Thursday, August 16, 2012

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I know that this is a repetition. But if it takes me to repeat things for a good cause, I'll do it. I am extremely angry. The cause if this anger is a discussion I read online in an e-column of a famous Malayalam news paper. I wish I could write this is Malalayalam so that all the "well educated" megalomaniac Malayali men and the women roaming around them could read this, but somebody can translate this later.
      The discussion was about how Malayalis have become low standard despite their higher educational qualifications and whatever cacophonies that have occurred in their society. When I say "they", it includes me too. I am ashamed of the fact that the society which pretends to be so advanced is digging its own graveyard in the recent times. Sorry, I have to come back to the point of discussion.

    The article was about marriage and how it has become a vain show of wealth and how people associate it with phoney status in the society. It also discusses how demanding having a child within a year of marriage is also a status symbol. It also touches the serious issue of how people treat well educated, self sufficient unmarried women above 25 years as if they are stiff meat. I like the article. The author had really pointed out all the serious issues regrading this crap mentality about weeding and family life.

   But what made me angry was the nasty comments made by useless, crap, filthy, good for nothing, megalomaniac crap crap males (especially young people who, despite being young are useless to the society or themselves and are wasting the nation's and natural resources). I would like to call them by even filthier names. Does the young generation of "educated Keralam" think like stinking toilets? Then I can assure you that you are heading for a dooms day.

         Spending money for some marriage which is like a mirage itself is a crime. Even worse is demanding that the girl produce a child within an year. Who are you to decide the sex life or a maternal life of a girl? Who the hell are you to decide when she should get pregnant, what gendered baby she should produce and within what period of time? Who are you to comment on a girl's life? Who gave you the permission to indulge in any girl's life you f****** b*****ds? All your life you have been brought up with false perceptions that men are better than women and you were given more care than your sister who deserved it better.

 And then when you grow up old, you can marry a girl 10 years younger than you, even if you are an ugly spoiled brat and ruin her life. And then you shamelessly proclaim yourself to be the most important person in your family and do whatever you like including abusing all women in your family. If you are not contend with that, you extend your reaches to other families and ruin them. You can't even respect a female politician even if she is hundred times smarter than you. You'll address her by the worst possible names when you talk about her.

     You do nothing useful in your life than to exhibit your possessions in public places as if everybody is interested in it and cause nuisance to people. You forcefully distribute DNAs around you to produce crap filthy like men who spread like cancer to the society. And you dare to comment on the "tenderness"
of a girl's body you, filthy carcinogen? You don't even respect your mother, which woman will you respect? And you force your daughter or sister into the hands of a crap like you, to justify that she will be "safe"!!!  Shame on you Keralites. Shame on you.

    One for never accepting the fact that a girl needs nobody to be safe and she can protect herself. Second for producing men who think that they can have a girl two days after he dons the costume of a protector. Third for using your education as a means to get married and increase Indian population. Fourth, for selling your dignity in the marriage market by following the herd which is travelling to suicide. Fifth for making Kerala eligible to be called a mad house again if Vivekananda was alive!!!!! Shame on your false pride and false values.

Marriage is nothing but a polished slave trade. And it is necessary since you always have yo keep girls as second citizens whom you can exploit to ensure your luxury. It is high time that you got out of false conceptions about how girls should be controlled. If you are not ready for that, you need not study anything. But sadly even education is a false pride for you. you are moving in a suicidal direction.

      Producing an offspring (forced) is not an achievement in life. Having somebody to hold your hand only when you are adorned in 100kg gold is also not an achievement. Because, all those will never come to use when you have to do something on your own, to be remembered. But you don't want to be remembered. Do you? You are taught so. Come on. It is 21st century. Who wants to be a pretty doll in the shadows of an imposing good for nothing male?

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