Thursday, December 27, 2012

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I am totally angry with all these. No introductions. Let me come to the point. Has Indians and Indian men in particular become animals all of a sudden. Well it is possible. Because already in this country a celebrated patriarchal male domination is there. On top of that technology has advanced that event he most uneducated creep can access internet on his mobile phone and download whatever gruesomeness he wants to.  But the problem is this, if you implement all your psychological sexual disorders on yourself it may be ok. But when you can't confine your grotesque fancies within your own crappy brain, and tend to take it out on people whom you are taught are slaves of your particular state of gene combination, you are worse than an animal; (even animals don't behave like that probably) and not worthy of living. Sorry for the harsh words. But the planet and universe will be much cleaner without filth like you  who spread psychological disorders and AIDS all over the world.

        By this time everybody would have understood what I am talking about.  Again I say that I am angry because how dare a so called human being enact such gruesome violence against women in general? And especially in Inida, where woman is considered as the epitome of gooddness and where stone idols of Devis who are extremely powerful are worshiped, why are women being brutally raped and murdered and subjected to all sorts of abuse? That means something is wrong with this county's culture in general. Not only this country's culture, any place where women are abused indicate psychological imbalance.

       What all kinds of news do we hear? Girls from 0 years of age are being sexually assaulted. By whom? By fathers, brothers , cousins, family friends, relatives and so on. The spectrum of those who abuse girls is not restricted to men of a particular age. It spans a wide range. Tomorrow if a 2 year old boy starts raping a girl, you should not be surprised, because that is how boys are brought up, under the delusion that they can do anything just because they have got some despicable organ outside their bodies which they can flash at anybody they please and wherever they please. That can be anyone. Where is decency in this society now? Just because you are born as a despicable illiterate good for nothing but f***king male, you can't go around exhibiting the "strength" of your despicable organ and inflict violence upon anybody. :-X If you think that you are above everything, just because you are a crap male, you better control yourself because you are nothing but a piece of rotten shit in the society, who is depriving other worthy humans of their right to live and right to live peacefully.

      Well, when I say that you are a piece of rotten shit, I should justify that. Right? When you were born it was celebrated as if some precious gem had been excavated. When you were brought up,  you were given all freedom to roam around anywhere and do whatever you please. When you grew even further, you were show cased as a precious gem and sold in the marriage market. And then all throughout your life you are considered as the whatever of a family. But there is a catch. Not everything is perfect. You haven't grown up as a good person. All you have done with your freedom in is to misuse it to become an alcoholic or a drug addict or a rapist or a domestic killer. This categorization doesn't exempt either poor or the rich. Poor or rich, literate or illiterate, You rotten men are rotten sexually deluded creeps. No change to it. Otherwise, you wouldn't have taken excessive pride, unnecessarily on a piece of muscle and patronized it and cause harm to the society to ruin it.

To be continued...............................

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