Thursday, March 15, 2012

Laymen vs Rearch scholars - 2

      As I said in my earlier post, education is a way to get higher payment. Are, a high salary and the posh life it brings, the only consequences of education? Isn't education supposed to enlighten our souls mainly? So if somebody decides to get true enlightening, how can he/she be a loser/alien/jerk/outcast? How can you single out him/her as a person who is threatening something which ought to be followed as a ritual?

       If you are not interested in seeking truths, don't seek truths, because not everybody can seek truths. We need all sorts of people who do all sort of jobs to sustain our lives. Nobody can exist if a farmer stops farming or a cook stops cooking. So we need all. But how can you say that we don't need scientists? Centuries ago, when Faraday discovered the prototype of dynamo, nobody would have thought its immense application in modern power generators. And see the whole world of laymen needs electricity to do almost everything they do in their lives, from cooking in a microwave oven to watching a movie in a multiplex or watching channels on their 32 inch flat screen LCD TV, which requires electromagnetism, modulation and liquid crystals respectively, all contributions of science. And what more nobody can survive without the medicines, science has helped to develop, to treat diseases! How can laymen insult science and its followers, when they need science on a day to day basis to survive?


     So what is wrong if somebody decides to pursue science out of the pure desire to understand "the nature of things"? Laymen never call a person who pursues theology a crack pot when most of the times life is made hell in the name of religions and stupid things like astrology and other superstitions. Nobody is concerned about preventing the evils spread in the names of Gods and beliefs. Everybody is bothered about nuclear power plants which they don't  even know the working of! They don't even know anything about the study of history or culture or literature or linguistics or anything which acts as means of enlightening the soul, other than the spirituality that they are read to buy at any cost just to be a part of the herd.

      Out of all things you have to be bothered about why research scholars want to do research when they have successfully finished MSc or MA or MPhil or BEd
 and can write any exam, pass it and bribe some college to get a job and start teaching, thus, trying to secure a life to "settle down" and get married to someone who won't take a risk in life just to see what remarkable thing he/she can do with their lives, and have children whom they  will bring up like this and they live like this, to repeat the same things and so on and so on......How boring!

     Why can't you just appreciate the fact that they are taking a risk in their lives, by not living it the usual way everybody else lives, because they want to be different or they are different. Is, being different a fault? Is being a studious girl/boy a fault? Is doing research a crime?

     You are ready to appreciate or even lit unwanted competition among children when they are in school. If a student is a decent, above average student, almost everybody tries to kindle a competitive spirit in that kid, so that he/she will perform well. But sometimes this unfortunately goes wrong, when some of these well wishers end up blaming the kid for not being first always (as if these well wishers could have done it always, let alone be in the top 10), thus ruining its confidence. But yes. Everybody atleast pretends to encourage this kid to study.
And most of the times the above average student is forced to study science in plus two even if he/she has interest in humanities. This love for science is only because of the money thing, with an evil eye on the benefits gained from the kid becoming a doctor or engineer.


         Let me ask you a question. How many of these engineering/medical students go for the Masters degree after the highly hyped Bachelor's degree? How many extra ordinary engineers/ doctors are there? Very few. All get caught up in the MMS = Money Marriage Settlement business. The followers of pure science or arts subject go for the masters and higher than masters compared to these professional course students. Most of them go for a BEd and most of them become guest lectures in colleges/bank employees (yes, but the good part is, somebody with a reasonable knowledge of science /Maths will work in economical firms)/school/college teachers. None of this is bad. Because had there been none of these people even my life wouldn't have gone like this.

          But that doesn't mean that everybody ought to follow the same routine! If atleast one among them feels like stepping out of the box and walking towards his/her aim which is far away from all these "normal" things, let them do so. You can't block a person's dreams. [When they mean no harm.] If somebody wants to do research, it is his/her right and any attitude/comment/abuse (even soft)/singling out is a violation of human rights.




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