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Laymen vs Research scholars - 4

     As I always tell, the worst case scenario is for female students. What with all these stupid ropes and chains, everybody thinks that a girl's life is safe only is she is "given into the custody" of somebody. Hello, we are all safer in our own custodies than anywhere else!All the encouragement the family and teachers were giving a girl stops all of a sudden when she declares her ambition to pursue higher and higher education. The higher her ambition, the stronger the opposition. Reason? She won't be safe anywhere other than in the custody of somebody!!!!!!!WTH????

        Or if she has to do research, she can't go beyond a certain radius. Most of the girls "SETTLE" for things, but some girls will find a way. Remember, where there is a will there is a way.

       But then what happens to this strong willed girl? People will call her and try to brain wash her, "you can't do this, you won't succeed in anything you do, (because you are a strong willed girl who knows what is good for you)", and so on. Why? Because the brain washer (BW) had no interest in doing what this girl wanted to do, (then what is the intention behind you brainwashing the other one?), just because the BW was not willing to live a life other than a mundane life. If you don't want adventure, why try to detain somebody who wants to have, just because you claim yourself to be a well wisher (WW)?

        And what is your problem if a research scholar doesn't get married? [There are some research scholars (female) who had to marry to have a body guard to enable them to go to places to do research. What is this bodyguard business?] Unless you try to harm us, we are perfectly safe! There are several instances in which female students are not admitted to research only because of the fact that they would get married in between and are likely to abandon PhD. Though it may sound silly, it is true to some extent. I have seen 3 or 4 such examples in which smart girls joined PhD and were forced to get married and abandoned their courses just because they had to "be in that blissful wedded state", because if they didn't go, their family would do God only knows what to them.

       This is totally unfair.  And on top of that, what is this attitude towards the girl who is trying to forge a path on her own, when you behave to her as if she is living a life of luxury when you are toiling for a living or something? Did we research scholars prevent you from going to a research institute which offers you a PhD in the area of your preference? Did we ask you to sit at home and do nothing but look at others and behave as if they have all started living in ivory towers? NO.Then why do you always expect them to keep a friendship or something when you are not willing to accept that they are trying their bit to live their lives their own way?

       And what is all this "friendly advice" about the need to get married or find a love, as if it is the biggest thing in somebody's life, before you lose your tenderness? And what about "you need counseling" just because a girl is unmarried and doing research? Is being a maiden such a crime?

     And how can people be so silly and stupid to accuse him/her of being under the emotional trauma that a puppy love he/she had at some point of his/her life till now wasn't fulfilled? Hello? We are called research scholars. Like somebody said, "you don't become a research scholar unless you have something in you".

     We are not that stupid to believe that life is a candy floss romance story. Nor are we silly enough to ruin our lives (by "dedicating" it (this is for girls)) by pondering over some stupid gal/guy we met in our lives. Actually, let me point out one thing for research scholars. If you've ever lost a love, it is always for the good. Think, about the people whom you loved and who rejected you for some other person telling that he/she loved somebody else, and caused you misery. But also think, where you are now, and where that person, is?

      You'll always see the obvious. That person wasn't good for you at all in any way, if you had extremely powerful ambitions. Had your love been fulfilled, you would never have had that determination to rise higher than the limits you had set for yourself. It is like a kicker magnet. It literally "kicks" the particles and make them go around the beam pipe till they achieve enough energy, that on collision they produce other exotic particles.

      So definitely a research scholars marital status has nothing to do with any silly MMS person. And what is this fuss of telling "let everybody live in peace"? Are we intruding in any silly,stupid,third rate filmy body's personal life and trying to destroy it? If any husband/wife or any lover thinks that a research scholar is unmarried because he/she is still waiting for their spouses on whom they might have had a crush on, its completely awful. Awful, because you don't have better things to do in life. Awful again because,you don't believe in your love/married life and are of such a low standard that you think that other people who are living life without disturbing anybody are silly freaks who might not have gotten over their silly puppy love,that you employ people either to spy on them or to give them "friendly advices" on how to fly and how to swim and to get counseling since you are deluded about us. Hmmmmmm....... How low can people fall? Now, who is not letting people live in peace? We who mind our own businesses, or you, who roam around giving "friendly ad(vices)" of the advantages of getting married or going for a counseling?

