Monday, December 13, 2010

Inception and some dreams!

I happened to watch Inception last Thursday. Though I had heard that it is a wonderful film, I was not sure about it. But my opinion was to change....

As you know (and for those who don't know) Inception is basically a film about dreams. I'm not going into the details of the film, I urge all who haven't seen it, to watch it, and those who have may find what I;m going to tell, interesting.

    I'm a constant dreamer and that's why the film appealed a lot to me, in fact, forgive my pride that I could understand perfectly well what was going on in the film even though I was watching it for the first time. Reason: I dream such weired dreams! :) After watching the film, I started appreciating my mental capacity of dreaming (well I used to do that earlier also ;) ). I can dream about anything, anything, and I don't know anybody else have dreamt so weirdly in their lives.
I'll tell about some of my weird dreams in this post.
For example,
1) I dreamt about a glass escalator fully made of glass stairs, in a shopping mall in Dubai, when I was in 6th std.
2) I once dreamt a Hrithik Roshan movie, and that seemed to be almost an hour, but I read later somewhere, that actually it was only for a few minutes.
3) One thing I'm scared of in real life, and dare not attempt is going into the sea. But in my dreams, I see myself going into the sea; once I dreamt that, I was in a shack filled with knee deep sea water, and the water was full f violet colored flowers, and I had some others for company, then I went far away from the land, and the sea parted its way to form an island with walls of water around it. I was scared, but somehow I managed to do the adventure.
4) Once I dreamt that I ws going to Bangalore, and the place where I went was a sea coast, a mansion was there, everything was made of clean glass, with a blue swimming pool in the centre and spiral staircases on the side walls, if I stood on the terrace, I could see the crystal blue sea, and I was washed in the waves when I went to the shore, again it was scary for me, but I felt warm and happy.

These are some of my recent dreams.I had a very scary dream, which I can never forget, for it happened on the eve of Maths- paper 2 public exam in 10th std.
 I was walking through a street with beautiful shops displaying beautiful articles, I saw a red high heeled shoes, I went to pick it up and suddenly saw a large grey spider in a web, not the usual kind of web , but the ones they weave thickly while nesting. I was so scared that I woke up with a loud cry.

I usually don't have much of nightmares, but my dreams always happen in the twighlight background, either it is twighlight or it is night. I can't recollect a dream where I have seen a morning in my dream. I usually dream about tigers, and lions, one of my crazy dreams had 3 tiger cubs and a lion cub come to the place where we lived (we = my classmates; the place was our flat in Mumbai, but ofcourse, its geometry and location were different) and how people were scared and running and we ourselves were trying to escape from them, by trying to lock our bedroom door, only to find that these cubs had hidden under our cots!

 I've even gone to the Himalayas in my dream, but I think that that dream was sort of some thriller, were somebody was trying to run from a savage villain and something. I don't remember the details now.

  But the most recurring dreams in my life feature nowhere other than my home. It is related to me, it is related to my home. One, theme, which has been recurring since my grandmother's death is about her. Soon after she died, I once dreamt that her dead body was preserved in the house, but I was had the impression that she was merely sleeping. That kind of dream didn't occur again. Instead I started having dreams in which she was alive. I've dreamt her lots of times after that, that she's alive, in my home as usual, making food, or talking to me, or roaming around the house, I was always with her. In the dream, she was always alive, that it would seem to be real to me. After waking up, I would not be able distinguish
which was real which was dream. Same thing used happen when I was in Mumbai. I hadn't gone home for 9 months at a stretch and used to dream that I had gone home, I was in our TV room, talking to father and mother, checking my books, etc etc. Everything was vivid in those dreams, that they seemed real again. Only after waking up did I use to realise that I was still in Mumbai. The funny thing is, those dreams never happen when I'm at home. When I came to Chennai, I had a reverse dream. I dreamt that I was in Mumbai, I even visited places which I had never been to, in that dream. :)

 There are many many many such dreams, I once dreamt that I had gone to a cliff, for fishing with three children from a balamasika (and ofcourse everything was either orange or green) on the way, we saw a shattered old temple and went inside to see a fire in there. The temple was situated on a steep slope. On the way back, we saw another temple, shattered as the previous one. In that dream I dreamt one of my friends had come to visit my home, during onam. I was on the state border, one side was city and the other was a village where onam festival was going on. There was water and mangrove trees on hte border, and I was watching the whole scene from behind the magrove trees.
This is all I'll write for now, because if I go on, there won't be any ending. My dream world is so vast that, it is more interesting than my real world. It was only in my dream that I understood that I can connect differentiation with family tree.
I'm the first derivative of my parents and the second derivative of my grand parents! :)

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