Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lost (child)hoods - Part 1

For many days this issue has been bothering me. So, instead of writing the second part to my previous post, I will write about the topic which has been bothering me for quite some time.

          The reason for writing this is a facebook post by somebody, which discusses how an (ex)actress who is now the judge of a dance show for children showers encouragement on children after they perform some item numbers. It also discusses how an actress who is acting now a days, compared a small girl to some famous item dancer in a movie. It also discusses how another actress who is  the judge of another dance show somewhere told children to choose songs which suite their age, instead of dancing like item dancers.

            This reminded me of some of my own observations about children I have seen in the past two years. Even as a 25 year old person I feel that children now a days don't behave like children at all, but they prefer to behave like adults. And trust me, I can tell that they have got the wrong notion of adulthood. Consequence: At their ages , they are neither children because of their attitudes nor adults because of their age. I feel pity to the children trapped in this form.

             Compared to other animals, humans have longer childhoods. It is true that during childhood, one craves to grow up, but after growing up one wishes to return to childhood days, simply for the pleasure of it. I doubt whether most of the children today have any childhood to cherish.

            I don't know what has caused this kind of a drastic change. Is it media (see media pops up again!)? Or is it food habits, or is it the trendy life most people crave for, now a days? Is it because children are forced to run races in everything they have to lay hands upon, just like the adults do struggle to excel in business? Is love, sex and dhoka the only remaining things you'll have out of your childhood? Will you ever come to know how a normal "child" ought to grow up?

            Constitution says  that all individuals below 14 years are children. Right upto your age 10 you may behave like a child. And after 10, by some imposed standards do you start considering yourself as a teenager who ought to try out fashion and stuff. Ok fine teenage is a complicated period. You are naive, but you are rebellious. You basically don't know what to do. But atleast you ought to release yourself from the tangles of the only options of love,fashion and glamor provided to you and use this age of yours creatively to find out what kind of life you need and what your goals in life should be.

  Now let me come back to the first thing I wrote. About children dancing to the tunes of item numbers and the comment about children have to dance to the tunes which suits them. She was right. But there is one problem. Have you lately seen any film, let alone a movie, have you ever, in the near future seen any song which is meant for a child? No matter how hard you think, you won't be able to find the answer.



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