Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lost (child)hoods - Part 2

Please don't come up with the answer "animation". Let us forget Disney and Pixar for a while. If you take them into account, you can argue that there are plenty of films for children. But I am sorry to say that those plenty are all animated movies, which have an incredible number of characters which can do any incredible thing, which of course is not possible in real life. This comment doesn't imply that I am not a fan of animation (some people despise animation on the belief that it is not worth watching because there is no "live"
forms in it, but I would like to object politely, animation is not a stupid business; it requires great skill, both artistic and technical). Most of the animation movies are highly motivating (unlike the action/romantic masalas made for "adults" (which ofcouorse children end up watching)) and contains a moral for life. 

         Fine. But let me ask one question? On one hand you (under)estimate children thinking that they should only watch animated things and not anything which contains a real child. Then you force them to dance on adult tunes. What is this? Aren't children humans? Were you all born straight as adults that you demand all to be like adults?!!! Why is there no real film which is meant for children? I remember seeing a film called "Halo".(Does nay of my age remember this?) Halo was the story of a puppy a small girl had, and her attachment to that puppy and how she loses it and finds it  in the end in the hands of a mentally sick person and how she gave her dear puppy. Another was the story of a mathematical genius who was taken to a city to show off and how he manages to escape. And these were not even foreign films. These were Indian films which I saw on DD almost 12 years ago.

           Can any child today even imagine about such films?  Has any child born after 2000 ever seen good movies unless their parents are enthusiastic about it? Why should our children be watching movies meant for adults, most of which discuss nothing other than romance and sex and violence and get wrong notions about life?

          Here I want to digress to another point. So far with films for children. I don't even know what children today read! I hope somebody can comment on this issue. Another major issue is the following : How parents make their children lose their childhoods. I have observed that the children above a certain age, in cities are most likely to behave like adults. Children in towns retain childishness a bit longer and so on. Seeing the children in cities I have wondered, who is younger, they or I?!!! It is as if these children are waiting to reach the threshold of some age that they start trying out all kinds of stylish (stylish is an underestimate) dresses and make up and all that.

          There is another  observation I have made. And this is particularly one which I dislike very much because it is too suggestive, not by the child'sfault but by its parents'. It is understandable that you want your child to look like a princess and very charming. But why should you make a 3 year old wear a ghagra choli, which reveals the child's stomach altogether and which has a short blouse? If a grown up girl wears this dress, it is understandable. But why make a small child an object of staring? And what with noodle strapped dresses which reveal the poor child's back and low cut necks and all that? It is a child after all! You have no right to dress your daughter up in this bad manner, even though you are her parent.


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