Thursday, March 15, 2012

Laymen Vs Research scholars

      I request everybody who reads this, not to be offended by anything which you read in this, for, it is very likely that you may feel unavoidable similarities with something which you know very well. But I can't help writing this, because even though I had been thinking for a long time about writing this, something boosted me in the direction of writing this ASAP. I dedicate this to all the research scholars I know and don't know, who are being seen as some out of the world creatures by the so called laymen.


      It is not a crime to be a layman. Most of us are laymen in one way or the other. Here I am going to talk about science and its laymen. I am not discussing the aspect called science and how laymen look up on science, but I am going to discuss a rather funny thing called "how laymen view science research students (especially girls)" as a threat to the society. Not because they think that we are learning science (which most of these great laymen don't know anything about, because they never bothered to use their brain analytically or logically instead of using it to make gossip stories while in school) which these very laymen twist and turn according to their wild fantasies and claim that will bring doomsday (yeah doomsday) because they have nothing better to do than sit and well indulge in their false pride they carry. But because we are people who are still students even after 20 or 25 or 30. This is the most common thing a research scholar of science faces, especially if it is a very strong willed female.


      Talking from the female aspect of this phenomenon, let me start from the very beginning; i.e, the school days. All of us go to school, be it a fancy one or a very ordinary one. All of us want to study how to read. Even if a kid hates going to school, his/her parents will forcibly send him/her to school so that this kid doesn't grow up to be a stupid one, or at least will be able to read and write to save from legal problems. I've already written something about the false pretensions people show in child education, so I am not digressing into it.

    So, we've a girl child whose parents want her to get proper education so that she won't fall behind anybody. Atleast that is how it starts. Education is always liberating. A poor girl is not allowed to pursue any education including primary education, a middle class girl is allowed to study till some class, but has to bow her will before the so called "you know" people and a rich girl may or may not study at all, since she is so rich that she can live on her wealth even if she doesn't go for a job.

     Yes. Education is away of getting trained to earn a living for a middle class girl. If you are reasonably educated, you get a highly paid job and there'll be a train of things which will happen. For a poor girl it is a way out. Way out to prove the society which otherwise oppresses her, her worth and abilities. Education always carries this wonderful consequence called "getting paid" depending upon the level of education you have. For example, in certain jobs, if there are many people tied up for a promotion on the duration of service, their educational qualification is used as a criterion to determine the deserving one. So if you look upon education from the point of view of something which makes you a highly paid professional, it is a good reason to be educated. Because people with higher degrees are considered monetarily more valuable. The higher the degree, the more your monetary value is. This is only reason why the megalomaniac parents of boys getting highly paid think that their (MCP) son is worth a billion Euro dowry, when the truth is that he may be highly paid, but you know he definitely lacks something. Something which I'll talk about later.


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