Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some feelings

Life has definitely taken an unprecedented turn. It is not what it used to be. Though days are running like anything, i feel somewhat stagnant. But definitely I can tell that life has changed a little bit over the past few weeks. Whether it is the effect of the project we had been doing or, something else, I feel better and that I'm on the right track again after a very long time. Lets say a gap of three years. I've many things to learn, do many things, so that I can do justice to the position where I'm now. I understand that learning is the best thing I like doing. I feel the blessed to have my good friends, thanks to their sense of humor,thanks to my own humor sense, we can invent any funny story with our super duper imagination. And thanks to our dear tutor too, who gave me the suitable boost at the proper time. ( He is a very cute, practical person, I can even write a blog on an anecdote depicting his practical nature, I'm not writing only because he fears that I'll write about that one day. :) And today we have taken a resolution, if we ever make an 'official INO football team', he'll be our 'official coach ( like that in Chak de India), since he's currently our official tutor.)

I had started writing a blog on Mumbai life almost two months ago. But I never finished it. What should I write now? Flashing images of lonely streets bathed in sodium vapour lights, grant old buildings behind them, banyan trees like witches, people sleeping on pavements ( those with tents are lucky), taxies, smart school going children, poor dogs roaming in the midst of crowds and traffic, some sleeping peacefully unaware of the events around them, a colony beautiful cute cats, Mumabai is a city of starking contrasts. Its not what you see on TV; you can't experience what I'm experiencing now, on TV. Kuttos and Mu say that they love Mumbai. I know why. When you go home from Mumbai, the strong feeling you experience will be Mumbai calling you back. I still can remember how happy I had felt on seeing Mumbai from from my return flight last time.

Mumbai is a source of never ending wonders.These are sights of Mumbai from my view, though it is not so elaborate compared to the size of the entire city. :)

PS: Will be back with a very funny story we have invented about our class. :)

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