Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bloody hell!

My head is already steaming with what I've read now. Blogging is good. But it doesn't imply that a blog is a place to advertise yourself a s the only good one and 'prove' that the rest of the world as useless and corrupted. If anybody has some 'superiority complex' as to the quality of his personality and intellect compared to that of others, he better go and live alone in some other planet. No need to blabber and compare himself to people whom others respect for genuine reasons.

If you need answers better ask yourself and not anybody else. Nobody needs your question to get their answers. And writing something with extremely complicated terms which confuses others and expecting that you can one day demolish something, which has been accepted with strong proofs, just like that, I'm sorry to tell its a wild goose chase. If you've to achieve something, you've to be good at heart, or at least have some kind of positivity in your mind. People who have become achievers haven't become so in one second. They've perceived their path and acted properly according to what their times demanded them.
And keeping a repulsive attitude towards the world won't help anybody. If you are a human, learn to live like a human.

I've not yet read the full thing, but I'm sure I'll definitely go mad if he comes in front of me at all.

PS: The author whose article has made my head swirm, writes useless essays, and thinks that, he' can eventually attract a myriad of fans and be the ultimate saviour. I'm very sorry to tell the truth, that nobody has commented many of his posts ever! Still he writes thinking that he's a genius!

PPS:My 'Dreams Aspirations and Realities' is much much better.

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