Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For those who take the world for granted...... Part 1

  Probably I am under the influence of being half way through "Sophie's world", but I can't help saying that that book expresses the same ideas some of us have had or still have in our minds. Though I am only half way through the book, I can say that it is my kind of a book. :) But I don't intend to write a book review, I intend to do something else. I want to point your attention towards something else.[But the book definitely brought back my own line of thinking. :) ]

   What I want to tell is how some people take their world for granted. This is a very plain statement. Why do people take the world for granted? Because they think that the world was built for them!!! I am not going to dwell upon the implications of religious beliefs on people, I leave that discussion for another occasion (probably the book review). We all, in one way or the other think that the world is built for us. When we can't comprehend the truths of life rationally, we seek shelter in supernatural or mysterious things. [Probably this is the effect of the history we bear upon us; the history of the whole mankind and philosophy.]

   What is supernatural? Well in the modern age, we know that there are only natural things and no supernatural things. Yet people believe in supernatural things!!! How? They may not believe in ghosts and blood sucking vampires, but people believe in some kind of black or dark magic which can ruin them!!! And who does it? Somebody who has got a grudge on them! Wow! Had dark magic existed, countries needn't have spent lots of money on armed forces!!!

  The most pitiful condition is when even educated people believe in such stupid things. There existed a lot of secret chemical methods of harming people in the ancient times. When people didn't know anything about chemical formulas people could have called them magic, dark or illuminated, but if you know the exact properties of the chemical used you could easily understand the "reason" behind "magic".But even in an era when the the knowledge of science has grown so much, that people should have started thinking rationally and reasonably, there exist superstitions.

   It is not in the form of fear of any unknown phenomena, but in the form of correlating things in a n unnecessary fashion. For example, an electrical lantern battery, a fan and a tube get damaged successively with in a time period of 2 or 3 months. What would a rational person conclude? That something is wrong with the appliances which got damaged (most likely reason) or they got damaged because of their age. For example, there is no wonder if a 30 year old fan stops running one fine day. That doesn't , mean that it is a bad omen, but it is because it is 30 years old! Similarly for other things.

   But what will an irrational person make out of all these? He/she will make out that these were indications of a forthcoming doomsday and all appliances' failure were bad omens indicating the doomsday!!! Such people will assign particular values to Tuesdays and Fridays (basically ghost days!!!) and assign values to particular times of the day like 6pm, 12 midnight and so on? What happens at 12 midnight on 13th the Friday night? Nothing! But these people will find out n number of reasons to panic or believe that all these are bad times!!! Ooooffff. Poor people. They have so many bad times in their lives that they can't find enough good times to live!!!
    The root of all these superstitions is cowardice or the inability to face life or any bad thing that can happen in life. But the thing I don't understand is why people think that bad will come to them, instead of thinking that good will come to them? If they have to think about something good, they have to hold on to all gods created by man and be excessively fearful of god? They can't accept the nature as such, they have to call it god!!! Dear people, all gods and demons or devils exist inside your own brains. Your neurons and their  functions are responsible for all these. Gods didn't create the world or the worlds, world was born due to some unknown reason which people are probing. And all unknown things are not gods or devils! So basically you can't base your life on bogus assumptions like stars (?) and planets (?) can influence your individual lives.


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