Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some comments on traffic and associated vanity. - Part 1

This is a very short essay based on author's own observations about traffic in general. Vehicles are meant for the easy transportation of people. It is meant to save time, not waste time. But what do we see in general? We see tight traffic blocks which waste time instead of saving time.

           Why do traffic blocks occur? They occur because police deliberately 'control' traffic for reasons which no body knows, then because lots of our citizens have become "extremely rich" that they can't help buying huge vehicles and showing off even if they belong to a nuclear family with barely two people in it. I can understand the feeling of buying electronic goods or gold ornaments if you want to show off or keep silently. You can buy as much as possible too, because they don't cause reduction of space available for other individuals. But vehicles?

           No. You cannot deflate a metal. Right? And all motor companies come up with claims of providing more and more space to the customer who buys their vehicles. Well. When there is a group of 8 or 10 people going somewhere for a trip or a wedding, this space provided by the company is a good thing, because you can accommodate so many people in one vehicle. But why would you use on a common working day like a Monday morning, for a single person?

          If you are going alone for a drive on a lone stretch of a road with no traffic, it is understandable. But why do you have to drive (it is good that you know driving) a car (a huge vehicle infact) in which the only passenger is the driver, albeit you? Seeing people like this (single people who take their vehicle to a road on prime time even if they can catch a bus, unless more people travel by public transport, how will the public transport start more an more services?) I have  a feeling that :

        1) they have failed in maths in school, because they don't know anything about volume,

         2) they have failed in physics miserably , because they don't know anything about space (although mostly they are of the kind who says the monologue "I need my personal space" (and they are not ashamed to consume others'))

        3) they have no idea about the depleting petroleum resources or pollution they are causing

         4) looking at all the above points I have to say that they are so emotionally dumb and cruel ,that they don't mind consuming anything including time and space of others and have the wrong thought that since they have money they can do anything what they want.


  1. Lakshmi,

    I feel sorry to comment like this, but, I am telling this from my experience. You cannot change the world unless otherwise realize themselves and their mistakes. People are very diplomatic now a days. If you are very straightforward, you will be thrown out. My comment is not only for the blog which you have written on "traffic and the vanity". It will be applicable for everything. Kevin

    1. Kevin, thank you for the comment. If atleast a person realizes to change himself/herself, it is a good start. Nothing in this world has started off as a big thing. Everything starts on a small scale and then grows up eventually. If evil can spread like fire, virtue can also spread extensively. People just have to think, "I will not do a wrong" (which is difficult but not impossible) instead of thinking "everybody does wrong, then why can't I"?

      Even throwing a plastic wrapper in which a 50 paise toffee comes, into the dust bin, instead of open ground makes a difference in itself.