Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Broken threads

When do threads break?
Nobody knows.
Why do threads break?
Nobody knows.
But everybody knows,
That threads do break.

The answer may be found,
Within the deepest corner 
Of the heart.

When one translates his
Memories in time,
The space when there were unbroken
Threads comes into mind.
Then he remembers.
This many days/months/ years ago,
I shared space with this person.

Only memories remain,
Persons will have gone.
From our lives or the world itself.

Some threads can't be joined
If ever they break.
They broke because they were
Very fragile.
Some threads break because you swerve them,
Deliberately, because they are too strong to break themselves.
Pain remains in heart, tears swell in eyes.
But you ignore both and move on.
You have all memories in your heart,
But you try deliberately to erase them.

You may succeed, or may not succeed.
But you will try for ever.
And its better to swerve certain threads.
Or else you'll be accused of being connected,
To somebody who is somebody else's.
Its good to swerve threads,if they give you the
Burden of being attached.
And when you break them, you feel free;
Of course it pains; but there are no pains
That time can't cure.
For even memories will be erased as time passes,
And the threads will cease to exist.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Silent Farewell

Good bye friend,
Forever, for we won't meet
Ever again in life.
Not even by chance.
Our times together
Were over long ago.
And now gets over our
Short acquintanceship.
Because our paths are
Different and life has,
Taken us to different shores.

Whether I'll be in your memories,
Is out of question, since we had
No memories together.
Always surrounded by someone or the other,
You've forgotten me.
I don't complain for that
'Coz that's what you chose to do.
So where's place for me in your heart?
I don't dare even ask.
For I know the answer beforehand.
And that is ; "nowhere".
So dear friend, let me bid
You a silent farewell;
For we have lost words
In the deep silence between us.