Thursday, October 27, 2011


Well this name will seem to be weird to you; but I can't find a better word to describe what I want to write. Write? Oh My God! Can I write something in this state of mind? If the post seems to be incoherent at some point, please excuse me, because I'm in a dazed state. Plainly speaking the point is this I had the worst Deepavali of all times, yesterday. Elaborately speaking, it is as follows:


Like all of us know, Deepavali is the festival of lights, supposed to be celebration of the victory of goodness over evil. Well...... All these are theoretical. In the modern world, I mean the current times, I doubt the motivation behind the festival. I don't know, if it is "universal" all over India (at least not in Kerala as far as I know) or if it is Chennai special (it is more likely to be universal; so this article is dedicated to all who encourage sound pollution). Anyway yesterday I "experienced" what is called "Diwali Dhamaka" aka, "Diwali Nuisance". At this point I recall an article by some stupid fellow who calls himself a journalist who proudly wrote in a local newspaper on the occasion of Durga Puja, how the festival is badly celebrated in other states of India. According to him, the festival is "best celebrated" in the locality! Dear megalomaniac journalist, I suppose you are deaf and blind, that's why you are unaware of the fact that Diwali is an occasion on which the people in your place cause public nuisance by means of fire crackers. Now, if you write an article about how badly Diwali is celebrated, probably this locality will top the charts. :-x

Oh! I should speak about my day of torture. I told about this torture to one of my friends, she replied that we can have "fun" for just a day! Man, if this is your idea of fun, then what is your idea of torture? Fine I understand that this is festival time, and poor children who have hectic schedules in schools otherwise can "chill" only during this ten day holiday time they get once in a year. But why do you have to spend it in a way that tortures others' ear drums? Who told you that Deepavali is a day on which you have to explode crackers non-stop during day time? If that is your idea of Deepavali, then it should be renamed "Shabdavali" or "shalyaavali"."Shalyaavali" because you foolish people with nothing inside your craniums are causing nuisance ("Shalyam") to people in the name of celebrations.


On the eve of the festival it was something like isolated cracker sounds from some distant place. I happened to see with my own eyes how a boy was firing crackers two days before the festival in a housing colony near to the main road. Vehicles are stuck in the traffic, this boy, uncontrolled (I don't think that the parents would have controlled him anyway, because they are the ones who gave him money to buy the cracker and he might have inherited the trait from them only)  by anybody was exploding crackers freely at such a peak time in the place which is so near to the road that anything could fly and fall on any passerby. A poor dog ran scared from that campus into the middle of the traffic and it was so scared that it didn't have control over its senses. For a moment I thought that it was run over. The poor dog disappeared somewhere in the dense traffic.


Diwali Dhamaka : That was just the teaser trailer! Picture tabhi bhi baaki tha! And it was a violent picture full of explosions! (Now that I'm writing it I suspect that the so called "super hit" films have their contributions to making people explosive obsessive.) On Diwali morning I woke up  around 6.45 hearing the nasty sound of explosives. I tried to sleep again with curtains drawn (poor things they are not sound proof), then windows closed (poor things again) and finally woke up hungry and angry to the day of torture. I can't say how much irritating it is to tolerate sound pollution when you are hungry. Your stomach is burning, so you've to cook some food to stop it; sounds hazardous to your ear drum are coming practically from everywhere, so you've to close your ears with your fingers for no cotton or headset can reduce it as good as your finger does and you are forced to do so for 5 minutes at a stretch. If you had to do it once, it is ok. Only ok. Not good. But what if you've to do it atleast 20 times a day? And that too on a day when you want to celebrate it peacefully and serenely?

I thought that children were causing all these nuisance (as children left to themselves can behave in all possible ways) and was wondering why weren't the parents advising them not to cause too much nuisance to other people. But on second thoughts I understood that the children couldn't have bought so much of crackers themselves. They don't work, they don't earn. So where did they get the money to buy these crackers? From elders of course! And I happened to see a very curios sight. A girl (or a very young woman) crossing the small road (which makes up the lane on each side of which we live), and placing a cracker and lighting it, and coming back. Then a man did the same, then another woman did the same! The thing is they were keeping these crackers near by the wall of an IT company! It is not their house, so no danger to it, somebody else's property who cares if something happens to that?! There is a shrine sort of thing just opposite to our apartment, and they also sponsored this nuisance! Everybody had been exploding on a public road where people are supposed to walk!

By some 9am there was some rest (ooh that might be breakfast time) and by 10 am everything resumed. Visitors clad in ornaments and silk sarees (man All are completely mad; you explode things irrationally and wear easily inflammable clothes, why are tv channels broadcasting safety ads) and other new dresses land in the avenue and the explosives start again as if to welcome them! And that too lined up in the whole street and everything explodes in series over the road!

I did my cleaning work in the midst of this nuisance and finally didn't even feel hungry (saturated with explosive sounds) and went and slept. Even rain didn't fall down, to stop this nuisance! Again I woke up hearing the damn sound around 17.45! The cracker nuisance had resumed. Along with crackers with light only. I can understand the reason why you want to light crackers with light. But why explode those with no light but only sound? And as if to ensure their social status everybody started exploding crackers in series again by 21.00. And this went on till 22, 23 hours. Even election campaign can't be done beyond 10pm. Do these people think that they are above the law and out of its reach just because they have money? I heard some isolated crackers around midnight.

Finally I went to sleep thinking that the damn nuisance had stopped. I was wrong. Today morning I was woken by the irritating sound of crackers again. No parental control nothing, children of age ten and below are exploding them
in the park nearby! What kind of a land is this? I can't express my rage in words, because I'm in such a state. Yesterday at some point when I couldn't tolerate the damn explosion I just wanted to go and slap everybody and pour water on top of all crackers and extinguish them. Hmmmm...

Strangest thing! Nobody had lightened up their houses! How could they have? Everybody was on the street like mad people. I used to curse Mumbaikars for wasting current in the name of Deepavali, because you can always see houses decorated with illuminations and fancy lamps. But this... This is too much..... Compared to this putting lamps for a week is far better.

I've some questions to ask. And I'm going to ask it in my next post.

PS : It is said that people worship Lakshmi devi on deepavali day. Lakshmi devi would have run away hearing the explosions.

PPS : Everybody had been asking me whether I was going home for Deepavali or not. Trust me, I will go home for Deepavali from next year onwards so that I can sit in peace.

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