Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shift + Delete

I'm depressed. Am I?
Yes I'm depressed. "Why?"
"I don't know why."
This is the answer I give.
But I really do know the answer.
Its because of.....
No I don't want to say it.
I will never.
I'm silently wishing us
To be separated; by fathoms.
Like our hearts are now.
I silently wish I could shift + delete
You from my heart.
Can I ? I should.I will.
Turning the blind eye was for myself.
Not to let you come in.
Go away...go away... Forever...
I don't want ... I don't want...
I don't want the heart to mourn.
It will. But I'll hold it tight.
For its my heart and I don't want
Anybody else to take care of it.


  1. The problem is you are NOT pressing enter shift+delete. If you leave at shift+delete: It will always leave you in a condition of question (decision taking stage). If you press enter then it is fine It will erase the thing you wanted to delete but it also give you an option to go back.
    So to summarize I will say that put some more effort to delete the grudge (if you have any,) and donot come back to the same situation...
    See I am still reading your blog :)

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yes I can see that you are still reading my blog! :) Its not a grudge Saurabh.Its something else. But it is for a person whom you love too much, but can't love because of many other reasons. You want to forget the person, because every time you think about that person, you feel you are feeling very sad just because of the fact that, that person is not your anybody anymore, or atleast they behave like that, and you prefer not to be a trouble maker for anybody. So you want to shift + delete the fact that there was such a person in your life. Those who have ceased to be yours won't come back, even if you wait for them. Why make a fool of yourself? :)