Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For those who take the world for granted...... Part 2

So for all those who believe in astrology, let me ask you something? You have only a few number of "heavenly bodies" which are supposed to influence people's lives. I can tell that gravity has a universal influence on everything. But if I take an astronomical scale, I have huge number of heavenly bodies to influence my life. Why don't you put it into your "science"? Wait. Don't try to mix real astrophysics or cosmology with your fraudology. You can never calculate what influence can a heavenly body have on a human, save, the earth. Because yours is just a hit or miss "science". It can be a fun. But it should not be the criterion on which people's lives are decided.

   I'll cite some ironic examples in this regard. If you take many of the stories in Greek mythology, you'll find that people who had tried to avoid  the "fate" predicted by astrologers ended up having the exact fate! Why did they end up having that? Because they tried to bypass the fate. Why? Because they blindly believed the predictions and acted to avoid it thus increasing the probability of having that fate!!! Many such things happen in our lives too. But not so drastically as with these characters. But many humans, forget rationality and behave stupidly.

     Has anybody thought why people behave so irrationally? That is probably because people on't think about anything. Sorry. They think. But they don't think in the right direction. As a human, have you ever considered yourself as a machine which has nine organ systems in you? Have you ever thought that you are a mammal, a vertebrate and are a eukaryote? Have you ever thought that you have many different processes taking place in your body? Have you ever thought that you have electrons and nucleons in your body? Have you ever appreciated the fact that there are quarks and leptons in your body??? Or have you ever thought about anything other than money and "settlement"? No. All you think is about your bank balance. And you don't even know how your radio works. But you are not least bothered about any of these. Because you are a highly evolved species, with such a wonderful brain , that it can imagine all gods and demons and fantasies. And you fill your lives with worries about bank balances and potential enemies who can inflict harm on you by doing dark magic!!!

   For one moment if you try to free yourself from cliches of life standards imposed on you, you will be able to appreciate the world around you. Then you'll understand that someday somebody will be able to study the tomography of earth using neutrinos. There were people who thought that electricity was a useless thing. They had the same attitude towards electricity running appliances, just as yours towards neutrino tomography. But electricity was found to be useful. But you don't appreciate electricity, because you have it in plenty.

     It is truly boring to live a life without appreciating anything in it! All you will do is to believe that society is the biggest thing and miss all the other things. Yes. Society is a big thing. It is part of being alive. But what if the society can't promote anything other than monotony? All great thoughts have come from people who thought differently. From people who atleast took pains to think (whether they thought in the right direction or not is another question, but they atleast thought). Unless you think, you can't value your life. Otherwise you'll always take your life for granted and value it only in terms of your possessions or achievements or bank balance. That is not fair. It will be like doing injustice to your highly developed brain (not providing it good food for thought rather than tethering it to monotonous things). [In one way human social and psychological evolution is a very complicated thing. Probably it is part of the evolution that we have become a species which take the world for granted!!! EEEEE....What a pity! Does it mean that people who think rationally will cease to exist and people will drown in the dark see of oblivion and ignorance???]

     True value of living and nonliving things can be understood, only if you stop taking everything for granted. Because world is a wonderful place and the universe in which it exists and the universes which exist in it are even more wonderful.

For those who take the world for granted...... Part 1

  Probably I am under the influence of being half way through "Sophie's world", but I can't help saying that that book expresses the same ideas some of us have had or still have in our minds. Though I am only half way through the book, I can say that it is my kind of a book. :) But I don't intend to write a book review, I intend to do something else. I want to point your attention towards something else.[But the book definitely brought back my own line of thinking. :) ]

   What I want to tell is how some people take their world for granted. This is a very plain statement. Why do people take the world for granted? Because they think that the world was built for them!!! I am not going to dwell upon the implications of religious beliefs on people, I leave that discussion for another occasion (probably the book review). We all, in one way or the other think that the world is built for us. When we can't comprehend the truths of life rationally, we seek shelter in supernatural or mysterious things. [Probably this is the effect of the history we bear upon us; the history of the whole mankind and philosophy.]

   What is supernatural? Well in the modern age, we know that there are only natural things and no supernatural things. Yet people believe in supernatural things!!! How? They may not believe in ghosts and blood sucking vampires, but people believe in some kind of black or dark magic which can ruin them!!! And who does it? Somebody who has got a grudge on them! Wow! Had dark magic existed, countries needn't have spent lots of money on armed forces!!!

  The most pitiful condition is when even educated people believe in such stupid things. There existed a lot of secret chemical methods of harming people in the ancient times. When people didn't know anything about chemical formulas people could have called them magic, dark or illuminated, but if you know the exact properties of the chemical used you could easily understand the "reason" behind "magic".But even in an era when the the knowledge of science has grown so much, that people should have started thinking rationally and reasonably, there exist superstitions.

