Monday, March 5, 2012

The second citizen or the nobody. - Part 1

On March 8th is the International women's day. So this post is a bit early.
I came to hear about this day very accidentally when I was very young. Accidentally because I saw an ad by Ponds wishing all women a happy women's day. Before that I didn't even know that there was such a day. How nice! A day for women. I was very happy. But I understood its significance or the other side of it. Women have only one day in their name.  All other days are for the men! This is a funny thought. But there is a truth in it. Despite observing a day in the honor of women all over the world, they are treated as nobody. Not even as the second citizen.

    Many girls grow up facing the asymmetry between the care given to them and the boys in the family. Single girl children never have to face it during their childhood, but certainly there are incidents when she is denied freedom by the conservative family who thinks that girls should not be out of the box in any ways.
There are many many issues relating to women, which have been discussed over and over heatedly, be it about how to control women or about how to liberate women. Nothing much has come out of it.

   The way society views and handles women is very ridiculous and self paradoxical. If they obey all those things which the society forces upon them, then they are good women. Else they are bad. This is an explicit demonstration of how mob mentality (statistics) controls human life. There was a play about a man who refused to paint his house yellow to support the local soccer team like all his neighbors and was thrown out of his on house and society for his refusal. In most of the cases, this is what happens to a rebellious woman who want to swim against the flow. It is not because she is wrong (or the man was wrong) but the society (mob who demanded yellow painting) is (was) clouded with prejudices (mob sometimes loses sense) and fear that a woman fighting against the norms will change a tremendous trigger which may ultimately shake the status of the so called self appointed normalizers of the society. I am citing here, some of the things on which girls/women are tortured by the self declared "good" society. I am citing my observations.

1) There is a woman/girl who wears a jeans. It is not very surprising that there are men who shamelessly look up on these women with their mouths open and to hide their own mistake blame women for dressing provocatively. Do women stand on road sides in a group and comment on the internal and external organs of the guys passing by? Do they ask them to give a bite or taste of their body parts? Do they come and harass you? Do women stand on roadside exhibiting their reproductive organs? Who acts indecently? Huh? Women who wear jeans? Or women who dress like what they want? [Well dressing without a sense of your body makes you look ugly even you are wearing a supposedly sexy dress. This is for people who go after blind fashion statements.] So, if a pretty girl likes to wear a mini skirt [which will make her pretty and not ugly], what is your problem?

2) A smart girl walks by or rides a vehicle. 100% of the autowalas who are otherwise jobless and all the other jobless gossipers who gossip with other jobless gossipers (actually they have an unpaid job; the job of harassing women with their actions) spit loudly as the girl/woman passes by. It is as if they can't abuse the girl/woman directly by words, but spitting is a passive insult which these morons use to "prove" their "authority". There is one incident which I witnessed 4 years ago. A female conductor was on a transport bus doing her duty decently. A male passenger who was almost 50+  age got so jealous of her that he abused her for not signaling to stop the bus in his stop! Actually that bus was an ordinary bus which stops all the way along, wherever there is a legal stop. Clearly this moron fellow was trying to show his authority to a decent government employee since it was a female! I really wanted to slap that moron at that time. Even I had an experience of a man abusing me. He was an executive looking man who had a French beard with tucked in shirt and a suitcase. I was standing in his front waiting to get down when the bus stopped. This fellow bullied me and called me by names in a public bus stand for not getting down from the bus. Actually the bus hadn't stopped and it was going into the bus stand to halt properly. He was an ~ 50 year old moron. Couldn't he see that a person cannot get down from a bus /should not get down from a bus in illegal places into dense traffic? Even if I forgive him for being  a moron how can I oversee the fact that he was abusing a girl who was not even half his age in a public place in unparliamentary language? Who is he to abuse me? Who is he to abuse anybody? I wonder what torture he gives to his family ( I wonder if he has one). Surely he was a crack pot. Infact some men are crack pots. They don't know how to behave.

      All they can think about is either money or sex or how to gain authority by being macho. Nothing creative occurs in their brains and they live like worms spreading diseases in the society. And they corrupt the good women who happen  to be in their vicinity too. Adharva veda says that any man who corrupts a highly principled woman is a creep (this is my translation, I couldn't find a word better than "creep").  Thus women also become enemies of women.



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