 When will these people understand that love/marriage is not the main goal in life and that they are the biggest distractions that can ruin studies? Of course you didn't study well in school/college, because you were tangled in in the chords of love, thinking about marriage as the ultimate goal in life! If you think that life is a candy floss romance, you are wrong. You better go and watch some standard world movies. Moreover, whether a person gets married or not is their personal affair. Who are YOU to monitor that? Huh? We research scholars aren't coming and monitoring your marital/financial or social statuses. Are we? Then why are you so keen on preaching your stupidity among over the research community?

       So to conclude, I've to tell something to you laymen. Dear laymen, research scholars are not freaks. Neither are we losers, just because we didn't opt for bangla-gaadi or to be in the "blissful married state". Nor are we irresponsible and silly like you. Nor do we believe that world is like a boring romance film. We've got very interesting things to think about and do than you. And we appreciate the fact that the mundane things you do definitely helps to sustain life. But please leave us alone. OK? We are not foot licking carpets that anybody can tread on or make fun of. We definitely have something you haven't got.

                      DETERMINATION & KNOWLEDGE 



Laymen vs Research Scholars - 3

       I talked about the common fate of research scholars. But let me now turn towards the special fate of female research scholars. Like I wrote in  "Second citizen or nobody", and as we all know, women are not supposed even to study. Well, that was an extreme statement. Still. Girls aren't encouraged to study as boys are. If at all they are allowed to study, they have to be allowed in the first place.

        But most of the times girls always top in classes in schools. If a girl tops people accuse her of mugging up! She can't study, if she studies at all, she should not perform well. If she performs well and beats almost everybody she, has some problem. Then she'll be called a nerd and abnormal person. Well this is by classmates. What about your parents and teachers? They definitely encourage these girls. And, girls always top ANY exam they write. And everybody takes pride in that. Upto a certain stage only.
        And this limit is determined by the socially prejudiced age called "wedding age when she is still tender". She should take up the engineering or medical course or the masters, but all the encouragement stops there. For pure science/arts people they should "settle down" (at the bottom) once they have finished their masters, for the professional course people, it is even worse. They don't even get to study a masters most of the time, but "settle" for a job. Then why this hype about professional courses di?

       Let me come back to the research field. So with all the prejudices, if a girl and that too a very smart girl who has topped almost everywhere she has studied, wants to go for any sort of higher studies, it is a crime! because she is refusing to follow any norms set by the "you know people". "How can somebody not bow to us? They ought to be worms like us, because we never bothered to strive to come out of our dirty holes." They should "SETTLE". Because that is what we, the non-sense society has decided.

        I so hate the word "SETTLE". Why the hell is every(stupid)body so insistent upon settling down? And hey! Settling down means you lose your craving for life. It is a pathetic situation to have nothing to do in your life than to do the daily routine, without any change. Damn the crap settling. You don't gain anything out of it.

      The worst thing is that many people associate (actually most people; ofcourse non-sense people) marriage with settling! How on earth can it be a settling business? Probably it is a business; of trading people by "settling" the amount of dowry given, after which both sides will have to "settle" issues over dowries and so on. If this is not the case, do you think that bribing a firm to get a highly paid job, to get a "settled" life is a good thing? Have you atleast live 50 years to get fed up of your life to "SETTLE DOWN"?

      See? It is "SETTLE DOWN". You never settle up. That implies once you are in the hyped state of blissful settlement, you go "DOWN". Not UP. And who told you that marriage is a bliss? In most of the cases, you get married just after you have passed a course, you don't have a solid job to finance your fantasies like bangla-gaadi or sone-chandi,you have one more person to take care of, as if taking care of yourself is very trivial, and you struggle and somehow "settle".

