Sunday, March 20, 2011

The story of an application form

Once there was a CSIR application form printed somewhere I don't know, came to the branch of Indian Bank in Fort, Mumbai, and was bought by a Malayali girl, accompanied by her friend from Karnataka. The form flew from Mumbai to Kolkata and was filled there, with examination centre and mailing address in Chennai and permanent address in Kerala. It is now flying back to Mumbai with her friend from Tamil Nadu and will be posted from Mumbai to Delhi. :) Hui naa puri Indian? ;)

PS: Q) What is the relation between Dominos pizza and Alappuzha?
         Ans) The seasoning and chilli flakes one gets with the pizza are manufactured in Alappuzha, Kerala.

PPS : The Malayali who discovered this was happy because it happened when she was far away from her home, in Kolkata. :) 

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