   It is not in the form of fear of any unknown phenomena, but in the form of correlating things in a n unnecessary fashion. For example, an electrical lantern battery, a fan and a tube get damaged successively with in a time period of 2 or 3 months. What would a rational person conclude? That something is wrong with the appliances which got damaged (most likely reason) or they got damaged because of their age. For example, there is no wonder if a 30 year old fan stops running one fine day. That doesn't , mean that it is a bad omen, but it is because it is 30 years old! Similarly for other things.

   But what will an irrational person make out of all these? He/she will make out that these were indications of a forthcoming doomsday and all appliances' failure were bad omens indicating the doomsday!!! Such people will assign particular values to Tuesdays and Fridays (basically ghost days!!!) and assign values to particular times of the day like 6pm, 12 midnight and so on? What happens at 12 midnight on 13th the Friday night? Nothing! But these people will find out n number of reasons to panic or believe that all these are bad times!!! Ooooffff. Poor people. They have so many bad times in their lives that they can't find enough good times to live!!!
    The root of all these superstitions is cowardice or the inability to face life or any bad thing that can happen in life. But the thing I don't understand is why people think that bad will come to them, instead of thinking that good will come to them? If they have to think about something good, they have to hold on to all gods created by man and be excessively fearful of god? They can't accept the nature as such, they have to call it god!!! Dear people, all gods and demons or devils exist inside your own brains. Your neurons and their  functions are responsible for all these. Gods didn't create the world or the worlds, world was born due to some unknown reason which people are probing. And all unknown things are not gods or devils! So basically you can't base your life on bogus assumptions like stars (?) and planets (?) can influence your individual lives.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gossip world

Disclaimer : I don't claim that I don't gossip, but here I am going to write about extreme gossipers who pose a threat to the entire society and world.This is a quick blog, so please forgive me if I sound incoherent.

 I am at home free from work enjoying vacation. So I can write as much as I want about anything. So I am going to express some of my anger towards extreme gossipers aka, societal parasites. Why parasites? Because gossip never brings anybody anything good, but instead brews unwanted feelings and destroys people. Origin of gossip? Idle people who have no intention to acquire knowledge in their lives, those idiots who think that they are damn filthy rich that they have some kind of place in a society, media( this is the worst part) and all who have ego problems (both inferiority and superiority complexes; out of which inferiority complexes often lead to gossips).

There is a saying that an idle mind is the home of devil. There is also a saying (of the new world) that, great people talk ideas, small people talk people. Yes. Small people don't have anything interesting to talk but, people, love, and daily life. Because they don't spend enough time to think. All they do is talk talk and talk crap and spread evil like a poisonous gas in the minds of people. Neither do they take efforts to learn anything, but they watch all the crap serials (Oh my God how did I exclude serials from the gossip list? Sops = gossips, 99% of the time.) or reality shows and discuss the extremely low standard episodes everyday over the phone. And what more (some social networking principle can be applied to how  a set of gossipers work), their networks are so well connected that they don't miss any bit of news about a person. They are the ones who really help the telecom services grow (apart from lovers who waste time over the phone), due to their unnecessary talking.

Gossipers have all sort of things to talk about. The underlying mentality of gossip is the ego that one is above everybody else.Most of the time this comes from the false pride that they have more assets than anybody else (in the form of beauty,brain, money or relations) and are aimed at people towards whom they carry a grudge because these gossipers are jealous of them. Well let me ask something. If you are jealous of somebody for achieving something, why do you sit and gossip, instead of trying to achieve something on your own? Or are you trying to become a champion gossiper?

 Only because you don't have a job, because you didn't try to study and get one, but just acted as a parasite to your family, sucking the benefits of others' hard work, how do you become eligible for anybody's sympathy? How does a marital status (not even acquired by your hard work) put you in a high place in society that you can brag about yourself and look upon others (who were graceful enough to arrange that marital status for you) as lowly people? Who made you the king or queen of the world, that you can gossip (talk bad) about anybody around you and behave ungracefully like some low standard person (considering your "status" in society how can you act like a third rate or even below third rate person)? And who told you that the world should revolve around you? See basically you have no qualification/qualities (because you are nothing but a loser gossiper) to expect the world to revolve around you. The only thing you can do to enhance your "popularity" among others (especially relatives, who are somewhat like you) is to tell bad things about nice people and insult them in public or try to hurt them by behaving ungratefully and try to attract your stupid acquaintances or relatives (with swaying loyalties) by means of your so called "wealth" or "status" or "power".