      What do you achieve after this settling down? Are you living the life you envisaged for yourself as a kid? Seriously; as a small kid, you always have the truest ambition in your heart,and mostly as you grow up, you let others decide your course of life. Are you living your ambition? Don't you for atleast a second wish to be what you wanted to be and yet you couldn't because you let others tread your dignity, in the name of choosing the best for you. Don't YOU know what is best for you?

      Like I said, it is like that unfitting dress which you are forced to wear. It may seem to be a beautiful dress, but that doesn't enhance your beauty or make you special if you wear it. And you can't take this dress once you wear it, for fear of displeasing many people, who had to wear similar unfitting dresses and force it upon their predecessors to take revenge, instead of trying to change the bad customs.

     And they sell it under the name,  "You can't fly if you don't wear it; you can't swim if you don't wear it; You will never get to know happiness if you don't wear it." And blah blah blah..... Who gains? Nobody. Do you need that dress to be blissful? Do you need that to fly in the open sky of your dreams? Do you need that to swim, when it will drag you along the current instead of enabling you to swim against the current? Do you really need to be a part of the herd, just for the sake of being part of something for fear of being isolated?

      I'll explain these things in explicit terms. The whole of the above paragraph is about people who think that a woman should not be an independent being, but always be in the "UNDER WORLD", even if she is smart. She should get married to some "10th grade and kushti fellow with a giant ego" and go to the job that her so called "SOCIETY" decides for her. What the hell?

Who are you to decide my life? May I ask you something?

1) Did you design my gene pool? NO.
2) Did a boy come and donate his brain to me while I was studying? NO.
3) Did a boy write the exams which I wrote and topped? NO.
4) Did a boy see what I saw in my dreams, both waking and sleeping? NO.
5) Did any boy ever do anything significant in my growth? NO.


   And what is this thing about  completion, that man completes a woman and stuff? How can anybody ever complete other people? Nobody other than you know what makes you. Trust me. It is not merely a man. You all are composites. A single person, other than yourself can't play any significant role in your life. Its like making a tea. You cannot just eat tea leaves and have a good tea time! Actually it sucks. TO have a good tea, you need, milk, you need sugar, you need fire, to heat all these and mix them properly! And the composite is called a good tea.

        Then how can you talk about MARRIAGE helping you to fly or swim or run or whatever, when there are lots of other things in your life? Like doing something which makes you a memorable person among the masses. Why don't you think about doing things on your own, instead of sitting around and hoping that your prince charming will come and salvage you? How about being a princesses precise and sharp that somebody has to strive hard to become a prince worthy so that he can even dare to look at you? Why does a girl have to lower your standards to acquire a husband or a lover? HUH?



Thursday, March 15, 2012

Laymen vs Rearch scholars - 2

      As I said in my earlier post, education is a way to get higher payment. Are, a high salary and the posh life it brings, the only consequences of education? Isn't education supposed to enlighten our souls mainly? So if somebody decides to get true enlightening, how can he/she be a loser/alien/jerk/outcast? How can you single out him/her as a person who is threatening something which ought to be followed as a ritual?

       If you are not interested in seeking truths, don't seek truths, because not everybody can seek truths. We need all sorts of people who do all sort of jobs to sustain our lives. Nobody can exist if a farmer stops farming or a cook stops cooking. So we need all. But how can you say that we don't need scientists? Centuries ago, when Faraday discovered the prototype of dynamo, nobody would have thought its immense application in modern power generators. And see the whole world of laymen needs electricity to do almost everything they do in their lives, from cooking in a microwave oven to watching a movie in a multiplex or watching channels on their 32 inch flat screen LCD TV, which requires electromagnetism, modulation and liquid crystals respectively, all contributions of science. And what more nobody can survive without the medicines, science has helped to develop, to treat diseases! How can laymen insult science and its followers, when they need science on a day to day basis to survive?


