Monday, September 13, 2010


My source of creativity has dried up,
Emptiness prevails the head and the heart,
I roam around with no particular goal.
Why has life become so boring all of a sudden?
Like a barren land, it has become hopeless.
I don't know what I do and what I think,
Days pass by, just like that.
I wonder why I'm here with no purpose!
I try to do something, but get attenuated,
Its getting my nerves, but I don't feel tensed;
Instead I feel tired and empty.
I want to run away from everything.
I don't like the world the way it watches me.
I don't like the way some think about me.
I want to say, "I don't give a damn!";
But I can't...
I seem to have lost myself, my consciousness, everything,
Where are those things which I want to keep going?
Where are my aim and purpose;my
Dreams,aspirations and realities? 


  1. Don't you see a shore not far away
    With glittering sand
    And chiming bells