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Gossip world

Disclaimer : I don't claim that I don't gossip, but here I am going to write about extreme gossipers who pose a threat to the entire society and world.This is a quick blog, so please forgive me if I sound incoherent.

 I am at home free from work enjoying vacation. So I can write as much as I want about anything. So I am going to express some of my anger towards extreme gossipers aka, societal parasites. Why parasites? Because gossip never brings anybody anything good, but instead brews unwanted feelings and destroys people. Origin of gossip? Idle people who have no intention to acquire knowledge in their lives, those idiots who think that they are damn filthy rich that they have some kind of place in a society, media( this is the worst part) and all who have ego problems (both inferiority and superiority complexes; out of which inferiority complexes often lead to gossips).

There is a saying that an idle mind is the home of devil. There is also a saying (of the new world) that, great people talk ideas, small people talk people. Yes. Small people don't have anything interesting to talk but, people, love, and daily life. Because they don't spend enough time to think. All they do is talk talk and talk crap and spread evil like a poisonous gas in the minds of people. Neither do they take efforts to learn anything, but they watch all the crap serials (Oh my God how did I exclude serials from the gossip list? Sops = gossips, 99% of the time.) or reality shows and discuss the extremely low standard episodes everyday over the phone. And what more (some social networking principle can be applied to how  a set of gossipers work), their networks are so well connected that they don't miss any bit of news about a person. They are the ones who really help the telecom services grow (apart from lovers who waste time over the phone), due to their unnecessary talking.

Gossipers have all sort of things to talk about. The underlying mentality of gossip is the ego that one is above everybody else.Most of the time this comes from the false pride that they have more assets than anybody else (in the form of beauty,brain, money or relations) and are aimed at people towards whom they carry a grudge because these gossipers are jealous of them. Well let me ask something. If you are jealous of somebody for achieving something, why do you sit and gossip, instead of trying to achieve something on your own? Or are you trying to become a champion gossiper?

 Only because you don't have a job, because you didn't try to study and get one, but just acted as a parasite to your family, sucking the benefits of others' hard work, how do you become eligible for anybody's sympathy? How does a marital status (not even acquired by your hard work) put you in a high place in society that you can brag about yourself and look upon others (who were graceful enough to arrange that marital status for you) as lowly people? Who made you the king or queen of the world, that you can gossip (talk bad) about anybody around you and behave ungracefully like some low standard person (considering your "status" in society how can you act like a third rate or even below third rate person)? And who told you that the world should revolve around you? See basically you have no qualification/qualities (because you are nothing but a loser gossiper) to expect the world to revolve around you. The only thing you can do to enhance your "popularity" among others (especially relatives, who are somewhat like you) is to tell bad things about nice people and insult them in public or try to hurt them by behaving ungratefully and try to attract your stupid acquaintances or relatives (with swaying loyalties) by means of your so called "wealth" or "status" or "power".

But you know what? All you do is to exude filthy attitudes and live like a worm in a ditch full of crap, which you eat and force others to eat (others who gulp all the craps you provide them blindly, because they have to maintain their own "status"). Why do you call yourself a human being? Why are you wasting resources in the name of living? I am not telling you to go and die. But just think. There are millions of poor people who suffer all over the world.There are species who are in danger because of humans like you. Trees are being cut down so that you can send postcards or letters full of  filth. Electromagnetic waves and electricity are wasted, so that you can talk filth over the phone! Money is being wasted for gold so that your daughters (who are no better than you) can get married, so that you can brag about that too and "establish" your ultimate place in the society (and they will continue your tradition of spreading filth by raising filthy families and spreading filth to another generation who will live a useless life to waste natural resources (because he/she will spread gossip like you because they belong to your family) and so on....What do you achieve form this life? You were born, you grew up, you got married, you have sons or daughters , they got married, they have sons or daughters and so on...Other than spreading your gene pool what significant job have you done in your life? Raising a family? (Raising a family is no easy job.) A family which will live "normally" and acquire/leave nothing memorable from/to the world. Then on what basis do you call yourself at the "top" or assume that you have everything? You don't even know what courtesy or decency is! Then how can YOU gossip?????

      There is so much in this world to know. Provided that, it is very sad that people take pleasure in knowing about others' personal lives only. Even the person with the worst personal life gossips about the one who lives decently. This arises from inferiority complex. Such persons have always suffered from inferiority complex about something or the other in their lives like color, hair, money, education, talents and so on. And gossiping is a way to hide their faults. Why can't people just live as they actually are? If I can't sing, why should I gossip about a singer and try to tarnish his/her image???

    Another outcome of this exaggerated ego is the fact that these people always complain about silly things. They are ever ready to monitor the actions of a person (their target/victim of their gossiping) whom they have targeted. Infact they'll target anybody whom they think as not paying "due respects" to them. The attitude is this "he/she didn't pay due respects to me, I'll not let them live in peace". So to take revenge, they will start a conversation with somebody , whom they'll flatter at first so that their gossip is taken blindly and further forward in a group. The final outcome is a common hatred towards a particular person. Girls are more often targeted in a country where everybody think that they can indulge in anything to control a girl! If a girl is bold she is bad, she has to be "calm and quiet" (so that anybody can do anything to her). If she knows what she has to do in her life, she is wrong. She is defying the rules of nature! If a girl wears jeans, she is a gone case! If a girl wears a mini skirt (aesthetically pleasing of course) she is a s**t. If a girl refuses to marry (because she knows what kind of a person she wants in her life; otherwise she can't tolerate the crap that may come to her life), she is an outcast! (Because of the reasons I've mentioned in many of my previous posts.)

 The worst part is when women themselves try to tarnish other women by means of gossip. Women are usually considered as gossipers. But the worst is when men gossip. Men who gossip are dangerous and poisonous and are a threat to the society as a whole. They will make any story to take revenge on a person they harbor a grudge against and most of the times this story is a far more dangerous than any of the usual gossips of "he/she didn't call me" or "he/she eloped" . And men who gossip are extremely repulsive (just like women who gossip).

 Gossips don't stop on a personal level. Today's media seems to have patented gossip as "infotainment". Everything is "sensational". I still remember a TV channel showing doomsday when LHC was commissioned!!! Even earthquakes and tsunami are like gossips. Last Wednesday, when there was an earthquake, TV channels started showing footage of the 2004 tsunami !!! This is not media ethics. This is sophisticated gossip. What more, there are newspapers who spend pages to publish B-Town or T-Town gossips. They are not even tabloids, bit established national dailies!!! Environment is being destroyed in the name of some-Town gossip! I will write in detail about these media promoted gossips in the sequels of  my post on infotainment.

 So to conclude, let me tell the following. Its true that gossiping brings relaxation at times. But just like anything else, too much of it is extremely harmful. Actually gossiping is addictive. Once you become an excessive gossiper,  you can't really get out of it. It will always do you more harm than good. (Just like smoking or alcohol or drugs.) There are some people who are really nosy about everything. Trust me, you can never establish a place in society by telling some lies about other people (like carry a story about X to Y and back; nobody needs you as a filthy messenger). You have to  use your own hard work in the good direction to acquire a name. Start thinking, instead of talking without real wisdom and please accept that whatever you learn, you always have to learn more. Probably the gossipers are taking the world for granted; all of them ought to read "Sophie's world". :) All gossips stem from ignorance and are fed by laziness and those who gossip don't know the value of life.You live as you only once. You can have YOUR brain only once. Please use it to acquire knowledge about wonderful things instead of filling it with useless data. :)


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  1. Gossiping is a sin. I am so sick and tired of they really have a life?. I am begining to feel sorry for them instead of getting hurt. This blog is a good shot for them.