Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rude - II

Everybody is being rude to me.
Is it just a bad feeling or a reality?
If it is real, I wonder what I have done,
To miff these people and be subject to their rudeness!

Why does everybody behave as if I am unwelcome?
Is because I am faulty or is it because they don't like me?
Why does everybody turn their heads as if they have gazed, 
Upon something which shouldn't be seen, 
On crossing paths with me? 
Why does nobody ask about me when I am far far away,
But talk to me only to ask about someone else?
Why does everybody behave as if I am a trouble maker?
When I always behave myself and be good? 

Why doesn't anybody bother to see me as a human, 
Who has feelings and breathe?
Why is everybody rude to me,
I wonder. Is it because I am not a bully like them?

Why does everybody try to isolate me?
Is it because they look upon as something evil?
I am not vile, nor somebody who spreads evil. 
Why is everybody so rude and selfish?
Is it because they are frustrated and has nothing better?
The questions swirled and swirled inside my head;
Making me go around with a with a face so sad. 

Why do people behave rudely? 
I thought and thought and thought 
And found an answer.
May be; they feel unloved; 
Or incompetent or insufficient, for themselves. 

May be they don't see them in the right light. 
May be they don't like how they look or what they do. 
May be they want an escape from the life they live.
But why forget about life when they live? 
That whomsoever they are and whatever they are not, 
Insecurities or superiority never made lives good. 
Hollow praises don't help, nor does rudeness.
They never made lives better or bright.
But only something bitter and tight. 

I thought and thought and thought,
And asked myself, "do I really care?"
And a small voice answered me,
"No I really don't". 
That somebody is rude to me or despises me.
Because they are nothing to me at all after all! 
And who cares who or what they are?
They are just somebody hanging around 
Trying to fix their lives by "brute force",
Let them do, and go their way, for no one else 
Really matters on a given day.

All that matters is what I want from my life, 
How I love myself, how well I know myself.
And I will have one person who will never leave me 
No matter what. Who will always ask about me wherever I am,
Who will both praise and reprimand me as and when needed.
Who will keep company in happy times as well as sad,
And will give me the courage to face the whole world,
Will make me dream , will make me act, 
Will make me myself;
And that is me.

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