Monday, April 27, 2009


Most of my dreams are associated with my childhood. I used to and still dream a lot; both with eyes closed and open. Dream is the most important factor that sustains my life. In my childhood my greatest dream was to go to a beautiful village, with a sweet temple, paddy field and most importantly a beautiful pond! :) I always dreamt of running through the paddy fields and playing with all sorts of sweet domestic animals. Reason: I live in a house on the MC road side, with a village sort of place on the other side of my house; and I'm a single child. I wasn't allowed to go n play with any other child in my locality, since my parents would go to work and return only in the evening. My granny would take care of me. But I think my staying alone has helped me to develop a strong imaginative power! :) But these days I understand that the village in my dreams was my dear place Muthoor itself. I realised that only when I started travelling through Kerala. There are many other dreams. Some crazy and some dear ones, some even painful now. I'll write abt them someother time. :)