Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some comments on traffic and associated vanity. - Part 2

        Also, traffic is a self imposed menace. Width and lengths are constants and by the state of affairs, nobody cares to build nice roads; even if they build nice roads, they can't be used after a time period because nobody bothers to maintain it. And those vain people who just want to show off (not all car owners who utilize their vehicles properly, but those who take it out and just drive them alone, wasting natural resources and available spaces on roads) their monetary status ans so on, take out the vehicle at prime hours in the morning and cause traffic jams in the narrow roads of our country. Driving an suv or a huge car on long distance roads is ok. But why bring them on the congested roads on which the blocks are often caused by similar people?

         And then when you have a block and are stuck, if somebody scratches your precious vehicle (if it was done deliberately it is unforgivable but if it happened in that block which brings claustrophobia to humans who experience it, it is the fault of the lone drivers who waste fuel and consume space) you have to stop in the middle of the road and argue with the poor fellow who did it (according to you he might have done it, but you might not have realized that it was your fault) in turn blocking the traffic further and wasting everybody's time.

          Vehicles are precious. And your life is even more precious. But then do you have to put your life at stake for no gain at all? Do you think that you will become more respectable if you dress up stylishly or have a blackberry or drive a car? What about common sense? Will anybody respect you if you behave irritatingly just because you are too proud to admit that you have made a mistake? Hello? Accepting one's own fault is not a bad thing. I mean if you are ready to remedy it.

        Which makes me comment that unless you have common sense and a little bit of wit, you cannot be a good driver. You have to be familiar with the traffic trend and should be able to predict if you can get out of it in some smart way. But then again I want to insist that, unless you have a full house/ emergency/very important errands to run, you must rely on the public transport system.

             One cannot simply resort to private means of transport just by telling that the public transport system is not good enough. Unless more and more people use it, how is it going to be upgraded to a better system? This is a country where commoners are more than rich people. So the public transport is something on which many people depend on. Just because you can afford a private mode, doesn't mean that you have to abstain from using the public transport as often as possible.

             I have observed several people driving just to reach a place to where they can go on foot. I have always wished to go and request them to use the public transport or walk. Well these were not in big cities. But then you can imagine the cases in big cities. I hope I won't fall seriously sick at some peak hour and have to be taken by an ambulance to a hospital. Because even an ambulance can't easily make way through the city traffic!!!

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  1. This kind of vanity exists not only in the case of traffic. For example, take the case of air conditioners. India is a tropical country which receives lots of sunlight. Accepted. But do all Indians have the financial background to set up an a/c and sit in a closed room for ever? Moreover, how about inhaling some fresh air instead of the continuously recycled stale air?