Surely, now, when I am writing this, my eyes are welling up with tears. I can't express it in words. No photo, no words, no image is comparable to watching it with your own eyes, live (even though thay all make you happy).  I felt happy that I was able to spot the dot fast. (My struggle with adjusting spectrometer focus hasn't gone in vain. :)) And I don't know what I felt. I stood watching it.

     Then I learned about the telescope there. So I went there. Obviously I had to click a photo. Then I clicked the image on the screen form the telescope. But telescope image is a mirror image. I had to go back and see through foil to get the real feeling. :) So I went back and looked at it. It was such a pretty sight. I missed having a high zoom DSLR, or a movie camera. And in hundred years Venus is not going to transit. Hmmm. :) But still I have the photo in my mind. :) And it is a beautiful one.


We returned after half an hour or so. But we missed our guide by 5 minutes. She was just going to Marina, when we were on the bus. So we came back, took the shuttle to the institute. And I couldn't help thinking about the excitement that awaited here. The first thing I saw when I came here was one of my friends carrying a solar eclipse filter. Hunger won over excitement and I had to go and eat something.

 But then I couldn't sit peacefully in my office too. How could I miss the fun when everybody else might also be having? I had fun in the morning,but why would I miss it if I could still have the fun? After all I call myself a Physicist. [I am sure I would never have missed the fun even if I were not one. It is not everyday that you see your neighbouring planet across the sun.] So I set out from my office in pursuit of the friend with the filter.

        After going up and down the building, I luckily found him. And he directed me to the group viewing the transit with the telescope which was promised to be brought. :) And I saw a sun the size of a dime and a small venus on it. :) And clicked it again, missing having a DSLR camera. [I again remembered my own motto; have something if you feel like having it, instead of regretting it. :)] People in the group kept clicking the coin sized sun. :)

     Then looked at the sun again, and saw that the dot had moved on to the top of the disc. What started as a small group ended up as a big one, when many started coming in. But towards the end of it. Then came the person with the dslr, who was probably going to take the picture of the telescope (when he had a powerful DSLR!). Somehow to compensate for my not having the camera, I requested him to take a photo of the sun. He somehow found his camera stand in time and clicked good pictures. : )We even saw sunspots on it. :) Hopefully, he will send the pictures around or upload it somewhere.

 :) By the end Venus was going up and up to the  edge of the solar disc, and when it was about to end, our guide came back from Marina. : ) And we had a chance to look through welding glass. Sun looks green through it. And it went and went and finally it was hard to make out whether it was there or not. The crowd had almost dispersed. There were only 4 of us left. And I left, telling "goodbye Venus" silently. :)


In one way I was lucky. :) In another way I was determined. Lucky because the sky was clear. Determined because I didn't want to miss the celestial event. :) That's why a day in hundred years and I am happy that I like Physics. :)  

Monday, June 4, 2012

Angel ;)

There is somebody somewhere,
Who does things for you,
And never tells you in explicit words
That it was done for you.

There is someone somewhere,
Who loves you silently,
But never tells you that,
You are loved so much.

There is someone somewhere,
Who is being loved silently by you,
And for whom your heart beats,
But never knows about your love.

 The angel.......Of love.