But you know what? All you do is to exude filthy attitudes and live like a worm in a ditch full of crap, which you eat and force others to eat (others who gulp all the craps you provide them blindly, because they have to maintain their own "status"). Why do you call yourself a human being? Why are you wasting resources in the name of living? I am not telling you to go and die. But just think. There are millions of poor people who suffer all over the world.There are species who are in danger because of humans like you. Trees are being cut down so that you can send postcards or letters full of  filth. Electromagnetic waves and electricity are wasted, so that you can talk filth over the phone! Money is being wasted for gold so that your daughters (who are no better than you) can get married, so that you can brag about that too and "establish" your ultimate place in the society (and they will continue your tradition of spreading filth by raising filthy families and spreading filth to another generation who will live a useless life to waste natural resources (because he/she will spread gossip like you because they belong to your family) and so on....What do you achieve form this life? You were born, you grew up, you got married, you have sons or daughters , they got married, they have sons or daughters and so on...Other than spreading your gene pool what significant job have you done in your life? Raising a family? (Raising a family is no easy job.) A family which will live "normally" and acquire/leave nothing memorable from/to the world. Then on what basis do you call yourself at the "top" or assume that you have everything? You don't even know what courtesy or decency is! Then how can YOU gossip?????

      There is so much in this world to know. Provided that, it is very sad that people take pleasure in knowing about others' personal lives only. Even the person with the worst personal life gossips about the one who lives decently. This arises from inferiority complex. Such persons have always suffered from inferiority complex about something or the other in their lives like color, hair, money, education, talents and so on. And gossiping is a way to hide their faults. Why can't people just live as they actually are? If I can't sing, why should I gossip about a singer and try to tarnish his/her image???

    Another outcome of this exaggerated ego is the fact that these people always complain about silly things. They are ever ready to monitor the actions of a person (their target/victim of their gossiping) whom they have targeted. Infact they'll target anybody whom they think as not paying "due respects" to them. The attitude is this "he/she didn't pay due respects to me, I'll not let them live in peace". So to take revenge, they will start a conversation with somebody , whom they'll flatter at first so that their gossip is taken blindly and further forward in a group. The final outcome is a common hatred towards a particular person. Girls are more often targeted in a country where everybody think that they can indulge in anything to control a girl! If a girl is bold she is bad, she has to be "calm and quiet" (so that anybody can do anything to her). If she knows what she has to do in her life, she is wrong. She is defying the rules of nature! If a girl wears jeans, she is a gone case! If a girl wears a mini skirt (aesthetically pleasing of course) she is a s**t. If a girl refuses to marry (because she knows what kind of a person she wants in her life; otherwise she can't tolerate the crap that may come to her life), she is an outcast! (Because of the reasons I've mentioned in many of my previous posts.)

 The worst part is when women themselves try to tarnish other women by means of gossip. Women are usually considered as gossipers. But the worst is when men gossip. Men who gossip are dangerous and poisonous and are a threat to the society as a whole. They will make any story to take revenge on a person they harbor a grudge against and most of the times this story is a far more dangerous than any of the usual gossips of "he/she didn't call me" or "he/she eloped" . And men who gossip are extremely repulsive (just like women who gossip).

 Gossips don't stop on a personal level. Today's media seems to have patented gossip as "infotainment". Everything is "sensational". I still remember a TV channel showing doomsday when LHC was commissioned!!! Even earthquakes and tsunami are like gossips. Last Wednesday, when there was an earthquake, TV channels started showing footage of the 2004 tsunami !!! This is not media ethics. This is sophisticated gossip. What more, there are newspapers who spend pages to publish B-Town or T-Town gossips. They are not even tabloids, bit established national dailies!!! Environment is being destroyed in the name of some-Town gossip! I will write in detail about these media promoted gossips in the sequels of  my post on infotainment.

 So to conclude, let me tell the following. Its true that gossiping brings relaxation at times. But just like anything else, too much of it is extremely harmful. Actually gossiping is addictive. Once you become an excessive gossiper,  you can't really get out of it. It will always do you more harm than good. (Just like smoking or alcohol or drugs.) There are some people who are really nosy about everything. Trust me, you can never establish a place in society by telling some lies about other people (like carry a story about X to Y and back; nobody needs you as a filthy messenger). You have to  use your own hard work in the good direction to acquire a name. Start thinking, instead of talking without real wisdom and please accept that whatever you learn, you always have to learn more. Probably the gossipers are taking the world for granted; all of them ought to read "Sophie's world". :) All gossips stem from ignorance and are fed by laziness and those who gossip don't know the value of life.You live as you only once. You can have YOUR brain only once. Please use it to acquire knowledge about wonderful things instead of filling it with useless data. :)


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ra.One = disaster No.1

  A flop director wants to make some money and name and "makes" a starstudded movie which ends up being a disaster! That is called Ra.One. Or Random Access Version One. (It can be named better as Real Assassination of entertainment and logic, version One.)

