Sunday, May 24, 2015

How love dies...

Love dies when we stop talking,
Love dies when we stop being with each other,
Love dies when we seek others when we are so close,
Love dies when you leave me alone for someone else.

Should I wait for you life long?
For the love which is already dead?
Love cannot be resurrected, 
Can it be? 

What if, I didn't wait and you came back,
Won't our love be dead for ever?
But I have been waiting for so long,
You seem to have forgotten me, 
Or are you just deliberately oblivious? 

Sometimes I feel, are you worth all these 
Pain and struggle, of finding hope amidst hopelessness?
Sometimes I feel may be you are the one, 
And this is only a sad phase. 
Are you really; now I doubt.
We never talk, we never listen, 
To each other, but drift away everyday.

Miracles just don't happen in love,
Torn by everybody possible;
You, me and everybody else. 
If only it were just the two of us,
Would this love be dead?

Was there love at all;
Now I doubt. 
I don't know, was it there?
Is it really dead? But how can it die, 
If at all it wasn't alive in the first place? 

PS : Probably it is dead and forgotten.
Love doesn't rise again once lost.
It is a lost treasure,
All you can do is to believe for sometime 
And then stop believing;
Miracles happen only in fairy tales.
It is very bitter to wait for somebody
Who will never turn up.
Who never even looks upon you
But adores someone else and strays away,
Betrays shamelessly and without guilt.
Yes it takes tears to heal the severe pain;
But someday you will be honestly happy,
That he didn't turn up and left you for someone else. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The other you

The other you exists,
But in my heart;
The other you keeps company,
While the real you is always away.

The other you talks to me,
The real you is always silent.
The other you asks,
"Would you like to have oranges?"
The real you do not.

The other you shares thoughts,
The real you do not,
The other you feels,
The real you refuse to feel;
Only for me.

The other you never lies,
The real you do;
The other you smiles at me,
The real you do not.

The other you sits with beside me on a wooden bench,
Watching fish climbing the walls of an ancient museum;
Or looks amazed at the fact,
That I know that flour is made from grains.
(But that's obvious!!!)

The other you looks at a full length mirror,
In a deserted shop and plans to take our picture;
The other you sits beside me in a crowded bus,
Trying to click the passing scenery,
When others look curiously at the merry company...

The other you walks with me,
Hand in hand on a moonlit night,
Along the seashore;
With waves drenching our feet...

The other you is always with me;
The real you is never;
The other you has my heart,
The real you doesn't want it.

The other you I feel happy with,
Gives me memories to last long,
The real you finds them with someone else;
The other you cares for me,
The real you doesn't give a damn;

The other you I love a lot,
The real you loves somebody else.
The other you I still dream of;
Alas you exist only in dreams now.

The real you is here,
But never near;
The real you is somebody else's;
Will always be...

Snatched away from me,
Was a dream so beautiful;
Denied to me were moments,
To make memories to cherish;
Lost in time, lost in actions,
Separated by reasons unknown,
I have lost you for a lifetime,
And forever.

Only if the other you were real...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My lifeline

The keeper of my sorrows,
The friend of blotched letters,
Written in tears;
The one who comforts me in loneliness,
The only witness to my solitary tears,
I fill your lovely pages
With my selfish sorrows,
Doesn't it hurt badly?
Or are you bored?
I am really sorry dear diary;
What would have I done without you!
My lifeline......