     So what is wrong if somebody decides to pursue science out of the pure desire to understand "the nature of things"? Laymen never call a person who pursues theology a crack pot when most of the times life is made hell in the name of religions and stupid things like astrology and other superstitions. Nobody is concerned about preventing the evils spread in the names of Gods and beliefs. Everybody is bothered about nuclear power plants which they don't  even know the working of! They don't even know anything about the study of history or culture or literature or linguistics or anything which acts as means of enlightening the soul, other than the spirituality that they are read to buy at any cost just to be a part of the herd.

      Out of all things you have to be bothered about why research scholars want to do research when they have successfully finished MSc or MA or MPhil or BEd
 and can write any exam, pass it and bribe some college to get a job and start teaching, thus, trying to secure a life to "settle down" and get married to someone who won't take a risk in life just to see what remarkable thing he/she can do with their lives, and have children whom they  will bring up like this and they live like this, to repeat the same things and so on and so on......How boring!

     Why can't you just appreciate the fact that they are taking a risk in their lives, by not living it the usual way everybody else lives, because they want to be different or they are different. Is, being different a fault? Is being a studious girl/boy a fault? Is doing research a crime?

     You are ready to appreciate or even lit unwanted competition among children when they are in school. If a student is a decent, above average student, almost everybody tries to kindle a competitive spirit in that kid, so that he/she will perform well. But sometimes this unfortunately goes wrong, when some of these well wishers end up blaming the kid for not being first always (as if these well wishers could have done it always, let alone be in the top 10), thus ruining its confidence. But yes. Everybody atleast pretends to encourage this kid to study.
And most of the times the above average student is forced to study science in plus two even if he/she has interest in humanities. This love for science is only because of the money thing, with an evil eye on the benefits gained from the kid becoming a doctor or engineer.


         Let me ask you a question. How many of these engineering/medical students go for the Masters degree after the highly hyped Bachelor's degree? How many extra ordinary engineers/ doctors are there? Very few. All get caught up in the MMS = Money Marriage Settlement business. The followers of pure science or arts subject go for the masters and higher than masters compared to these professional course students. Most of them go for a BEd and most of them become guest lectures in colleges/bank employees (yes, but the good part is, somebody with a reasonable knowledge of science /Maths will work in economical firms)/school/college teachers. None of this is bad. Because had there been none of these people even my life wouldn't have gone like this.

          But that doesn't mean that everybody ought to follow the same routine! If atleast one among them feels like stepping out of the box and walking towards his/her aim which is far away from all these "normal" things, let them do so. You can't block a person's dreams. [When they mean no harm.] If somebody wants to do research, it is his/her right and any attitude/comment/abuse (even soft)/singling out is a violation of human rights.




Laymen Vs Research scholars

      I request everybody who reads this, not to be offended by anything which you read in this, for, it is very likely that you may feel unavoidable similarities with something which you know very well. But I can't help writing this, because even though I had been thinking for a long time about writing this, something boosted me in the direction of writing this ASAP. I dedicate this to all the research scholars I know and don't know, who are being seen as some out of the world creatures by the so called laymen.


      It is not a crime to be a layman. Most of us are laymen in one way or the other. Here I am going to talk about science and its laymen. I am not discussing the aspect called science and how laymen look up on science, but I am going to discuss a rather funny thing called "how laymen view science research students (especially girls)" as a threat to the society. Not because they think that we are learning science (which most of these great laymen don't know anything about, because they never bothered to use their brain analytically or logically instead of using it to make gossip stories while in school) which these very laymen twist and turn according to their wild fantasies and claim that will bring doomsday (yeah doomsday) because they have nothing better to do than sit and well indulge in their false pride they carry. But because we are people who are still students even after 20 or 25 or 30. This is the most common thing a research scholar of science faces, especially if it is a very strong willed female.


      Talking from the female aspect of this phenomenon, let me start from the very beginning; i.e, the school days. All of us go to school, be it a fancy one or a very ordinary one. All of us want to study how to read. Even if a kid hates going to school, his/her parents will forcibly send him/her to school so that this kid doesn't grow up to be a stupid one, or at least will be able to read and write to save from legal problems. I've already written something about the false pretensions people show in child education, so I am not digressing into it.

