Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Several years back,
I'd been asking myself the question,
"What is LOVE?'
Since I didn't get the answer,
I set out into the world,
To find it myself.
I wandered through ugly streets and high roads,
Inside high tech buildings,
With cooled interiors and fluffy cushions;
Passed different houses,
So called places of misery and richness,
In search of the answer to my question,
"What is LOVE?"
I met a rich family on my way,
And asked them what they meant by LOVE,
Half hoping to hear them say,
"Family is LOVE."
I heard them say:
"Luxury Owing to Very Extravegance!"
Wonderstruck I went on, to find an artist
Who hung his pictures in great frames.
"Life Of Very Excellence";he said.
Surprised I went on,
To meet a beautiful talented dancer,
Who had, by her fast movements conquered
The viewers' heart;
To hear her say: "Life Of Very Eligence!"
"Why are they wierd?"
I thought and thought.
"What about the old definitions?"
"Love is sacrifice;love is divine etc etc."

I decided to ask a philosopher.
I heard; "Living Over Voluptous Enlightening".

That was enough!
But I hadn't got my answer.
So I went to a Professor,
Only to hear: "Life Of Very fine Education".
A sportsman told;
"Life Of Various Exciting events".
A peasant said;
"Life Of Various Endurances".
And a lazy man said;
"Loiter Out Very Enthusiastically".
What???Lazy man and enthusiasm!
Oh!!! I felt mad and ran,
Till I reached the seashore.

I sat tired on the shore and watched,
The dancing wriggling waves,
Breaking themselves on the shore.

A rhythm in vain,
To hold on to the shore,
With some unknown force
Dragging them away,
Still they came back frantically.

Though waves and the shore
Can never unite; it will continue.
Will it ever stop?
I don't know..
The pain, the longing for the shore;
And the hard truth that the shore,
Can never be the waves'.

Land ownes the shore.
And the waves?
None owns them, but themselves;
Not even the sea and the wind.

But still they 'feel',

That they belong to the shore.

LOVE; it brings them back...
LOVE; it will for ever.....


  1. u really gud..!! keep writing..:)

  2. hmm...interesting....shows the hopeful futility of love...

  3. Thank u all for the comments. :)