Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lost (child)hoods- Part 3

Making a child wear sexy dresses when it doesn't even know what sexy means is a serious offense. If children below 12 are not advised to watch certain films without parental control, parents should also take care not to dress them up suggestively. See you won't always be there to take care of your child when he/she is in school and so on. So instead of giving them wrong notions about life, you ought to give them ideas about good and bad things so that the can grow up as reasonably good persons.

        The dress issue makes me ask this question. Fine, we oppose child labor and stand for the rights of children and I wrote that in real life children shouldn't be dressed up as sexy when they even know what it means. Let me ask you one question : I am sure many if you may not like this. But I have to ask, because putting skills apart, this is a question on human rights. Why do we have 13,14,15,16 etc year old girls playing heroines (not in a children's movie) in movies for adults where she has to wear a sari and act as a wife in most cases. And all these, at an age when she has to play. Well child marriage is prohibited in this country, then why is not children's acting as wives not prohibited? If they act in some teenage romcom or teenage rom-drama , which suits theur age, we can understand, but think about this and this is not even an imagination. It is real.

          A girl used to act as a child artist in many famous movies in one language. Even one of the songs in which a lot of children appeared along with her was a superhit. Then suddenly one day, she goes off screen and reappears as a heroine (!!!!!) in another language. It is as if the directors in this country are hungrily waiting for girls to become tall and put up some wait so that they can make them wear sari and cast them as heroins! And you know what? That girl is making a come back to her mother tongue as heroine and this time as a wife!!!! I feel so weird about this because I have seen  her as a kid and know how old she is. I really felt pity after reading her interview in a magazine!!! She is till a kid, why are you burdening her with romantic roles?

         Come to think of it, almost all heroins in our films started acting when they were teenagers. And, after extracting the maximum juice out of these talented actresses, they are mercilessly thrown out of the industry in search of (again) underage actresses because the films you make are mostly commercial oriented!!! Then how can children dance to the tunes meant for them only???Isn't there any rule by which exploitation of girl children in the field of films can be stopped? Something like the wedding age should be 18 and 21?

       Children you are losing your childhood joys to a predefined class of behavior which is even not real. We vote at 18 and not at 11,12 or anything till 16. Then why can't you live like children atleast till14 and resist all efforts to rob your childhood days which you can cherish all throughout the rest of your lives???

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