Monday, March 14, 2011

Flowers and butterflies

Some people are like that only.
They can be sweet when they want something.
They can "love" when they want something.
They can be nice according to their needs.

Afterwards? Aahhhh.
You should not ask for the reason,
Why your heart was broken,
Why you were made fun of,
Why you were left alone.

Nor should you ask why,
You were not told the truth earlier.
Because, "flower" and "butterfly"
Are special, divine and serene.
Who are you? Nobody.
You've to be the typical
Cliched lovable cute "insect",
To experience the "divine love"
Of your dear "flower",
Which you are not.

"Love can't be taken by force"
But hearts can be broken by force.
Especially if you are a divine "flower". :-x
And if you complain ur heart is broken,
You'll become a person of no self respect,
A fool who still loves the person who broke your heart.
All you have to do is to "step out gracefully"
And "go far away from your "flower's life"".
Only then will you become the epitome,
Of true love and endurance,
If you fight back your tears and say,
"I won't leave you at any cost",
You become a fool or a shameless person
Who tries to "cling" to the "petals of your flower".
Why? Because the mob says so.
And it happens that your dearest flower
Is also a part of that ordinary mob.
But you still love it.

(You see statistics tells you that most the peak is at the "you should step out gracefully" point. Since you are not going to do so, you are an outlier.)


  1. nice!!
    and as you already said, some people are like that....not all.

  2. Thank u. :) Yes. Some people only. Not all. And that some people is the "flower". :)