    So, we've a girl child whose parents want her to get proper education so that she won't fall behind anybody. Atleast that is how it starts. Education is always liberating. A poor girl is not allowed to pursue any education including primary education, a middle class girl is allowed to study till some class, but has to bow her will before the so called "you know" people and a rich girl may or may not study at all, since she is so rich that she can live on her wealth even if she doesn't go for a job.

     Yes. Education is away of getting trained to earn a living for a middle class girl. If you are reasonably educated, you get a highly paid job and there'll be a train of things which will happen. For a poor girl it is a way out. Way out to prove the society which otherwise oppresses her, her worth and abilities. Education always carries this wonderful consequence called "getting paid" depending upon the level of education you have. For example, in certain jobs, if there are many people tied up for a promotion on the duration of service, their educational qualification is used as a criterion to determine the deserving one. So if you look upon education from the point of view of something which makes you a highly paid professional, it is a good reason to be educated. Because people with higher degrees are considered monetarily more valuable. The higher the degree, the more your monetary value is. This is only reason why the megalomaniac parents of boys getting highly paid think that their (MCP) son is worth a billion Euro dowry, when the truth is that he may be highly paid, but you know he definitely lacks something. Something which I'll talk about later.


Monday, March 5, 2012

The second citizen or nobody - Part 3

4) "The unsold CARGO." : Does it ring any bell? For those who didn't understand, this is what a girl is insulted by, if she remains a maiden even after the "TENDER" years of below 25 or 20!!! (Who cares for rules about wedding age?) Another analog is life "filling the house". As if she is some kind of useless tree which should be cut for timber if she exceeds the limits of the house!!! This is really insulting. And the abusers use the word cargo to refer to females. Cargo rings bells as some object or a shipment to me. But then by calling a woman cargo what do you morons imply? That she is some kind of object and not a human? Humans can't be cargo. So you are not even considering her as a human!

   Tell me this thing? Why is is so irritating to for you to see an unmarried woman? Is it because it restricts all the possible fantasies you can imagine about her and her "husband"? Or is it because you are itching for something else? Or are you deriving the pleasure out of insulting a woman for being independent just because you are damn jealous of her?

    The usual lame excuse everybody gives for forcing a girl to get married by 25 is that she will lose her "TENDERNESS" after that age!!! How disgusting! Is a girl a vegetable that she has to be "EATEN" before she loses her "TENDERNESS"? But what about this? Most of the time these "TENDER" girls are served to "STALE" people. Why is it not an offense to anybody? If girls have to be tender, boys too have to be tender. Right? And if a girl demands that, she is a loser, on account of loosing tenderness, she has lost her eligibility to demand tender men! If any stranger tells you this it can be neglected. But when your own parents become abusers who insult you with words with no regards for what you are, or what you aim to be in life is extremely unethical. Parents may be biological parents. But that doesn't mean that they can demoralize their daughters and insult them and torture them mentally just to save their face in the society.

      If you are so ashamed of having a daughter, why didn't you kill her when she didn't know about resistance and human rights? Any daughter with an ambition in her life would rather have death than be forced into unacceptable things, by her own parents. If you are so ashamed of her being an independent person, why did you educate her to a higher degree? You should have made her a10th pass.

[The situation presently discussed happened in the upper middle class families where people have lots of egos, and where they can't admit that they are behind anybody [yeah unfortunately, these educated upper middle class families where most of the members are bureaucrats never learn anything form their education and their lives, education itself is a fancy way for them to make money and "SETTLE" in life where they fail to achieve anything].]

     So if they have a brilliant girl who excels in everything which she does you think that she is out of your control as soon as she decides what she needs from her life. In many cases the family is so conservative and hypocritical that they refuse her to pursue any art if she has a passion for dance, music or painting; she is is allowed only to study and "SETTLE AND SECURE" (WHERE IS SECURITY IN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE?) her life. What more? She should study, but not after the limits they have drawn! It is like you can eat, but you can't feast because you are a woman.

