Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Where are my goals?
Where are my ways?
Where are the beautiful
Dreams I dreamt?
Lost in the arid deserts
Of pain, I search for
Springs of hope in vain.


You said it was not what I said,
I'm not sure what it was.
All I know is you left my side,
To go over to someone,
Without a goodbye.
So cruelly that it burned my heart,
Burned my soul, burned everything.
Ashes fly everywhere, numbing my senses,
Obscuring joy.


Was it a bad dream or a harsh reality?
Whatever it is it is painful.
I wait and wait hoping,
You would realise and come back,
Bringing those days of spring and joy.
A small voice keep saying still,
That you won't be back, ever.


Irreversible is what's happened.
'cause people don't travel back in time.
I am lost in the forward moving time,
Overwhelmed at what lays in front of me.
A vast lonely desert;
Will I ever cross this or will I just burn and die?
My hopes lost, my self lost,
I don't even realise I am alive.
The world is a blurr, the colours sharp
And happiness feels like a guilt.
I need a long sleep, unperturbed,
And dreamless, for my heart aches
And head hurts, I am lost;
Lost from myself and my life.

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