Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For those who take the world for granted...... Part 2

So for all those who believe in astrology, let me ask you something? You have only a few number of "heavenly bodies" which are supposed to influence people's lives. I can tell that gravity has a universal influence on everything. But if I take an astronomical scale, I have huge number of heavenly bodies to influence my life. Why don't you put it into your "science"? Wait. Don't try to mix real astrophysics or cosmology with your fraudology. You can never calculate what influence can a heavenly body have on a human, save, the earth. Because yours is just a hit or miss "science". It can be a fun. But it should not be the criterion on which people's lives are decided.

   I'll cite some ironic examples in this regard. If you take many of the stories in Greek mythology, you'll find that people who had tried to avoid  the "fate" predicted by astrologers ended up having the exact fate! Why did they end up having that? Because they tried to bypass the fate. Why? Because they blindly believed the predictions and acted to avoid it thus increasing the probability of having that fate!!! Many such things happen in our lives too. But not so drastically as with these characters. But many humans, forget rationality and behave stupidly.

     Has anybody thought why people behave so irrationally? That is probably because people on't think about anything. Sorry. They think. But they don't think in the right direction. As a human, have you ever considered yourself as a machine which has nine organ systems in you? Have you ever thought that you are a mammal, a vertebrate and are a eukaryote? Have you ever thought that you have many different processes taking place in your body? Have you ever thought that you have electrons and nucleons in your body? Have you ever appreciated the fact that there are quarks and leptons in your body??? Or have you ever thought about anything other than money and "settlement"? No. All you think is about your bank balance. And you don't even know how your radio works. But you are not least bothered about any of these. Because you are a highly evolved species, with such a wonderful brain , that it can imagine all gods and demons and fantasies. And you fill your lives with worries about bank balances and potential enemies who can inflict harm on you by doing dark magic!!!

   For one moment if you try to free yourself from cliches of life standards imposed on you, you will be able to appreciate the world around you. Then you'll understand that someday somebody will be able to study the tomography of earth using neutrinos. There were people who thought that electricity was a useless thing. They had the same attitude towards electricity running appliances, just as yours towards neutrino tomography. But electricity was found to be useful. But you don't appreciate electricity, because you have it in plenty.

     It is truly boring to live a life without appreciating anything in it! All you will do is to believe that society is the biggest thing and miss all the other things. Yes. Society is a big thing. It is part of being alive. But what if the society can't promote anything other than monotony? All great thoughts have come from people who thought differently. From people who atleast took pains to think (whether they thought in the right direction or not is another question, but they atleast thought). Unless you think, you can't value your life. Otherwise you'll always take your life for granted and value it only in terms of your possessions or achievements or bank balance. That is not fair. It will be like doing injustice to your highly developed brain (not providing it good food for thought rather than tethering it to monotonous things). [In one way human social and psychological evolution is a very complicated thing. Probably it is part of the evolution that we have become a species which take the world for granted!!! EEEEE....What a pity! Does it mean that people who think rationally will cease to exist and people will drown in the dark see of oblivion and ignorance???]

     True value of living and nonliving things can be understood, only if you stop taking everything for granted. Because world is a wonderful place and the universe in which it exists and the universes which exist in it are even more wonderful.

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