    If she wants to be a mechanical engineer or a journalist, she can't be one because it will restrict her prospect of tenderness and a good broom; sorry groom. I f she wants to be an actress or a dancer, she can't be, because she will be called a slut by the society. [But parents who force children to act for their own monetary gain are also not rare.] The only thing she can be is a school teacher or a teacher. She can't even be an IPS officer!!! School teacher is safe and secure, college teacher is also safe and secure and perfectly fits the definition the stinking society has developed for the calm and quite woman. Being a teacher is a very good thing. But I don't think that teaching a bunch of rouges (a good teacher can make them good) who come to school with weapons and blue tooth enabled mobile phones through which they take pictures of this poor teacher's body parts if her sari seems to be out of place (since sari is that parisudh dress which preserves the dignity (blah blah blah) of womanhood (enabling the onlookers a very good look at any accidentally exposed parts) and circulate it without shame, is a safe job anymore. It is safer to piolet a plane than to teach in a school these days. 

         So, if she has aims in her life other than you parents have tailor made for her, you better abandon your plans dear parents. Because you can't make a person wear a dress which doesn't fit her and act full time in a play. Here the play is the life itself. If a person chooses her own dress which makes her look even more beautiful, even though it is a bit extraordinary, you should not force her to wear the normal dress you've made for her. That will be pure injustice on your part.

          Nobody has the right to decide anybody's future and career. If somebody had to settle for something they didn't like and couldn't achieve what they wanted, they should not be jealous of their daughters who have specific goals in life. Being parents of a girl and lamenting that you didn't have a boy is like insulting your daughter. All such parents would have let their sons do what ever they wanted (and unfortunately in our country, nobody places taboos on boys even if they commit sever crimes). If you can't accept the ambitions of your daughter, you have not understood her at all. And torturing a girl (be she a student or a girl in any other profession) in the name of getting married before her "tenderness" is gone, just to save your own selfish social status, just because some other dumb people are manhandling their own daughters, is a punishable crime. There definitely is something called human rights. And women are humans.

         All the atrocities both (sexual and mental) arise from the master-slave mentality. It is the characteristic of a master-slave situation to exploit the slave in as many ways as possible. Here women are exploited for sex, for labor, for money, for dignity, and for everything else. If a woman  tries to break out of that slavery, the damn controllers (who have nothing inside their brains) won't accept it. Because if they break free, they lose their slaves who can bring them their luxuries. Equality can never be brought, because it will cause all of these otherwise losers to fall down from their ivory towers. Are well educated high-middle class women seeing through the plans of the "masters"? DO you understand that you are your own masters? Otherwise there is no point in celebrating the women's day on a particular day called March 8th. Can you make everyday your day women? Can you?

PS: There is a story in Mahabharata about a valiant queen Prameela who captured the yaga horse and whom Arjuna couldn't defeat during Ashwamedha. He arrived at a pact with her based on an "ANNOUNCEMENT from heaven" to marry her and make her give him the horse back. I hope everybody can read through the lines.


The second citizen or nobody - Part 2

3) How women become enemies of women.
       The classic example of women becoming enemies of women is dowry, where a monster-in-law (in other words mother in law (like that in the Hollywood comedy Monster-in-law)) will be present. Dowry is a form of  groomed extortion, the only difference is that the girl is not kidnapped, but married and dragged with a "mangalsutra" in her neck, with the consent of her parents who have to save their face and social status (so that they can brag about how they conducted their daughter's wedding in a grand manner (inside story of huge bank loans often don't see daylight unless the family commits mass suicide (?) after being unable to pay the debts) (for they are not brave like the out casted man who refused to paint the house yellow). I'll deal with the "headaches" these parents face for having an unmarried girl in their house and how they torture her mentally for being a free person.