   I don't know where to start, because I've lots to say. The first thing I'll say is that I watched Ra.One after 3 months of getting the DVD. When this movie was released, I too had the urge to go to the theater and watch it, but I missed the opportunity to go and was sort of sad about missing the "show". "Show" because it was such a hyped movie. Later on, all those who watched it called it "worst movie"! I was wondering why, till I myself got tortured by watching it.

     What should I call it? Horrible or pathetic? The movie gathered all technical awards given in Indian cinema. No wonder it got all those awards. Its visual effects are superb! But that was all! All that was there in the movie was some spectacular visual effects; hats off to the animators/engineers who did an extremely good job. But unfortunately, the rest of the movie couldn't rise up to the standard of the technology used in it. There is a "brilliant idea" which happens to be the story. Characters coming out of a video game, to the real world. Theme ; interesting. But the way everything is rendered; totally and extremely horrible.

          How can a person write such a stupid script and expect viewers to gulp everything without discretion? Especially when the writing has no strong points in it? How can you call yourself the writer/director of a science fiction, when you've written a very weak storyline, full of unwanted things in unwanted places? This is a movie about gaming. About a game with an extra cruel and vicious villain. The movie could have been far more serious than this had it maintained the action quotient and gaming mood. But what did the writers do? They wrote a movie about a "super hero" (the hero is less powerful than the villain) who has the face of the creator of the game,who is in a story where all sort of perverted comedy happens!

     Now that I've pointed out about the creator of the game, I have to tell somethings about him. When news about the movie were going around, what all did I hear?! That he was a brilliant south Indian engineer. Why have the made the engineer a south Indian, because SI's are intelligent! Well. I didn't see any stroke of brilliance in the portrayal of the maker of the game. Instead all I felt was that he (and SI's (sorry if this sounds ethnic or something, but that a person deduces from the movie)) was used as a means to mock on SI's. He eats hakka noodles with curd! Trust me, nobody in SI do that. Why this kolaveri writers? I was feeling pathetic about the hero who had to eat that combination to act!!! poor fellow! What all will stupid writers and directors make you do!

            The movie never maintains coherence. Just when you think that this is going to be good, you lose track of all things and then you see really ugly comedy inserted into unwanted places. Like a critic asked, what was that kind of comedy doing in a film supposedly made for children? Some supposedly comic scenes make you puke. You even wonder whether the person who wrote all those comedy is a pervert! This comedy stream pops out in all sort of unwanted situations. (And there is this whole "gaali" thing on which the heroine is researching! Pathetic!) See, we are not living in the era of old movies, that you can have a main story on one side and a parallel comedy story on the other side. But those films made sense. Not like this one, which is a "kids" movie, "adult"arated with perversive comedy. (Apparently the writers have put more brain into writing the comedy rather than writing the actual story; which is languidly and vaguely written.) You've to be a bit more sensible while writing a script or dialogue or a film in general.

        I don't know what the director was thinking while making a "super hero" film with such a weak writing. Did he imagine that an international singer and a really famous actor in the lead role can act as super heroes to save the film? You should have made a serious film if you were thinking about spending this much money. Otherwise you could have made some stupid bollywood masala. But no, as a director who needs name, you had to go for a big budget film! Hmmmm... And you got a set of bad writers (including yourself) to write the story. Moreover, you got a very bad editor too, who, instead of concentrating on editing, seems to have spent more time in praising this Sir and that Sir.

     Even the climax of the film lacks a punch. (And the ugly comedy was there too!)  I wonder how rotten tomatoes gave this film 77% fresh! After coming to know about this, I have started doubting rotten tomatoes' ability to rate films! I saw the video of its London Premiere (on the bonus DVD). I felt sorry for all those who had to endure it for ~ 2 hours and probably would have had to give a standing ovation (!) after this movie! Poor people! Really!

       The movie is 98% disaster with 1% goodness of songs (for hearing only) and 1% for visual effects. But I really didn't like the fact that they made a scene which broke the VT building! It is a UNESCO heritage site! How could you even think about showing that in the movie (although as a VFX project it is very well made)??? Two goods have come because of the crappy nature of the film.

1) This is a classical example of "how not to make a super hero/ science fiction bollywood film".

2) This movie is a classic study material for budding film critics. Anybody can criticize this movie from any angle (except VFX ; +ve for that) they wish.

    The film ends with G.One being resurrected; giving a hint about a possible sequel. I have a request to the writer/director. If you are going to make a stupid film like this, please don't bother. Nobody is going to come to the theater to watch it, now that they have experienced the shock of watching this movie. Nobody will even want to watch it even if you distribute it for free. Please don't kill cinema like this. If you don't know how to make good films, please stop direction and writing. Please don't kill the viewers like this. Please.