Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ra.One = disaster No.1

  A flop director wants to make some money and name and "makes" a starstudded movie which ends up being a disaster! That is called Ra.One. Or Random Access Version One. (It can be named better as Real Assassination of entertainment and logic, version One.)

   I don't know where to start, because I've lots to say. The first thing I'll say is that I watched Ra.One after 3 months of getting the DVD. When this movie was released, I too had the urge to go to the theater and watch it, but I missed the opportunity to go and was sort of sad about missing the "show". "Show" because it was such a hyped movie. Later on, all those who watched it called it "worst movie"! I was wondering why, till I myself got tortured by watching it.

     What should I call it? Horrible or pathetic? The movie gathered all technical awards given in Indian cinema. No wonder it got all those awards. Its visual effects are superb! But that was all! All that was there in the movie was some spectacular visual effects; hats off to the animators/engineers who did an extremely good job. But unfortunately, the rest of the movie couldn't rise up to the standard of the technology used in it. There is a "brilliant idea" which happens to be the story. Characters coming out of a video game, to the real world. Theme ; interesting. But the way everything is rendered; totally and extremely horrible.

          How can a person write such a stupid script and expect viewers to gulp everything without discretion? Especially when the writing has no strong points in it? How can you call yourself the writer/director of a science fiction, when you've written a very weak storyline, full of unwanted things in unwanted places? This is a movie about gaming. About a game with an extra cruel and vicious villain. The movie could have been far more serious than this had it maintained the action quotient and gaming mood. But what did the writers do? They wrote a movie about a "super hero" (the hero is less powerful than the villain) who has the face of the creator of the game,who is in a story where all sort of perverted comedy happens!

     Now that I've pointed out about the creator of the game, I have to tell somethings about him. When news about the movie were going around, what all did I hear?! That he was a brilliant south Indian engineer. Why have the made the engineer a south Indian, because SI's are intelligent! Well. I didn't see any stroke of brilliance in the portrayal of the maker of the game. Instead all I felt was that he (and SI's (sorry if this sounds ethnic or something, but that a person deduces from the movie)) was used as a means to mock on SI's. He eats hakka noodles with curd! Trust me, nobody in SI do that. Why this kolaveri writers? I was feeling pathetic about the hero who had to eat that combination to act!!! poor fellow! What all will stupid writers and directors make you do!

            The movie never maintains coherence. Just when you think that this is going to be good, you lose track of all things and then you see really ugly comedy inserted into unwanted places. Like a critic asked, what was that kind of comedy doing in a film supposedly made for children? Some supposedly comic scenes make you puke. You even wonder whether the person who wrote all those comedy is a pervert! This comedy stream pops out in all sort of unwanted situations. (And there is this whole "gaali" thing on which the heroine is researching! Pathetic!) See, we are not living in the era of old movies, that you can have a main story on one side and a parallel comedy story on the other side. But those films made sense. Not like this one, which is a "kids" movie, "adult"arated with perversive comedy. (Apparently the writers have put more brain into writing the comedy rather than writing the actual story; which is languidly and vaguely written.) You've to be a bit more sensible while writing a script or dialogue or a film in general.

        I don't know what the director was thinking while making a "super hero" film with such a weak writing. Did he imagine that an international singer and a really famous actor in the lead role can act as super heroes to save the film? You should have made a serious film if you were thinking about spending this much money. Otherwise you could have made some stupid bollywood masala. But no, as a director who needs name, you had to go for a big budget film! Hmmmm... And you got a set of bad writers (including yourself) to write the story. Moreover, you got a very bad editor too, who, instead of concentrating on editing, seems to have spent more time in praising this Sir and that Sir.

     Even the climax of the film lacks a punch. (And the ugly comedy was there too!)  I wonder how rotten tomatoes gave this film 77% fresh! After coming to know about this, I have started doubting rotten tomatoes' ability to rate films! I saw the video of its London Premiere (on the bonus DVD). I felt sorry for all those who had to endure it for ~ 2 hours and probably would have had to give a standing ovation (!) after this movie! Poor people! Really!

       The movie is 98% disaster with 1% goodness of songs (for hearing only) and 1% for visual effects. But I really didn't like the fact that they made a scene which broke the VT building! It is a UNESCO heritage site! How could you even think about showing that in the movie (although as a VFX project it is very well made)??? Two goods have come because of the crappy nature of the film.

1) This is a classical example of "how not to make a super hero/ science fiction bollywood film".

2) This movie is a classic study material for budding film critics. Anybody can criticize this movie from any angle (except VFX ; +ve for that) they wish.

    The film ends with G.One being resurrected; giving a hint about a possible sequel. I have a request to the writer/director. If you are going to make a stupid film like this, please don't bother. Nobody is going to come to the theater to watch it, now that they have experienced the shock of watching this movie. Nobody will even want to watch it even if you distribute it for free. Please don't kill cinema like this. If you don't know how to make good films, please stop direction and writing. Please don't kill the viewers like this. Please. 

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