      So out of pressure from the controllers in the society who has nothing creative to do, rather than gossiping about unmarried girls,they settle for anything (including a jobless crap who can't support this girl in any way) leaving the poor girl to hell. As I wrote in one of my previous posts, an amount of money which is not affordable is spent for something which doesn't even last a day (I mean the wedding ceremony, not the marriage,but it is true that, in most of the cases, this is also true, the marriage doesn't last at all in the name of dowry and domestic violence). The idea of "pativrata" wife and all is fine, but you can't ask a girl/women to tolerate domestic violence and mental torture her so called (crappy) husband and his family brings her. I don't know why the monsters in laws often forget that they are also women and there is something called human rights.

     Well if at all there is human rights, these poor girls don't know about it. Right? They were not given enough education to know about human rights. Instead of giving formal education, to help them have a better life, they are given unscientific sex education and lessons of submission. They are taught not to protest even if somebody touches them without their permission. And that she must submit herself to her "(crappy AH)husband's" wishes even if it is against her own wish. In other words she should not have a wish of her own. She can't be the master of her body. She can't deny when she doesn't want sex and she can't demand when she wants it. If she denies it is a sin. If she demands she is a slut. If the reverse was applied to the other gender, most of them would have become eligible to be labeled as sluts.

       And instead of supporting a girl who suffers from domestic violence her parents (often her mother, because her father never bothers to save her life to "preserve" his name and "STATUS" in the society) ask her to bear more and more of the torture from cruel people. Dear parents, would you have tolerated all these violences if you could escape out of it? The honest answer is NO. These parents have nothing else to think other than their status. They don't bother if their daughter arrives back home tomorrow as a dead body. They can be "PROUD" because they have successfully managed to murder their daughter (which they couldn't do 20 years ago). 

     Talking about murdering girl children, let me ask one question to the self appointed controllers of the female gender. If you murder girls, who will you use to satisfy your fantasies then? You have got such boiling fantasies inside your otherwise defunct brain, that you attack any female in your vicinity irrespective of their ages. Do you think that just because you were born with an XY configuration you can torture others?

 Give me an answer to this society, you don't need girls because they are a burden. You are willing to kill them as fetus because they don't bring monetary gain as dowry (only they bring monetary loss). But you need females to produce off springs. So you'll attack any female since there is a lack of women population due to your own fault of killing them as children. You have become so desperate that you attack anybody who looks like a woman. You look upon a woman as a mere "torous" (yes according to you she doesn't have anything else) combined with a "gaussian". According to you she is just a jack to plug in your fantasies. Shame on you. SHAME ON YOU SOCIETY. WHERE HAVE YOU ADVANCED? OR HAVE YOU ADVANCED FROM THE AGE WHEN YOU COULDN'T ACCESS YOUR FANTASIES EASILY TO A TIME WHEN YOU CAN "UPLOAD AND DOWNLOAD" YOUR FANTASIES? Not only that. You'll abuse any child, boy or girl to ruin their self respect, just because you lost it same way long ago. Right? Or if you haven't lost anything, it is always fun to watch others getting tortured. Right?

            And if a girl complains about a stranger or a family member who behaves abnormally to her, it is not the abuser's fault according to you, but it is the girl's fault. It is unfortunate that in many of the homes girls are taught "to be disciplined". DO you know what discipline really means? Discipline doesn't mean to be quite and submissive. Unfortunately most the olden day (of course they are old) grandmothers and conservative mothers teach their daughters lessons on how to satisfy their beaus, and not on how to defend themselves from evil people (both men and women). Thus women are taught right from their child hood to be submissive. Why should a woman be submissive? She is a far more intelligent animal than a man. In all other genus in the animal kingdom, the male has to try hard to get the female partner. In humans only, the women have to satisfy certain conditions to satisfy men and impress them and so on. Where has human civilization evolved to? Or can you call this civilization?

