Thursday, October 27, 2011


Now let me ask some questions about the "wedding show-off". When I was a child, I was bothered very much by the idea of dowry and had taken an oath that I'll never marry a guy who/whose family asks for dowry. (I still have a plan to say a loud "get out of my house" to any stupid fellow and his family who demands dowry to marry me.) But as I grew up, I realized that even those who speak badly about dowry becomes "a traditional citizen (it is shameful to call such persons citizens)", when it comes to their daughter's wedding. As the old tradition (blah , that tradition go to hell), they start viewing their daughter as a burden (Which you can't tolerate, then why did you make the X chromosome pair with the X itself when you were reproducing?) (not even burden as some garbage which has to be dumped anywhere as soon as possible). Well if you want to shove your daughter off somewhere, do it. Why do you have to associate it with your social status?

When I ask this question, I've to mention about the general mind set up of people.
And that mind set up is based on the fact mentioned above. Girls above a certain age are burden! somebody someday lamented this stupid thing and it became the ideology of the society! Wah! And as always the wrong ideas get popularity rather than good ideas like educating girls. Why? probably because education cannot be celebrated even if it actually increases your standards. (I'm not talking about the professional education mania. if you want to know about that mania, please read "Who wants us to be illiterate?")

And the ridiculous thing is that, parents don't want to educate girls for fear of not finding an appropriately educated guy. Plainly speaking nobody will marry a highly educated girl. So girls should be brought up as ignorant beings who will tolerate anything, because by arranging a high cost marriage you are "buying" a supposed body guard for your daughter, who actually will treat her only as his object of pleasure and a source of money and as a servant who will attend to you free of daily wages! And if your daughter opposes to agree to this stupid system and chooses to remain single until the age she prefers as an independent being, the girl is stamped by the "society" as a bad one. Even if her parents support her views and let her to live her life. And the "good society" comprising of parents who "believe" in "traditions" start making stories about the girl!

The stories these "good parents" make against the girl and the family will be something like the following:

1) The girl is a "bad" girl. When they use bad, they want that girl to have indulged in a relationship with somebody and broke up(if their own son really does all these they won't have a problem. why? Because "he" is a "male"!). That's why this girl decided to stay single!

2) If they can't find any scandal to accuse against her, then they will accuse the girl to be a disobedient person! What they actually want to imply is this: girls have no right of choice. They should eat or gulp whatever crap they are provided with. Why? Because "we the good society" believe that girls are born to "serve men and men only". If some girl proclaims her freedom, the doomsday will be near. They should "take in" whatever comes to them and not oppose the things which they don't like. if so the girl's name should be tarnished.

3) "We the good parents" will do anything to mentally torture the parents of the independent girl and will make it look as if their social status is in question because their daughter has not got married even though she is past the "marriage age". See our daughter/daughters have been married to (Well at this point I've to make a remark about these good "parents". These are parents who will sell their properties and give big amounts as "gifts" to the guy and his financially backward family who had been waiting to find a foolish family so that they will get large amount as dowry so that they can pay the dowry to dump their daughter off somewhere.) "smart" (yes they are really smart [in reality good for nothing] to get a "pati post" without any effort at all, and earn lifelong in the name of dowry, because they were useless fellows who couldn't find a real job to provide livelihood. ) guy/guys who will "obey" us. They will act as bodyguards for our daughters wherever they go. See you have failed to "buy" a bodyguard for your daughter. So you are good for nothing! We have got all rights to abuse you in front of and behind everyone , and make stores about your daughter who doesn't stay inside the limits set by the "traditional, always good society comprising us".


Now I've something  ask to you dear "good parents". Why do you think that the process of dumping your daughter to the mercy of some stupid person increases your social status? You've to "pay" lakhs to "buy" him off. You have to sell your properties (for example your farm land from where you used to get food crops and cash crops and a sustained income by selling them) to make  a big house/houses to "lure" the "suitors" (I mean bodyguards) for your daughter/daughters, divide the house vertically or horizontally (otherwise who knows when your daughters learn from you and start nagging about money and social status) along with the "gifts" in equal amounts (so that nobody including your daughters complains) and do the worst mistake of your life. 

You marry off your daughter spending lakhs of rupees. Lakhs for the ornaments the girl has to display on the wedding day, lakhs for the huge car (so that the "smart" fellow can travel alone and cause traffic blocks on Indian roads) to be "gifted" to your "daughter", lakhs for the wedding ceremony which lasts barely three hours! Unless you invite atleast thousand people and conduct your daughter's marriage in a BBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGG auditorium, nobody will respect you. Correct. You don't have anything else to become famous or top be known for. You didn't study well, so you don't have a decent job. You don't have special talents, so you can't participate in a reality show. You've inferiority complex when you compare yourself with others in your family. You have nothing else to do rather than sit at home and dial numbers and spread gossips all over and collect news (actually gossips) from all over, the world. So the only way you can become famous is by conducting a "fancy show" by yourself. And the actors are your daughter and her bride groom.

You'll definitely become famous in two ways. Stupid people who don't see anything other than glitter will come and "admire" the saree/costume and ornaments worn by your daughter. They won't even bother to look at the decoration of the stage. Admire here means to count. Those who attend weddings will be experts in "weighing" gold without a weighing machine (isn't it what you want?). they'll spread the word of how many kilograms of gold did your daughter wear on her wedding day. The way is that after all the wedding halla is over, you will be bankrupt and will become famous for that. does your social status increase with all these?

If you've money, can't you use it judiciously? Do you really have to spend it for something which has no guarantee? I mean is there an y guarantee that the couple whose wedding was conducted at the cost of being bankrupt will last for ever? Provide the "banglaa,gaadi,babe" motto of the "smart" guys, can you say that the marriage will not end in divorce? If it does then, wasn't it a bad decision to spend money extravagantly like you did? Why are you laughing at independent people?


Having a married life and giving birth to a child or expanding your family doesn't increase your social status. [At this point I've to make a remark. If you respect a double mother, then you should respect single mothers in the society, because they are the ones who didn't kill their their children under hostile circumstances and decided to bring them up bravely.] If you have some delusions like that you can keep it inside your under developed useless brain. You are a middle class person. What is so shameful about that? When you lament about the things which you don't have, why don't you look at people who don't have food,water,clothes and shelter. Do you have to sleep on a dirty pavement on a rainy night? Then why are you bothered about silly things like how much gold to be spent to "secure" (infact dump off) your daughters life?


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