Monday, October 4, 2010


I tried to restrain myself from writing this without knowing the details perfectly. But I can't help writing......
The dusk was becoming more and more red. The wind from the sea got stronger and stronger. The dog lay on the facade facing the sea. The sea was not near, yet, the view from the facade was wonderful. "How many times have I laid here and watched the same sight?" The don't couldn't count. It has been a long time since it was living there with its friends, White and Cream. And this dog? It was the three legged one. Different from the other two by the lack of a leg. It had no right front leg. "How has life changed over the past years? The same old nap during the day time, roaming around the campus with friends in the evening(except for the new structures which were built recently), night walks, sea...". But the only difference was that it had lost a leg. In an accident. It was an afternoon, when the dog was sleeping unaware of the things happening around. Suddenly a bus came around the corner and... What it could remember was severe pain. The bus had passed over its leg. The driver had not seen the sleeping dog. Days of severe pain passed by, with the hurt leg. It howled when the pain peaked. Passers by used to pity at it. But nobody did anything, until one day, somebody took the dog to the hospital and got its hurt leg amputed and treated. "I can never forget his smell"; the dog remembered gratefully.
The sun was setting. The girl who saw the unusal sight of the three legged dog watching the sunset sith all its heart couldn't help telling this story.