The second citizen or the nobody. - Part 1

On March 8th is the International women's day. So this post is a bit early.
I came to hear about this day very accidentally when I was very young. Accidentally because I saw an ad by Ponds wishing all women a happy women's day. Before that I didn't even know that there was such a day. How nice! A day for women. I was very happy. But I understood its significance or the other side of it. Women have only one day in their name.  All other days are for the men! This is a funny thought. But there is a truth in it. Despite observing a day in the honor of women all over the world, they are treated as nobody. Not even as the second citizen.

    Many girls grow up facing the asymmetry between the care given to them and the boys in the family. Single girl children never have to face it during their childhood, but certainly there are incidents when she is denied freedom by the conservative family who thinks that girls should not be out of the box in any ways.
There are many many issues relating to women, which have been discussed over and over heatedly, be it about how to control women or about how to liberate women. Nothing much has come out of it.

   The way society views and handles women is very ridiculous and self paradoxical. If they obey all those things which the society forces upon them, then they are good women. Else they are bad. This is an explicit demonstration of how mob mentality (statistics) controls human life. There was a play about a man who refused to paint his house yellow to support the local soccer team like all his neighbors and was thrown out of his on house and society for his refusal. In most of the cases, this is what happens to a rebellious woman who want to swim against the flow. It is not because she is wrong (or the man was wrong) but the society (mob who demanded yellow painting) is (was) clouded with prejudices (mob sometimes loses sense) and fear that a woman fighting against the norms will change a tremendous trigger which may ultimately shake the status of the so called self appointed normalizers of the society. I am citing here, some of the things on which girls/women are tortured by the self declared "good" society. I am citing my observations.

1) There is a woman/girl who wears a jeans. It is not very surprising that there are men who shamelessly look up on these women with their mouths open and to hide their own mistake blame women for dressing provocatively. Do women stand on road sides in a group and comment on the internal and external organs of the guys passing by? Do they ask them to give a bite or taste of their body parts? Do they come and harass you? Do women stand on roadside exhibiting their reproductive organs? Who acts indecently? Huh? Women who wear jeans? Or women who dress like what they want? [Well dressing without a sense of your body makes you look ugly even you are wearing a supposedly sexy dress. This is for people who go after blind fashion statements.] So, if a pretty girl likes to wear a mini skirt [which will make her pretty and not ugly], what is your problem?

2) A smart girl walks by or rides a vehicle. 100% of the autowalas who are otherwise jobless and all the other jobless gossipers who gossip with other jobless gossipers (actually they have an unpaid job; the job of harassing women with their actions) spit loudly as the girl/woman passes by. It is as if they can't abuse the girl/woman directly by words, but spitting is a passive insult which these morons use to "prove" their "authority". There is one incident which I witnessed 4 years ago. A female conductor was on a transport bus doing her duty decently. A male passenger who was almost 50+  age got so jealous of her that he abused her for not signaling to stop the bus in his stop! Actually that bus was an ordinary bus which stops all the way along, wherever there is a legal stop. Clearly this moron fellow was trying to show his authority to a decent government employee since it was a female! I really wanted to slap that moron at that time. Even I had an experience of a man abusing me. He was an executive looking man who had a French beard with tucked in shirt and a suitcase. I was standing in his front waiting to get down when the bus stopped. This fellow bullied me and called me by names in a public bus stand for not getting down from the bus. Actually the bus hadn't stopped and it was going into the bus stand to halt properly. He was an ~ 50 year old moron. Couldn't he see that a person cannot get down from a bus /should not get down from a bus in illegal places into dense traffic? Even if I forgive him for being  a moron how can I oversee the fact that he was abusing a girl who was not even half his age in a public place in unparliamentary language? Who is he to abuse me? Who is he to abuse anybody? I wonder what torture he gives to his family ( I wonder if he has one). Surely he was a crack pot. Infact some men are crack pots. They don't know how to behave.

      All they can think about is either money or sex or how to gain authority by being macho. Nothing creative occurs in their brains and they live like worms spreading diseases in the society. And they corrupt the good women who happen  to be in their vicinity too. Adharva veda says that any man who corrupts a highly principled woman is a creep (this is my translation, I couldn't find a word better than "creep").  Thus women also become enemies of women.